Monday, February 24, 2014

beach body...

I'm finally back on the wagon and working on my beach body ;)
We can't forget that our summer bodies are made in the cold winters!
I've been working out again for around 6-7 weeks and although I'm not seeing numbers change on the scale I'm seeing some muscles that I haven't seen in months.
I'm loving the treadmill and T25!
If you want a booty kickin T25 is one intense workout.
I have started doing lunges and high knees on the treadmill with a 15 incline as well.
I guess I just like to kick my own butt and push myself as hard as I can.
I also recently became an actual Beach Body Coach!
I have known about the Beach Body company for over a year and have been following a friends journey with the company. She has been such a huge motivation for me to start working out again and getting back into the shape I was in 6 months ago.  She is such an awesome leader and person in general that I was inspired by her to join her Beach Body Team (family). 
I love hearing from posts on instagram (Annie0720) that I help inspire and motivate others which gave me the extra push to become a coach myself.  Even if I only help one person I know that it's worth it.  Not only do I get to have a fit family surrounding me for daily motivation, now I get to help others! 
I just started a facebook page where I'll be posting daily motivation pics and recipes!
I would love to have my blog friends follow along there as well :)
(just click the pic below!)

I hope to start blogging a little more as well, some day ;) 
Cullen doesn't nap anymore so he's always by my side.
I was nervous about having to workout with him awake but I was worried for nothing. He is seriously an angel and plays so well right by me the entire time I workout.
We are slowly getting into a new daily routine and hopefully being on the computer a little more will fit in there somewhere.

Monday, November 18, 2013



If you don't follow me on instagram (which you should ;) Annie0720) you haven't seen the pretties I've been making!  These are a tiny bit time consuming with a toddler running around that needs to be entertained as well but they are so much fun to make!!

A lot of those ornaments are actually for blog friends!!
If anyone else wants to order send me an email -
$8 each, you pick the color(s) .
Thank you!! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a.b.c. house lately....

I haven't blogged in foooooorever!!
Wonder if I have any followers still.
Does anyone even blog anymore.
Hi aunt Lisa!

Anyway, onto what's been going on around the
It is freezing outside and snowed here in Minnesota last night!
To make it worse the sun goes down before 5.
Seems like last week it was still light outside at 8.
I'm not ready for winter.
I figured blogging at night would be a good hobby for me again. 
I'm going to attempt to get everything in my life in routine now that we won't be leaving the house all the time. 

I've started working out again, I'm 4 for 4 will mark day 5.
That's something for me to be proud of.
I had gotten to where I wanted to be before and just stopped for no good reason.
Ready to be back in shape and healthier!

Seems like we have been so busy yet not really doing much.
I have no idea how that even makes sense. 
I have pics from the past 2 weeks to prove it though ;)

Time flies by too quick.
I tend to forget how much we actually do.
Just over a month ago or so Cullen and I were in Arizona for a week.
How could I think we were doing nothing when we were dancing in the rain.
Billy's downtime is fall/winter because kids are in school. 
He's home a lot during the day, which is nice for both Cullen and I.
He works very early mornings with kids before school but is home by the time C and I are awake and he works in the evening but is typically home by 8 at the latest.
He's a big sports guy (as most are) and his new hobby is to bet on FanDuel.
I've never bet a thing in my life and never would but this site is actually pretty neat.
If your husband is  (or you are) into fantasy betting, share this link with them!
You can bet as little as a $1 per game so it's not like you are blowing a lot of money. 
Awesome thing for B is he almost always wins.
Cullen loves watching sports with him!
They are best buddies as always, I adore their relationship.
Cullen is in speech and has it once a week for an hour.
B and I try to work with him a lot but he gets so frustrated.
Makes it hard on us all. 
He does sign quite a few things and still says his one word "Daaa-eeee" (daddy) all the time.
Let me remind you his first word was Momma a very long time ago.
He's regressed a little and we are still not sure why.
BUT  he is a spitfire, character and just SOOOOO much fun!
His personality just melts my heart.
Even if he's in his terrible two's and thinks he's part of the Paw Patrol.
AND it's almost that time of the year again! 
I've officially started taking ornament orders. 
If anyone is interested the ornaments are $8/each
That includes, your color of choice for ornament, name and ribbon (I chose ribbon).
Shipping depends on how many you order (it's low though).
If you want to place an order email me - chaptersofourlife@yahoo [dot] com
Hope everyone is doing wonderful!!
I've got some fun giveaway posts coming up soon and hopefully I'll be able to stay on track with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

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