Friday, May 29, 2009

Ups and Downs (rollercoaster of life)

5-27 Wednesday....

Ever go to the doctor for one thing and end up finding out they have other plans. Ugh, not my idea of enjoyable and who likes the doctor's office in the first place!? I went in for a check up and ended up having a biopsy, it was painful and I felt as if the doctor and nurse I normally have were in such a rush they didn't even care to ask how I was after the fact. When they walked out of the room I felt incredible lightheaded and just sick to my stomach. Once I got to my car I did all I could not to cry but just had to let it out, felt much better once I did. I came home to an empty house which made it worse. Billy had to work late, once he was there it was comforting and I also felt better after I told him what happened. He ended up having to leave right away because of hockey but came home with good news. The other guy he coaches with, his wife's dad is a doctor in our area so I think I"ll be switching docs after that episode. I couldn't tell Billy was at all worried about me when I explained to him what had happened but knowing that he went to hockey and told his friend let me know he was concerned. I'm very thankful to have him in my life as my best friend and fiance. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from the doctors office, hopefully it's nothing.

5/28 Thursday....

I spent 3 hours last night sitting on the computer working on a photo book I'm making for my parents anniversary. When I started the project I thought it would be about 20 pages and it's turned into 60 so far and I'm not even finished. It's so much fun to make although quite time consuming, it's something that will last forever. I'm making it on Shutterfly and they have a special right now for 20% off the books and free shipping, woo hoo! I'm excited to give it to them for their 27th anniversary! I love my parents so incredibly much, they are always here for me in any and every way possible.

Who should happen to stop by last night?? My most favorite little boy, my nephew Dominic. He is 22 months, almost 2! Crazy how time flies by! He used to live with me so it was so funny to watch him run around my home and get into all the same stuff he used to. Such as getting into the kitchen drawer that has all of the kitchen utensels and lining them up on the floor. He is adorbale, love that little smile of his :) This picture is from Easter!

Billy was home from coaching hockey around 8, he took off on his bike quick to go catch a little bit of a lacrosse game. I continued working on the book and finally called it quits for the night around 9. Billy was home by then and we had a long talk about his upcoming weeking in Fargo for the hockey team he has been coaching the past month. They are 10 year old boys and he's anxious to see how they do. He is competitve so I'm keeping my fingers crossed all goes well! It's going to be really weird not having him around the house these next 3 days. We haven't been apart for this long in a year or so. I have a weekend planned with my sister, family and my baby Gus. He will definately be getting a lot mommy time the next 3 days.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quality reality tv to look forward to tonight!

After a laid back evening I'm happy to say me and my boys were in bed by 10:00 again! That's great for us. I can tell work and hockey is starting to catch up to Billy. We both got home from work at 5 and while I started laundry Billy fell asleep in the office chair watching tv. That's how I can tell he is worn out! I figured I could take a break and relax a little myself, I had DVR'd Jon and Kate Plus 8 the night before so it was the perfect time to watch it. After watching I'm not sure what to think about the show anymore. I love the show and the kids but J and K's relationship doesn't seem healthy at all. At least their kiddos seemed happy ;) After I watched that, finished up laundry and Billy woke up from his nap, we had a little snack and watched "true life" on MTV, I decided after that I better make dinner, it was 8:00. I threw together cheese raviolis, one red onion and a light kielbasa sausage all mixed together with alfredo sauce. Cooking the onion and suasage together for about 20 minutes, then mixing it all together. On the side we had rosemary garlic bread with butter and garlic powder, heated up in the oven along with some brussel sprouts in butter. Not the "healthiest meal" but it was very filling and something we hadn't had before, I'd definately make it all again! I need to start taking pics of these yummy meals we've been having!
I can say after dinner we were stuffed and ready to relax and crawl into bed. We didn't watch anything worth remembering, haha.

Tonight I have two shows that I've got set to record on DRV! you think you can dance and Wipe Out. We love reality TV! I know we will for sure by watching SYTYCD! I have a doc appt and Billy has hockey. It's one of those nights that for us begins at bedtime for most.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabulous Memorial Day weekend recap :)

It's been over a week since I last wrote but I've been staying busy. Last week I managed to make a trip to the gym Monday-Thursday. I totally fell off the wagon on the weekend but it was a fun/busy weekend and worth the 2 trips to McDonalds ;) The second being the best, Lexie and I brought Dominic and he just loved it. He played in the tunnels and got so excited to be running through them, he was loud and loved making noise. He is such a big boy these days! So much fun to play with. Lex and I also brought him to the park and to the mall and ended the day with smoothies from INTA Juice! Here is Dominic with a smoothie, he looks so tiny and the cup seems so big! Us 3 had a fun day together.
That was on Sunday and that night we grilled at Mom and Dad's house, we all sat out on the deck and Dominic continued to be the entertainment, talking in his "monster" voice. We were all getting a good laugh out of that. That was the first Sunday dinner Billy has missed in a while, I missed him but I understand work is in the very busy season. We did get to spend a few hours together on Sunday night and enjoy each other's company from 9 pm to 3 in the morning. I think that was the latest we've stayed up in a while but decided it was all worth it. Actually, I know we were up just about as late on Friday night. I babysat the 4 boys that night and he had hockey, by the time we both got home had a bite to eat (mcdonalds) it was almost midnight but Billy had work to do at the zoo so we hoped in the car and headed there. We got home close to 2, late night but he needed my help and had to do his job so we got it done together. I kind of jumped all over with the 3 day weekend. I left out Saturday and I spent that day with my sister as well, we just ran lots of errands together. That evening I watched my best friend Laura's baby, Brody. He is just a little angel baby. Happiest little guy I've met. Billy and I took him for a walk and when he fell asleep for the night he slept in our bed with Gus. Billy crashed early that night as well so when Laura came to pick Brody up we got to have some girl chat for a few hours, loved her company :) She is such a wonderful mommy and friend, I'm blessed to have her in my life.
Here are some pics of her little guy! Such a cutie :) Billy was laying on the floor playing with him while I snapped some pics!

Brody and I laid on the couch to go to sleep and this is all he wanted to do! Laugh and Laugh! It was too funny, he had me laughing!

Now jumping back to Monday, I went to my parents house to help my mom and Lex with a school photo board project, ate lunch with Lexie and decided I needed to go home and catch up on some sleep. I napped the afternoon away and when Billy got home at 4 we had some relaxing time together. I'm sure it was much needed since he spent the past 2 days working 12 hour days, if not more! His energy and motivation for work and our life continues to amaze me. He does everything he does for our future and I'm so very thankful. I decided to clean and get some laundry done since Billy has been working so hard, he continued to relax. Around 5:30 he decided to start getting dinner ready. He told me I couldn't help with anything and I was perfectly fine with that. Our feast ended up including ribs (slow cooked for 3 hours), corn on the cob and potatoes and onions. All cooked on the grill, it was absolutely delish! I think it's my new favorite meal. I wonder if he would mind making it every week ;) Him and I ended up getting to bed around 10, very decent time for us considering most of our nights don't start until 9:30/10.

Overall it was a wonderfully perfect weekend, including my favorite people, great food and shopping! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last week in review...

Monday - May 18

After taking off more than a month at the gym I've decided today that I want to attempt to eat better and get in a daily dose of exercise. I plan to keep a daily food journal and workout journal on the website under the "daily plate". It tracks everything and is very resourceful. The site has a lot of information and helps keep me motivated. Today is going great so far and I'm looking forward to the gym. I'm most excited about going to drop my engagment ring off to be sized.

Our past weekend....May 15-17

I feel like I hardly saw my Billy all weekend and that's been a little hard on me esp since he hasn't had a phone the past few days, we haven't gotten to keep in touch as much as we usually do. Our friends from Big Lake, Whit and Curt came to spend the weekend at our home. On Friday night Whitney had a show and Billy had hockey. After Billy left for hockey I realized I had washed his cell phone in the washing machine (again)! :( Major bummer but we had a fun night planned so Whit, Curt and I left for her show. Billy came right after hockey and we all had a great night together.
Saturday morning Billy had to work at the Zoo so the other 3 of us decided to go to the Zoo for a visit and to have lunch with Billy. It was a nice outting and enjoyable to be able to spend time with them. Saturday afternoon Curt had some errands to run so Whit and I did one of our favorite past traditions, we went to Target! It's both of our favorite place. I found some stuff for the home and some other necesseties and I she did as well. After Target we went home to relax, us 3 watched a couple movies and hung out until Billy got home. Then Whit had to get ready for her next show. Billy and I had decided to stay in that evening. I was craving a hot dog on the grill but it was out of gas so Billy ended up using our indoor grill pan to make me a dog. It still hit the spot ;) Saturday night I ended up cleaning and organizing a few things while Billy relaxed after his long day at the Zoo. We were both tired and didn't end up staying up late.

Sunday Whit and I decided to dye each other's hair since the guys both had to work. We got donuts and coffee and dyed each other's hair and got ready in a long girly fashion....3 hours later we were ready to drive out to Ashley Furniture to pick up mine and Billy's new desk. We were greeted at the pick up section by an unfriendly man who stated right away that the desk wouldn't fit in the car. I advised him that I had previously measured and was assured that it would fit, after convincing him to at least try it fit just fine! After the furniture store Whit and I carried on another tradition we have and that's eating at Chipotle. We picked up lunch and got home around 3:00. We ate lunch and hung out until around 6 when I went to my parents house for dinner. Over there I hung out with the family and played outside with Dominic and Lexie. Billy came after work and we all ate dinner and then watched our normal Sunday shows. I got home a little after 10 and found Billy in bed so Gus and I joined him and our happy little family went to sleep.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Busy Week :)

May 10

It's Mother's Day and I have to take a minute to let you know Mom how much I love you and how thankful I am for you. I am the woman I am today because of the time you and Dad have invested in me throughout the years. I can not thank you enough! I love you Mom!
For Mother's Day all of us kids were at Mom and Dad's for dinner and to hang out and watch our Sunday nght shows. We had delicious fajitas for dinner with chips and cheese dip, so yummy! After dinner the guys moved the couch downstairs so Dad can continue with renovations this coming week. Billy and I got home around 9:30 and I think we were both exhausted from the weekend.

May 11

Today I finally got to see my friend Andrea. She is a great friend and one whom when I'm with I think we could talk non-stop for hours and hours straight. We met at Chilis for drinks and apps at 3 and talked until we paid the check at 5. It was so nice to be able to talk to her. We used to talk quite a bit during the day through emails until about a month ago when Andrea was laid off. We both had so much to talk about with life and the changes that are occuring in both of our lives. Andrea you've been a friend to me since we were int he 8th grade and you will always be close to me.
Monday evening Billy had hockey so I took advantage of the alone time and took a little nap. When he got home we grilled the most spicy brats I've ever eaten, lol. I couldn't even finish mine! We relaxed the rest of the evening since it was already 10:00.

May 12

Tuesday evening we spent together running a few errands and stopping at the Zoo, going for a ride on the Ducati. It was a little slick out, not riding conditions in my opinion. I dont think I'll be riding again on wet pavement. I trust you honey but I was a bit too nervous the whole ride. All in all, a great night! :)

May 13

Wednesday evening I spent at my parents house helping my mom and sister go through all the pictures she has of Lexie for a graduation poster project. It was a lot of fun to go back and look through all the pics. Lex had to of been one the cutest babies/little kid ever. She has so many great pictures it's going to be hard narrowing all the choices down! Once home at 9 I had loads and loads of laundry to put away and then I was totally ready to just lay in bed and crash with my two boys, Billy and Gussy.

May 14
May 9, 2009

Saturday after the big engagement night I met Laura and Brody for breakfast at Perkins. Brody was a little angel the entire time. He is such a cute and sweet baby. I shared the big news with Laura and she couldn't have been more excited for us. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. We had a great meal and chatted for a while. Perfect way to start the day! I posted a pic of me and my little buddy Brody :) Such a good baby!

I spent Saturday night watching the triplets and Finn. They were very well behaved and we had a mellow evening. I also shared the news with all the boys and was asked right away if that meant I would be marrying Billy and spending my whole life with him. In which I answered with of course, yes, I will be. :) When Mike and Liz got home I was able to share the news with them as well and they were very happy for Billy and I. Their only request was to get Billy over there to meet them. They are such sweet people and I'm glad to know them and be able to watch their boys. Hopefully Billy and I can get over to their house for a glass of wine sometime soon.

Once home I was able to see my wonderful fiance. We lead such busy lives lately it's great to see him any time I possibly can.


May 8, 2009

I've picked our engagement night to start a story on our life because it is the beggining of a wonderful new chapter in our life! We are so exicted to announce that we will be spending our lives together :)

The sweet and short story of the proposal night....
It was a very heartfelt casual proposal at our home. On Friday he went to my parents house and asked for permission while I was out running errands, he had my mom, dad and Lex all in tears. Of course they approved. I had no idea he went over there or was planning to ask for permission. I got home around 6 and him and I talked and had a drink and snacks until about 8 and then he brought me downstairs where I have a "vision board" which is a poster board is a collage of pictures of the goals and dreams you want in your life. He talked about it and how thankful he was to have me all the while fighting the tears, it was very emotional, then he got down on his knee and i started crying, then he asked. I of course said yes ;)
It was very sweet and couldn't have been more perfect in our house. We are home bodies and we put pretty much everything we have back into our house so there was no place better for him to ask me. After we went to my parents house for champagne. My mom met me at the door right when we walked in. Everyone was right there to congradulate us. The night was perfect!

We don't have any dates picked yet. We just know we would like to be married on a beach, somewhere very warm with white sandy beaches!

The night was by far the most memorable night in my (our) life so far. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man to spend my life with. I know we have so much to look forward to together. My ring is absolutely beautiful, Billy did a wonderful job picking it out! He told me he was on a mission the day he went to get it, he spent over 4 hours at the store picking it out :) I'm very happy and excited for everything that is to come in our future!

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