Monday, May 18, 2009

Last week in review...

Monday - May 18

After taking off more than a month at the gym I've decided today that I want to attempt to eat better and get in a daily dose of exercise. I plan to keep a daily food journal and workout journal on the website under the "daily plate". It tracks everything and is very resourceful. The site has a lot of information and helps keep me motivated. Today is going great so far and I'm looking forward to the gym. I'm most excited about going to drop my engagment ring off to be sized.

Our past weekend....May 15-17

I feel like I hardly saw my Billy all weekend and that's been a little hard on me esp since he hasn't had a phone the past few days, we haven't gotten to keep in touch as much as we usually do. Our friends from Big Lake, Whit and Curt came to spend the weekend at our home. On Friday night Whitney had a show and Billy had hockey. After Billy left for hockey I realized I had washed his cell phone in the washing machine (again)! :( Major bummer but we had a fun night planned so Whit, Curt and I left for her show. Billy came right after hockey and we all had a great night together.
Saturday morning Billy had to work at the Zoo so the other 3 of us decided to go to the Zoo for a visit and to have lunch with Billy. It was a nice outting and enjoyable to be able to spend time with them. Saturday afternoon Curt had some errands to run so Whit and I did one of our favorite past traditions, we went to Target! It's both of our favorite place. I found some stuff for the home and some other necesseties and I she did as well. After Target we went home to relax, us 3 watched a couple movies and hung out until Billy got home. Then Whit had to get ready for her next show. Billy and I had decided to stay in that evening. I was craving a hot dog on the grill but it was out of gas so Billy ended up using our indoor grill pan to make me a dog. It still hit the spot ;) Saturday night I ended up cleaning and organizing a few things while Billy relaxed after his long day at the Zoo. We were both tired and didn't end up staying up late.

Sunday Whit and I decided to dye each other's hair since the guys both had to work. We got donuts and coffee and dyed each other's hair and got ready in a long girly fashion....3 hours later we were ready to drive out to Ashley Furniture to pick up mine and Billy's new desk. We were greeted at the pick up section by an unfriendly man who stated right away that the desk wouldn't fit in the car. I advised him that I had previously measured and was assured that it would fit, after convincing him to at least try it fit just fine! After the furniture store Whit and I carried on another tradition we have and that's eating at Chipotle. We picked up lunch and got home around 3:00. We ate lunch and hung out until around 6 when I went to my parents house for dinner. Over there I hung out with the family and played outside with Dominic and Lexie. Billy came after work and we all ate dinner and then watched our normal Sunday shows. I got home a little after 10 and found Billy in bed so Gus and I joined him and our happy little family went to sleep.

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