Monday, August 29, 2011

manic monday....

i've already been awake for over an hour which is so not mine and C's normal schedule.  he typically sleeps in until 8-9!  today he was up and ready to go at 7:15 which makes sense since B and i stayed up until 2 in the morning.  

today C has his 4 month appt.  i'm totally dreading the shots! :(  also, today i'm watching my nephew so my brother and D's mom can move into their house.  AND today my aunt and grandma are driving up to visit for the afternoon/evening!!  

i bought everything i needed to make a fall wreath!!  a wreath i found on pinterest.  can't wait to get started on that soon!  i LOVE fall and fall decor!! the wreath below is christmas colors, i bought fall colors to make mine.

i used to make dinner ALL the time! these days, never.... i threw some apps together the other night.  B's last night of his spring/summer hockey season!  also a football night!  here was the spread....

layered taco dip, french bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese, meat and cheese, crackers and dip, and sweedish meatballs!

never have i gotten into bed totally exhausted and decided to get on the comp just to be on it! just to have some alone time on blogger and pinterest ;) i usually only last 10 or so minutes though, haha!  i practically fall asleep with the mac on my lap.

i have ordered some cute stuff for C from etsy, i can't wait to get it all.  i'll post everything once i have it!!
if you have a favorite etsy store you order boys/baby stuff from, let me know!!  

time for me to get cleaning!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what momma's wearin' wednesday...

now... i know i'm not some high style fashionista esp since these days i pretty much live in yoga pants but i had to get dressed today.
being all classy, standin on a toilet...
i was too lazy to go upstairs and take a pic in one of our floor mirrors ;)
i'm wearin'
missme jeans
i love all the detail on the back pockets of missme jeans.
my jeans sag off my bum, i've somehow lost my big booty. 
i know eventually it will return (after nursing ends).
super soft purple shirt- gap 
(just got it for 40% off!)
purple cami - limited
flats - target 
(clearance, $6)
super heavy silver bracelet - kohls
i even had time to paint my nails yesterday. hard to tell but they are gray.

i went to lunch with my friend, ashley, today at panera, it was delicious!!
pretty much the reason i'm wearing jeans, i wear them maybe once a week ;)
ashley is my friend who took C's 3 month pics so i got the disc from her!
i can't wait to order pictures!!!
we had such a good visit, the 2 hours flew by and C was a little angel baby the whole time.
i was reminded i need to get together with friends more often.

and below i'm wearing a culley bear and a moby...
i hadn't worn my moby wrap in a few months but C wanted to be held while i cooked din.  as you can see he is more than content because he can suck on the wrap. haha!  
baby always wants something in his mouth these days....

Monday, August 22, 2011

cuddles, sleep, etc...

i am starting to think all my posts from here on out are going to be random and more than likely momma/baby posts! i have no problem with that so i hope ya'll don't either!! ;)

* i just LOOOOOVE, love, love cuddling with my sweet boy!! we cuddle many hours a day ;)  B snapped this pic of culley's sweet baby feet the other night when he was laying on me.

* an old neighbor of mine recently started blogging.  her name is annie, so that automatically means she's awesome ;) she just got married and is expecting a baby boy!  i am totally in LOVE with their nursery! she is new to blogging so stop by her blog check it out and to see the rest of the nursery!!  she is an interior designer and i LOVE her style!! so out of the box and just FUN!
photo borrowed from annie's blog!

* i'm working on getting C to sleep in his crib/sleep through the night.  the first night he went 10-3:30 but then was up every 30 minutes.  i finally brought him in my room at 6.  i was a zombie the next day.  the next night i decided to try again but then my brother and nephew showed up.  we were being a bit loud and it just threw off C's sleep.  he went in his crib from 8-9 and then 10-12.  then i brought him to bed with me.  the next night C fell asleep in his swing around 9:30 and was so sound asleep i left him there.  i feel asleep on the couch around 10 and C slept until 4! at this point i'm thinking i LOVE the swing!  i fed him and brought him upstairs with me and he slept until 9!  the reason i brought him up is because billy was alseep on our other couch.  turns out he was having nightmares of someone chasing him in high heels!! the sound of the swing clicking was interfering with his much needed sleep. it is sunday night (night 4) and C is sleeping on my lap in a swaddled sleepsack.  it's 10 pm and were waiting on daddy B to get home.  continued from last night....C slept 10:30 until 6!!  he slept swaddled in his pack-n-play right next to me.  so tonight i might try him swaddled in his crib.

*we went for a walk this morning at 7 and then C slept from 7:45-8:45.  i don't so much care for waking up at 6 since we usually sleep in until 9 BUT if we are both going to be getting full night of sleep i'm all for it!  i just need to go to bed when C does.  i was up until 1:00 in the morning last night.  

*C is at the point where he puts everything in his mouth!  i love watching him play toys.  he also loves blankies and trying to put them in his mouth as well.  haha.  i really watch him close when he is playing with his blankies.

*whale bath tub dilemma solved thanks to some fellow bloggers....turns out that green bump thingy in the tub comes out!! so, we won't be buying a new tub.

*now, i have a MOUNTAIN of clean, folded laundry that needs tended to....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

random, brain dump....

1. i have C's 3 month photos!!  they are SOOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute!! they can be seen HERE!!! a friend of mine that i went to high school with took the pics, she runs her own photography biz now, ashley yantes photography.  we hadn't seen each other in 10 years so it was nice to see her! she was as cute and sweet as i remembered.  we had so much fun taking the pics! :)

2. the whale bathtub from target it's cute and all but SO not practical!  C is 3 months and has totally out grown it.  he is not sitting up yet so my options are limited.  i'll be buying a new bathtub very soon.  the problem with that tub is there is a little bump in it where the baby's bum sits and C splashes like crazy and arches his back.  he ends up arching so hard he gets over the bump and his back ends up on the little hump.  i watched him do this and i moved him back upright right away but the fact that it happens and how uncomfortable he looked made me so sad! i think we are trying the eurobath.  it is a bath tub he will be able to use when he can sit up as well.

3. i finally painted my nails after 2 weeks since last painting them.  the color looks pretty in the bottle, a light blue.  sally hanson - barracuda.  on my nails it looks like i took white out and added blue food coloring. i have no time to take it off and repaint. my nails will be whiteout blue for the next 2 weeks. and btw, i suck at painting my nails.  looks like a 5 year old did them, ha!  i'm in need of a mani/pedi and i even have a giftcard to get both done (two times) i just haven't found the time to get either done.

4. wednesdays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week.  C and i spend a few hours with my sister, brother and nephew.  we are going to the park today for a picnic lunch!  last week we went to the zoo!  and then for dinner we go to dinner at my parents house.  it's one of the few nights a week that B is home for din. i love that we all get that time in with my family :)
love this little dude!!

5. C had his first real major meltdown on sunday night.  he cried, no tears.  i cried, tears.  he was so upset, i think he was over tired and maybe had a little tummy ache.  it broke my heart. it lasted 10 minutes (max). an eternity! :(   i hate to brag but he is truly a happy baby.  he never ever cries.  sometimes he fusses for like 20 seconds when he wants to eat but that is the only reason he has ever fussed.  he doesn't cry, he's a happy babe.  so seeing him so upset broke me down.

6. if there are other SAHM's out there....what all do you do with your babes during the day?  C and i go days without leaving the house so i'm just curious what you do to keep your babies entertained?   i hate that we have no carpet so C really has nowhere to lay on his back/tummy except his foam mat. i am thankful he loves his playmat and his bouncer.  we sing songs and read books and play but i feel like i should be doing more.  C hates tummy time too....i'm nervous the rolling over thing might be a challenge for us.  he likes sitting up though and when laying down he lifts his head and legs and wants to sit up.

7. pinterest is my new obsession!  i'm making a list of all the supplies i need from the craft store!!  i pinned lots of food as well but i doubt i'll be making anything anytime soon.

8. lastly, thanks for all the anniversary wishes!! the year truly flew by!!!  it has been the best year!

there is plenty more to dump on ya'll but i'll spare ya.
brain dump done, over and out...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


one year ago i said "i do" to my best friend.
my everything.
a man that changed my life.
for the very best.

so much has changed in a year!
obviously the BIGGY, we have our baby C!!
i don't know how to explain the love i have for B or how magical everything has been from the day i met him, over 5 years ago.  
i remember exactly what i was wearing, exactly what he was wearing.
 i remember his smile/smerk.  it wasn't even directed towards me! ha!  i met B through a mutual friend, on a random night out.  the girl i met him through was a girl i had never gone out with but boy am i ever glad i did!  i'll never, ever forget that night.
i texted B that night.
we hung out the following night. and pretty much every.single.night thereafter! 
crazy, maybe.  
BUT we were hooked on one and another.  
i loved it!  
i still love it!
he is my drug, i'm addicted.

from the beginning, we started talking about living together.  
getting a home together.  
starting a family.  
crazy, huh?!  
to me - no!  
i had no doubts in this man!  
B is 5 years older than me.  
i was 22 when i met him.  
i looked up to him from day one.
he was older and wiser.
i had been in a lose-lose relationship a few months prior.
i was ready for the next big thing.
i believe in fate and B and I found each other for a reason.  
we needed each other.  
B was my next big thing.
my last, my one, my only.
we would be forever.

it was crazy how quick things moved for us.
yet, so natural.
everything truly felt right.
still does.
he was my best friend.
he is my best friend.
he will always be my best friend.

now we are parents! 
crazy, amazing, wonderful, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!
cullen is our everything.
our wedding song was everything, by michael buble.  

i could listen to that song on repeat all day! 
love it!

my best friend, my love, my husband, cullen's daddy bear.

i think i could go on forever with this post!! ;) 
happy anniversary to my love!!
i look forward to so many more years to come!!  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

da new momma hair do...

i had my extensions in for months.  
i'm not sure just how many months, probably too many ;)
i did have them tightened once but they needed to come out.
my hair needed a trim in order to look healthy so i asked my hair gal to give me the tori spelling momma cut.

i've had this cut before and i like it.
i just LOVE long hair.
i miss my extensions already.
i will be getting them again soon.
probably by the end of the month.
hubs loves me with long hair.
i love me with long hair, haha.

here is momma with short hair!
and a week earlier....

so um yeah....
i really don't mind having short hair, it just doesn't hold the volume for more than 2 minutes ;)

happy wednesday ladies!!  
C and i need to get outta the house today.
i spent yesterday eating,!
i even ate a whole pizza, ha!!
hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

move it or lose it sister...

C and i took our first road trip on saturday!
4 hour drive to sioux falls, SD.
C slept the entire way!
we had wonderful 4 hour visit with C's great grandparents.
took 4 generation pics!!
then a 4 hour drive home.      
we went with my parents and sis.
i love all the pics we got.
they will be cherished forever! :)

i took cullen the MOA (mall of america) on sunday.
i was on a mision for next summer clearance clothes! 
i was initially there to browse around and take my sweet time.
then B called and asked if C and i wanted to meet for apps at a nearby place.
of course we wanted to see daddy B!
so we hustled our mall time and the place is huge and there was a lot of people there!
i was ready to run over anyone who got in my way ;)
didn't get to all the stores i wanted to but we can go back any day.
we did get a few good deals for next summer and i picked up a few basics for fall!

when we got home C was sleepy so i decided to organize all his clothes.
i took all his newborn - 3 month clothes out of his closet and dresser.
it was sad to get rid of so many things.
makes me realize just how quick time goes.
the pile stacked as tall as me! yikes!!
i need to get it all into bins.

then i added more of his bigger sized clothes to his closet.
it filled just as quick as i emptied it  ;)
baby C has LOTS of clothes!!
he is wearing 6 month clothes now and some 9 month as well!
he is 3 months and around 16-17 pounds!
i really can not believe how fast he is growing!!

also, recently i did some christmas shopping!
buy one get one free toys are too hard to pass up!
i cant wait for christmas!! 
C will be 8 months and i'm sure he will love wrapping paper ;)

i got a mom cut yesterday...
i'm kind of sad about it but my extensions had to come out!
i'm guessing i'll be getting extensions again soon ;)
i'll post a pic of the new hair soon!
and that's the end of my random post!
it's bath time for culley!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a whole new meaning to home office

almost a year, to the day, before C was born we got new flooring in our upstairs and re-did our office.  here are a few pics of it in the process of being set up and decorated.

today that office is c's nursery! my favorite room in our home!

we moved our 'real' offices out to the building where B works.  i have an office out there as well with a new desk and chair from my parents but i've never used it.  the office is about 30 minutes away from our home so i don't go out there but maybe once every two weeks and when i'm out there its not to do office work.  its usually just to visit B.   

these days this is my home office...
C in his bouncer, macbook, my favorite cup, notebooks and the boobpump in the background by the window ;)  haha!  some days i struggle to figure out how to balance being a full time momma, getting any type of work done for our business and getting housework done.  a productive day for me also includes a shower, that doesn't happen every day ;)  i suppose i better get to doing something now my brother, nephew and sis and i are meeting at a park for lunch!!
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