Friday, April 19, 2013

shout outs...

It's time for a shout out to all my fabulous sponsors!
Allie with Origami Owl wants to offer all of you a 10% off discount right now!
Perfect timing to do some Mother's Day shopping!!

I love the new black locket!

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Kate is just plain awesome!
We have been blog friends for quite a few years now.
Stop by her blog and say hi :)
Kate is working on getting back into shape and I have to say she looks FABULOUS!
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Happy Friday!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i almost do...

2013 has been a good year for me/my family so far and I have no complaints.
Life is good :) 
B and I are good.
 C is happy as can be
I just adore the fact that the little things in life make him so happy.
 Can't believe that our squishy baby C will be 2 in 4 days.
Billy has new hockey teams this year and they just won their tournaments over the weekend which was awesome! Fun was had before and after the game with friends ;)
B is also in the process of opening a new gym, it's more of a crossfit style gym. I'm super excited about it!  His hockey business is thriving and things are just generally going great for our family.
BTW, even though I'm a stay at home Mom I help B a lot.
I keep track of everything in many, many excel spread sheets ;)
I also keep up with emails and help with his scheduling, where I can.
I've been keeping on top of my workouts and seeing more results!
I started working out in December and 5 months later I'm still at it and don't plan to stop.
Running is my favorite thing to do during my 1-2 hours of alone time every day.

Now I'm not trying to brag about how great life is these days, we've been through many struggles and I know life is one big roller coaster. 
Lots of ups and downs.
It's just crazy when things in your life are all positive and then you get hit with negative.
Brought down.
Out of nowhere.... 
With all things going well I was a bit shocked two weeks ago when I received a text message from a (best)friend, randomly, pretty much saying she didn't want to be friends anymore. 
 I've known her for almost 12 years so the fact that she just didn't want to be friends anymore came out of no where. 
I had just went to her daughter's first birthday party and we had recently been to dinner as well.
She said she didn't know how to say it but we weren't on the same page anymore.
I have no idea what she meant by that and I was too hurt to even get an answer.
How can we not be on the same page anymore, all of a sudden.
I'm still the same person I was.
The only thing that has changed in my life in the past few months would be me taking better care of myself, being a better Momma to C and watching him grow into such a little character, B and I growing stronger as a couple and his businesses doing great.
I can't really think of anything else different...
Sometimes I want to reach out to her and ask her about it and every time I don't, I almost do.
I'm thankful for all the friends and family I do have.
When you lose a friend, even if not actually losing them, there is almost a grieving process.
I was running on the treadmill thinking about the loss of the friendship and I cried.
I guess my body doesn't care about endorphins.
I just ran and cried.
I felt better after and realized I just need to pick myself back up.
Everything in life happens for a reason.
I can't dwell on anything in the past.
That won't get me anywhere.
I'm going to continue being me and living my life the way I have been.
Everyone else surrounding me in life is supportive and positive and that's what matters.

p.s. To the couple of gals who have reached out to me about exercising and turning your life around, thank you! It lets me know that what I share with you all helps motivate others!
If we aren't friends on Instagram, find me :) - Annie0720

Monday, April 15, 2013


I recently had the opportunity to work with FlashyandFabulous!
FlashyandFabulous is for anyone who loves glitz & glam! You can find fabulous tank tops, embellished crystal flip flops & flashy Swarovski crystal pave bracelets!
I love my tank!  It's flowy and super soft, I wear it all.the.time.
Here are a couple examples of what you can find at FlashyandFabulous...

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