Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a.b.c. house lately...

I had no idea where the past two weeks had gone, then I look through my phone pics and realize we have been staying kind of busy.  Between running errands, hanging out with friends, spending 2 evenings a week at my parents house and just keeping up with everything at home.
At the same time our life is very routine and I love that.
Still killing workouts...
Love to hear that I inspire and motivate others!
Working out is an addiction and who doesn't love feeling good about themselves.
My sister and I took Cullen to a lake yesterday, we ran around 4.5 miles.
I was so proud of us! ;)
Cullen is such an angel in the stroller and he loves being outside and watching cars and airplanes.
Cullen and I went to a precious little ladies first birthday party recently.
Cammy loved her cake, she had no problem diving right in!
Cullen was in heaven, he could reach the candy table!
I got to shop for girl clothes for sweet Cammy, so much fun!!
 We went to visit the Easter Bunny...
Cullen was more excited to get home and get out of his clothes and play.

last year and this year...
We dyed eggs with my Momma, sis and Dominic...
Cullen had a blast!

Found out Cullen likes doll strollers ;)
He played with them for over 2 hours.
He'll probably end up with one for his birthday.
My sis and I brought Cullen to the Zoo, I think the fish were his favorite.

I haven't been cooking all that much lately but I did make a meal last night.
I had a friend over for dinner and she's expecting a baby boy so I figured she would need a meal after a long day at work.
I made lots of pasta and I had pesto for the first time. YUM!
We started our Spring cleaning yesterday as well even though Spring seems far away :(
My Spring cleaning list is very long so better to start now than wait until it's nice out and we want to be outside!
Cullen is the best little helper, ever!
We will probably have to start paying him an allowance soon ;)
He likes cleaning the floors, helping with laundry and unloading the dishwasher.
If any crumb or anything is spilt on the floor, he is instantly cleaning.
He's also getting really good about cleaning up his toys when he's done playing.
First thing I went through was Cullen's toys and organized big time!
A lot of baby toys were moved downstairs to the toy room.  I forgot there was a big closet in there so that worked perfect to organize lots of toys.
Up next is scrubbing walls.  Cullen's little hand prints are all over the walls! 
I found that the magic eraser sponges clean the walls perfectly.  
I think that's about all we've been up to!
I'm off to clean now...


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

colors of spring...

It's the first day of Spring, YAY!
I think the high temp here in MN with the wind-chill is -2.
How depressing.
I've been "Spring clothes" shopping for a few months now. 
Only buying pieces when they are on sale.
Keeping in mind what I lived in last Spring/Summer I know I don't need much.
If I wasn't outside painting wearing the same paint clothes (those clothes got a workout from being worn and washed daily) I was at the pool with Cullen or playing at the park.

On to the S.P.R.I.N.G. clothes... 
I went out to dinner with a friend the other night and I decided to wear one of my "Spring" tops, I paired it with leggings and boots.  It was SOOOOO cold outside!!
I posted this pic on instagram and received so many sweet comments.  A lot of you were wondering where the top is from, it's from Francesca's.  I only shop there when they have a buy one, get one half off sale.  They have them ALL.THE.TIME! At least the one I go to does.
I buy all size Small, this top is long and runs a little big.
 I think all their tops run a little big, not true to size.

Also, I received lots of hair comments and gals asking for a tutorial, that won't be happening although I will share what I use for my hair soon!

All the comments on that pic got me wondering what the Spring clothes colors are this year and had me curious if the clothes I had already purchased were the right colors ;)

 Well what do you know, I didn't do too bad not knowing the "colors of Spring"....
The top I'm wearing above is the center top row photo.
I found the white and mint skinnies at Francesca's, they are soft and stretchy.
I love the lemon zest color although now that I have blonde hair I don't think I'd like that color against my hair. I need something in the poppy red color!
It's so hard to tell from my horrible phone pictures above the exact colors.
The stripped top is a darker purple, much more like the African violet color and the back is sheer, I love how flowy it is yet still figure friendly.
I guess you could say I really like the nectarine color.
I think the blue top above with the white skinnies and a big anchor necklace (in either gold or silver) would be cute.
Black will always be a staple go to color for me although I am trying to grow the amount of color in my closet.  I have a couple other items I didn't post that I've gotten recently.
This is a black top I wore over the weekend to little Ms. Cammy's birthday party...
I'm starting to like gold more and more.
Only took me 10 years.
When it comes to buying clothes, I think I actually purchase more workout clothes than I do "normal" clothes.  My pink workout tank from Monday's post received more questions than anything I've posted lately. 
Btw, that pink tank was from Kohl's...it was on sale and then 30% OFF on top of the sale price, I think it was $8! It's long, soft and I love it!  I ordered a couple in other colors along with some new workout pants, zip-ups and my most favorite clothing item, leggings.  I got a pair of black leggings with white polka dots that I think would be cute to wear with any of the white tops above as well. 
I tend to forget about shopping at Kohl's for workout clothes, which is probably a good thing but when I remember I always find amazing deals and free shipping.
Where have you all been shopping for Spring clothes? 

Now it's time for shoes, accessories and nail polish...I added to my Essie collection yesterday, I was only feeling pinks I guess.

I will post Cullen's Spring/Summer wardrobe soon, his is a tad larger than mine.
I've found him lots of cute clothes!!
 Anyone that thinks shopping for a boy isn't fun, must not have one.
Hopefully he actually gets a chance to wear it all and hopefully it warms up ASAP!

Monday, March 18, 2013

motivation, appreciation and determination...

I know I post very randomly and not routinely.
I feel like I abandon my blog all the time, not intentionally though.
Most of my posts are giveaways, reviews or just all over the place with pics.
This post falls into an "all over the place" post....
When it comes to my journey to get in shape, lose weight and tone up I've noticed I receive so much support and motivation from my blog/instagram friends.
I love that so many of us have so much in common and we all support each other!
Btw, if you want to find me on there I'm Annie0720.
I post a lot of pics of my Culley, my journey to get in shape and food.
I posted this pic yesterday and received so many words of encouragement.
I also received many comments from other gals saying thanks for the motivation!
starting to see a tiny bit of ab definition....
I recently started working out at gym with my sister, she works at a gym so it's FREE! :)
We only get to go together twice a week but it's better than nothing and I love spending time with my sissypants!  She sometimes struggles with keeping up on her routine and she told me that having me with her helps her out.
I love hearing that and only wish we could workout every day together!
I also love getting emails from girls saying I've motivated them to sign up for private instructors or that they are running their first marathon!  Some messages are from complete strangers and some from girls I know in real life.  I am going to continue posting pictures of myself because not only do my pics motivate others they motivate me.
I'm not working out for anyone but myself, I want to be as healthy as I can for myself and my family.
I have much more energy these days and I feel overall totally better about myself.

It's easy to get caught up in everything and think that I'm seeing no results when I actually am. 
Pictures are proof of progress.
As of today, I'm down 15 pounds...
I know that's hard to read, it says 115.7
I started at 131, once I'm down to a flat 115 I'll consider that 16 pounds.
Also, I'm 5'3" so you have an idea of size.
I've lost weight but gained a lot of muscle, my clothes fit pretty much the same. 
I can't even remember what I looked like at 131 and I don't really want to.
This weight loss comes from motivation from others, appreciation for myself and determination.
I believe in others so I will continue to help out wherever I can.
Also, don't think this has been an easy road for me.
Every week seems to bring on new struggles, I choose to keep on chugging along.
Family, friends, motivational quotes, my polar heart rate monitor and my favorite workout app "workout trainer" help.
OH and my new favorite snack is up there, fresh veggies with plain fat free yogurt and ranch dip mixed in. YUMMY!

Even though last week was a hard week I love that I can start fresh and not have to dwell on the past, that would get me nowhere.
sometimes it's easier said than done...

I know making realistic goals helps keep me grounded.
Don't forgot to make goals for yourself and to believe in yourself!!

I'm off to shovel, of course its half way through March and MN has a huge blizzard.
We are so ready for Spring!!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Origami Owl...

I am thrilled to announce my newest sponsor!
Allie, is an independent consultant for Origami Owl!
Unless you have been hiding under a rock I'm guessing you've heard of Origami Owl and how fabulous and unique their jewelry is! If you haven't heard of this company, I'm excited to share information about it with all of you!!
Origami Owl is a fun and fashionable jewelry company with a unique twist. Designers create one-of-a-kind personalized lockets choosing from over 500 charms, a variety of lockets and chains in different sizes and styles, and add ons such as dangles and engraved plates. Each locket is designed to tell your life story or you can create one for a family member or friend to celebrate a special event or life goal!
Allie is offering a discount for all my readers: 10% OFF total purchase!
Please visit www.allieross.origamiowl.com/shop and email your order to an.ross30@gmail.com  If you would like a catalog you can send an email to Allie.
The 10% discount code is good until March 22!
Also, please like Allie's facebook page for a chance to win a Free charm every Friday!!
Such a unique gift idea for an expecting Momma...
 Don't forget Mother's Day is right around the corner!
Be sure to take advantage of the discount code while you can! 
If you have any questions can email Allie or leave a comment and I will pass it along to her!
Have fun shopping!


Friday, March 8, 2013

fl(h)air *GIVEAWAY*...

Everyone needs a little Fl(h)air in their life! 
I know I did and Emma the shop owner of Fl(h)air sent me these pretties!
(pics from Fl(h)air)
 I love my neon pink hipster headband
I wear it all the time when I workout!
I want one of every color!! The neon matches my fun new running shoes.
Emma also sent me some arm candy bracelets with a hair tie!

So fun for Spring/Summer!
A little about Emma.... 
I love to be creative and use wonderful vintage and not-so vintage finds in my items. I have all sorts of lovely items available!

I started Fl(h)air in 2009 as a hobby and have been fortunate enough to make it my full-time business. I am originally from Spokane, Washington and made a "big girl move" to the wine town of Walla Walla (touristy small town pretty much in the corner of Washington, Oregon and Idaho) in 2011 for love. I have kept busy with baking and cake design (locally for different events - you can see recipes and more on my blog), working with kids with severe Autism, raising our growing Mastiff puppy Lou and all things Fl(h)air.
Here is a little selection of items you will find at Fl(h)air...
 Emma wants to offer one of you a chance to win a...
 The only hard decision will be what to choose! 
Please leave separate comments for each entry to count!
1. Follow my blog
2. Heart 'favorite' Fl(h)air on Etsy
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extra entries, counts for 2!
4. Tweet about the giveaway and include me @Annie0720 and @emmaflhair
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