Sunday, February 28, 2010


the colors i (we) have decided on for our wedding...
pink, orange and green!
more than likely varying shades of all 3.
i know these are kind of spring colors and our open-house is in september
but our event is outdoors there will be plenty of green (grass).

speaking of pink, orange and green
look what i came home to yesterday...

pretty flowers from my future hubby!!
it was such a wonderful surprise!
he bought the 2 dozen roses separately and the leafy filler
and made the arrangement himself!
pretty impressive, huh!?!
i love him :)

here was my inspiration for center pieces....

i started making the tissue paper flowers...
mine turned, huge! ha!
they are pretty though and i added buttons to the middle.
the flowers are too big for centerpieces but it was my first attempt and i'll be making some more smaller ones soon. i will still be using my huge pretty flowers for something.
i do have to say they are time consuming and the tissue paper rips easily.
my brother broke a bunch of branches off the trees outside my house last night so i could experiment.

i also made some small flowers with paper flower cutouts and buttons in the middle.
i attached them to sticks and stuck them in mason jars.

tied ribbon around the jar and attached two pink roses to the ribbon.
i think they look cute but i might want something bigger for centerpieces.
i like the sticks, i think they are perfect since we'll be outside.
for the masson jar filler i think i'm going to use small rocks/pebbles, inexpensive and outdoorsy feel to them as well.

i have many more outdoor decor ideas i'll share later on!!
the wedding planning is so much fun and time consuming!

if you want to catch up on my wedding posts here are the links....



p.s. sorry i have been M.I.A. lately, work and life are just plain busy!
i will catch up as soon as i possibly can! miss ya'll!

p.p.s. one of my besties started a blog! she is not sure if she will be able to keep up with it yet, she is one busy momma! stop by her page and welcome her :)

beyond lazy...

for the past 4 weeks or so i have been so lazy,
it's almost pathetic.
i get home from work,
plop down on the couch with my mac
and sit there for!
usually having a glass or wine or two ;)

i have to admit we have the comfiest couches.
when i sit all the way back my feet barely hang off the edge! ha!

this little guy entertains himself...
he doesn't quite get the fetch thing...
we throw the "baby"...
he goes and hides it...
i think this pic of him is adorable though :)
after having endless weeks of laziness
and not getting much done besides
internet searching for various wedding things.
i want that to change my lazy ways immediately!
when i went to the doctor this past friday i realized
my weight has hit a new high for me :(
i will be working my butt off at the gym and eating healthier.
i plan to keep track of some things with my weekly goal chart.
i know i can do it!
i'm motivated and i have a wedding in 6 months!!!

first night went just as planned...
i had such a productive evening!
i finally made it to the gym, had a great workout!
i went tanning.
i made chicken breasts for lunches for the rest of the week.
i also cooked up some hard boiled eggs.
i made chicken pot pie for dinner, so yummy!
i got a load of laundry done.
put the finishing touches on my weekly goal chart.
i'll take pictures of it soon.
we were still in bed by 9:30 and we started watching couples retreat.
it was very funny but i fell asleep about half way through.

one more pic of our baby...
we set up our humidifier because our room is very dry...
it was bubbling and
gus just stood there and stared at it
turning is head to the sides, it was too cute.
hope everyone has a great day!!

imma be takin them pics, lookin' all fly and...

yeah....maybe back in my partyin days...
i might have been lookin' all fly and _ _ _ _
as for right now, my pup is laying next to me snoring, ha!
gotta love him!

i've had another great weekend!
us 3...B, gus and myself, just got home from my parents house...
we had fajitas for din, twas delicious!!

today i spent the day with a good friend!
i was attempting to make crafty outdoor wedding decor.
i'll be posting about it on wednesday.
after looking at my blog posts i realized i have unintentionally posted wedding wednesday posts....they just work for me i guess.
by the way, i appreciate all the comments you fab ladies leave me!! your thoughts/opinions mean so much to me :) please continue helping me out!! i value everything ya'll have to say!

saturday i woke up early, went to the mall with my sister and i found a reception day dress!
i love it!!!
my sis and i went to lunch together and ran a few errands.
i LOVE hanging out with my sis, she makes me feel like i'm 18 again....dancing and singing in the car, having the best.time.ever.
after i dropped her off, i went to the grocery store.
billy got home from work when i was done running errands.

my brother called and invited us over to his house for some appetizers.
we went over there and hung out, had lots of fun playing with dominic and chowing on trader joe's hummus!
my brother had some friends over and they had a 6 week old baby, i got to hold her. it might have been a mini highlight of my evening. i haven't held a baby in so long!!
when billy and i got home around 9 i sat on the couch and couldn't do anything else. i was so tired!! i had a fun day and been on the move ALL day, i crashed!

friday night i had a doctors appt that lasted much longer than i expected.
i had some benign moles removed, unexpectedly but for the best.
i picked up taco johns, gotta love potato ole's -NUM!
billy and i chowed and watched the olympics and were in bed by 10.
yes, we are party animals ;)

i had another perfect weekend....
of course it included too much food...
a lot of cleaning...
never ending laundry...
time spent with family...
my b and baby g...
i wouldn't have it any other way!

on to another week! lets hope it goes REALLY QUICK!
hope everyone had a great weekend!!

p.s. yep, this post was odd seeing how i didn't have any pics! ha!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pretty in pink...

here are the wedding shoes i fell for....

poetic license - body talk
4 inch heels!

there are none left in my size :(
i have searched high and low.
i found two pairs an 8 and a 10.
i wear a 5.5 or 6.

i LOVE the bottom of this shoe too!
super cute!!

i'm quite bummed i didn't find them in my size but i do have other options and i plan to keep on looking until i find the perfect shoes!

nina - electra
good choice but not the perfect color.
they would work though and do come in my size!

these are fabulous!
i have seen them on the internet ranging from $250-$800!
out of my price range no matter what!

this was the first ruffle shoe i came across at charlotte russe.
i really like it and it was only $29!
of course, they didn't have my size.

i might attempt to make my own ruffle shoes if i can't find any.
i would just need a basic pair of hot pink heels and chances are i could find them for a low price.
inspiration post found here ---> DIY ruffle shoes
how perfect would those be if i did them in pink?!

all images can be found on bing images
p.s. if you left me questions on my last post and you have a no-response blog, i can't respond to your comments :( go fix that, please!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

her hair is so big....

oh how i LOVE the weekend...
even though billy works.
we see each other less on weekend days than week days.
that's just how it is...
how it's always been.

friday night billy went to play hockey
with some of the kiddos he coaches.

i was getting dolled up.
we were planning to go out for a late dinner.
her hair is so big...
because of it's full of secrets, literally...
(click the bold text to see why)
i swear i'm wearing clothes...
a wrap around robe!

this little dude was hanging with me too...
when B got home from hockey,
he was not feeling well.
so our dinner out turned into dinner at home.
mcdonald's style.

i went to try on more dresses with my mom and sister.
then we went to sams club.
and out for a late lunch.
it was such a fun day!!
i didn't decide on a dress yet.
the search continues....
having a tiny budget makes it a little difficult.
i know i'll find something though!!

saturday night i babysat for 4 boys.
billy had a guys night,
partied like a rockstar until 4 in the morning with.

i got to sleep in.
he had to work at 8.

i spent the day with my friend aimee.
we enjoyed olive garden's endless soup, salad and breadsticks!
i think i ate my weight in food!
it was delicious!!

aimee is getting married in august.
me in september.
so we spent the entire afternoon on my couch talking wedding.
i think we could've talked for like ever ;)

sunday night is family dinner night.
we had baked spaghetti.
played with dominic lots.
watched amazing race and desperate housewives.

i ended the night..
in bed...
with my two cuddly boys...

another wonderful weekend for me!
hope you all had a great one too!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

you gave my life direction, a game show love connection....

Woo Hoo it's Friday!
hope everyone had a great week!
mine was good and it went quite fast.

i have to admit, lately i feel like i'm a riding a very hilly roller coaster and i just want to get off.

i don't have much else to say today so here is a song i've been listening to on repeat.
it's my most favorite song right now by Train, Hey Soul Sister.

i heart this song!
i heard it on someone else's blog this week too.
it's upbeat and fun, makes me wanna dance a little ;)
i'm just gonna keep on listening to it....

have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

we have a date...

BUT for right now i'm kind of calling it a tentative date...
here is the thing...
we were planning on having our teeny tiny ceremony
in May and a reception in September...
then i found out billy's 2 hockey teams start in May...

for new peeps....
billy is a hockey coach for 3-4 months of the year...
he is also a hockey skills coach year round...
on top of working his full time job...
which consist of 40 hours a week in the Winter months...
& 50-60 in the Summer months...

new plan...
we will hold off on the ceremony and have everything happen the same day...
Reception and Ceremony...
it will be much easier that way anyways!

we want everything outside...
we are planning this all on a shoestring budget...
my parents have a huge backyard and it is a good place for the reception...
the reception that we are no longer calling a reception...
it's a PARTY and we are hosting it as an OPEN HOUSE...
Appetizers and Drinks!
btw, ya'll are invited to stop by and say hi to celebrate with us ;)
anywho, by having the PAR-TAY outside @ my parent's home,
it will be F-R-E-E!
that spells FREE
(credit report dot com baby)

back on track...
we live in minn-es-snow-ta...
it is not warm here many months of the year...
we need to have the ceremony/party while it's still warm...
the first saturday in september is LABOR DAY weekend...
we said alrighty, second Saturday it is...
without at a calendar...
by then billy is done with his super-duper busy time of the year...
i was excited we had a date!
want to know that date?!?
September 11, 2010...
yep, it's 9/11...

i would like to know what you all think of that date?

i have told a few people of the date...
they think it's perfectly fine...
more so after i explain the reasoning...
should i have to explain.
do i need to explain why to everyone.

should we maybe have the ceremony
on that previous Friday so our actual wedding date is not 9/11?
it would be a hassle but i might be willing to do that.
i don't want to wait until the third or forth weekend in september either...
it could be snowin by then! ; )
i don't want to keep pushing the date back especially since we were planning May in the first place.
maybe i am being stubborn...
the tragic day happened almost 10 years ago.
i know that day will never be forgotten.
i also know people get married all.the.time.
there are so many tragic dates in history.
people get married on other significant dates.
it hasn't stopped them.

if you can't tell...
i am kind of torn...
thoughts and comments are welcome.
thank you.
have a great day!!
we have decided to have our very small ceremony on september 10th.
the outdoor open-house reception will take place on september 11th.

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy heart

i hope everyone had a happy valentines day/weekend!

i was given a copy of the newspaper "The Onion"
this was a cover story....
um eww!!!!
moving on....
this weekend was another great weekend for me.
friday night i babysat for 4 boys.

saturday i cleaned the house and did laundry.
had errands to run.
then decided to take some pics.
for a little photo album i made for billy.
entitled "for your eyes only".

gus and i had some noodles for lunch...
he was so cute eating them...
yeah, i'm that person that shares with the dog...
and eats in my bed when home alone....

saturday night we had a couple over.
billy made us all a delicious pasta dinner with vodka sauce.
in cute little individual dishes.
with salad that tasted like it came from olive garden.
served with rosemary bread and olive oil.
the couple that came over brought wine and cute little ice cream cakes from cold stone, delicious!! i had never had any thing from cold stone.
the guys went to an ice rink to play some hockey.
kelly and i did lots of chatting.
we all also played scene it on the xbox after i realized we really don't have any games or decks of cards....ha.

sunday (love day)
billy had to work.
i got to spend the day with my bestie and her little man.
we went to leeann chin for lunch.
then went to a few local thrift stores.
just to look around.

sunday evening billy and i
went to my parents house for dinner.
we watched amazing race and undercover boss.
undercover boss is a great show!
we will be adding that one to our lineup ;)

billy and i went home and exchanged gifts and watched anchor man...
billy loved his coupon book and his "for your eyes only" book that he admitted he saw in my closet earlier in the day...he was totally snoopin'!he got me a cute little wristlit and my favorite candy - gummy bears and worms!!
it was another perfect end to a great weekend!

time to catch up on everyone's weekends!!
lets hope this week goes quick! ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


billy and i have been engaged for almost 9 months now!
that time has literally flown by!!

we are currently planning a very tiny wedding ceremony followed by an open house type reception which we plan to have in my parent's backyard.
the word reception overwhelms billy so he just calls it a party!

since my engagement ring has a thin band i plan to get 2 wedding bands.
here is a picture of my ring with the bands.
i'll have one on the top and one on the bottom.
i can not wait to be wearing them!
i think they are so beautiful!!

billy has never worn a ring before.
he knows he wants something simple.
he is thinking something like this.
a contemporary tungsten ring.
i really like the look of it.
there are also new unique ceramic wedding bands
that he liked the look of as well.
for some extra added bling
i want blue "I DO" rhinestones on the bottom of my shoes.
something like this....

i don't care for the font of the "I" on these rhinestones
so i am going to make my own!
they will be blue for my something blue.

that's enough bling for one day ;)
hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

my weekend....

Hi Pretty Ladies!!

my day started off nice...
a 45 minute nap on the bus...
i ride the bus to work every day...
i love it..
esp on snowy days like today...
my bus is a coach bus with reclining seats...
so i have no complaints ;)
well maybe one, i got on the bus at 7:10...
arrived at work at almost 9:00...
that is a long commute....

i had a laid back weekend...
friday night i just watched tv and fell asleep before 9...
billy spent the night playing hockey in someone's backyard...

saturday i woke up early and couldn't help but notice...
the icicles on our deck awning were HUGE!
gus and i just vegged around the house on saturday...
he napped lots...

i tidied up the house...
finished laundry...
made billy some lunches for work....
then i took a nap...
my sis and i decided to run some errands that night...
we went to the mall, target, tj max/homegoods, kohls...
all the shopping made us hungry...
we settled on chipotle...
i love getting thier bowls with chips...
chicken and almost all the fixins...
billy played in a pond hockey tournament that evening...
we both got home around 10...
ended our night watching a September 11th documentary off of netflix...
it was very controversial...
billy had watched this previously and it sounded very interesting...
i won't say much about it except i would recommend anyone watch it!
i am trying to figure out the name of the movie.

sunday, i had another lazy day at home ;)
my friend came over and we were crafty for many hours...
she made some cards and
i started making billy a "coupon book" for valentines day...
billy and i went to my parent's house for a couple hours
to snack and watch part of the game...
billy watched the rest of it when we got home...
i wasn't into the superbowl this year, at all...
i watched HGTV and E!...
then we went to bed and watched napoleon dynamite...
we love that movie ;)

i hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

p.s. i am a tad behind on blogs due to an upcoming trial at work BUT i will be catching up ASAP!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

we are stronger here together than we could ever be alone....

I am loving the lyrics from this song right now ---> Hold On
I know I've posted on that Michael Buble song before....

I don't have much to post about so hopefully this doesn't end up too long, ha.
I had the day off yesterday.
Billy and I were supposed to go out of town for a funeral but plans didn't work out.
It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week though.
I felt like I was on the go from the time I got out of bed until the time I crawled back into bed.

Billy had a lot of hockey phone calls to make letting parents know if their kids did or didn't make teams, he also had his own errands to run and a haircut appt. I love when he gets his hair cut, so clean cut and (more) handsome ;)

I did CardioMax.
Started laundry.
Cleaned up the house.
Went grocery shopping.
Ran a few other errands.
Did more laundry.
Taped the hallway leading upstairs and the upstairs hall.
Then painted it all.
We just needed a fresh coat of paint.
Billy cooked us ribs (4 hours in the oven) and onion rings for dinner, delicious!!
I threw in one last load of laundry.
Sat down to eat and we started watching American Idol.
I contemplated catching up on blogs but realized I still had stuff I wanted to do.
Cleaning up the basement.
Painting my nails.
And baking mini confetti brownies...

I was so sleepy by 10:00.
So off to bed we went.

My parents are coming over tonight for a snack food/appetizer dinner!
My parents are the "cool" parents, we love spending time with them.

So glad tomorrow is Friday!! Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!!

Things are finally looking all better in life right now and I couldn't be happier.
I've got faith in us and I believe in you and me...

Monday, February 1, 2010

breakfast, lunch n lots more....


This weekend was quite a mellow one for me.
I've been getting horrible headaches.
The ones where it's almost unbearable to have open eyes.
Needless to say I had one all day friday.
It was a little better by the time I got home from work.
My sister came over and we just hung out in my bed all night.
Being silly!
It was a lot of fun and it took the pain away from my head.
Billy had hockey that night and brought us home mcdonalds.
I hadn't had it in a long was delicious. ha!

Saturday I woke up headache free and decided to tackle all the chores around the house.
I cleaned and did laundry for 3-4 hours.
Went to target for a few groceries and by the time I got back home the headache was back.
I ended up sleeping that evening from 6:30-8:30.
Woke up feeling a little better.
Ate a grilled cheese.
Then craweled back into bed.
I had gussy to keep me company all night :)
He is by far the best cuddle bug.
I watched lots of tv that evening...
Came across a show called platinum, is all I have to say to that show!!

Sunday I woke up feeling totally refreshed.
I had plans to meet a friend from college that I hadn't seen in almost 7 years!
We met at TGIFridays and it seemed exactly like old times!!
We chatted forever.
She is getting married in a few months as well!
I can't wait to start seeing her more.
We were those friends that had every single class together.
Ate lunch together every day.
Went shopping every day.
I've missed her!!
Sad we lost touch for so long but I'm glad to have her back in my life.
I think she was just as excited & she was beyond sweet and paid for our lunch!
Now I get to treat her our next time out, I can't wait!

That afternoon I went with my mom and my sister to try on a wedding dress.
I don't have any photos of it but i'm adding it to the list of my top 5 dresses ;)

Sunday night Billy and I went to my parents house for dinner.
Homemade mac n cheese and sloppy joes!!
We watched the grammys and desperate housewives.
I love the grammys!! Great Performances!

Also sunday afternoon I like to prepare my breakfast and lunches for the week...
I saw a receipe on this blog ---> QUITE CONTRARY
(btw, i just recently discovered her blog... love it!)
mini sausage egg and cheese muffins ---> recipe
& I just had to make them!
They are "mini" and i usually eat 3 for breakfast.
They are delish and so simple to make!
For mine I used turkey sausage, fat free cheese and eggbeater egg whites.....very low fat/calories and pretty much no carbs! LOVE THEM!

for my lunches....
seasoned chicken breast....
usually with a small salad and lots of veggies...

Tonight I am meeting a friend at Arichvers.
I don't know if Archivers are located in every state but the store is awesome!!
It is a giant scrapbooking store with all the coolest stuff!
The store has big workrooms with lots of tables that you can use for free.
You check in and they give you a number so if you need extra supplies while working you get the item scanned and then you pay for it at the end when you check out.
We are meeting there after work until store close at 9 and then we are headed to Applebees for 1/2 price apps! num!

I've decided to start today on a different note.
I feel like i've been in a funk for a while.
I have to force myself out of it.
It's a new month and i'm going to make the best out of it.

I'm taking a few days off from posts and I plan on catching up with everyone!!

happy monday everyone!! :)
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