Thursday, July 29, 2010

what i've been up to lately, in pictures...

first of all, thank you all so much for your comments on my new ring!
i just love it!!!

now onto other stuff...
my parents gave us an old patio set of theirs.
i bought many cans of spray paint and went to town...
little corner hangout...
final patio table and chairs...
notice it's black and lime green just like the office ;)
i spray painted the umbrella holder below the table as well.
i heart spray paint...
and our driveway is black and now has lime green all over it as well, oops.

onto the spoiled family member...
billy and i stopped at a puppy boutique when we were getting my ring and billy picked out a piece of cookie pizza for gus...
like a child, gus licked all the frosting off his cookie before eating the crust. 
 he loved it!
we got him some little dog "chocolates" as well.
he is one spoiled baby and he knows it.

beach day...
last sunday dominic and i went to a beach by my house to meet one of my besties and her little guy.

laura and her little guy :)

we had so much fun at the beach with them!!
3 hours flew by so quick.

i can't believe it is already thursday!!
this week has gone very quick!
today is the only day this week i'm working a whole day, i hope it flies by...
tomorrow i'm out at 2:00 and saturday i'm going to south dakota with the fam for my cousins baby shower!
i'm excited to go see relatives!

happy thursday ladies...
i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ring resolution...

new ring!!
 my previous ring...
i find it hilarious that in this photo below the ring is paired with ring bands because the ring was NOT made to have bands with it.  there are no bands that match with the ring exactly because the diamond is set so low.  sure the way it is pictured it looks like bands could match up with it nicely.
too bad that wasn't true.
the place we purchased my ring allowed us to trade my ring back in for the full value billy originally got it at. they told us if we wanted to take the ring elsewhere to get custom bands soldered onto my ring we could but then we could never bring the ring back to them to trade up.  which really didn't matter anyway, my ring was custom made to fit the emerald cut diamond in it and it could never have a bigger diamond.
i didn't like the look of having a loose band so far away from my engagement ring, when on my fingers the rings laid a few cm's apart and it looked funny to me.

please don't get me wrong either, i LOVED that ring!
billy picked it out himself and i had an emotional attachment to it.  the issue was, he was completely mislead about the ring.  there are no matching bands and the center stone could never be replaced with a bigger stone.  

also...since my previous ring was a "designer" ring, i was able to get a diamond that is almost 20% bigger than my previous one.
not a clear picture but i'm over the moon about this ring...
billy and i picked it together, after 2 trips to the store and 4 hours it was final...
again, previous ring....
new ring...
picture is not great :(
i will not be getting a band on our wedding day, instead i will be holding off until our first anniversary.
maybe band two on our second anniversary ;)

happy tuesday friends!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

wedding stuffs...

i ordered my garter from this awesome shop on etsy --->
i got it in the mail last week and i LOVE it!!
i love everything in her shop!
if you are getting married or know anyone that is go check her shop out.
my garter was custom made.  i requested pink, green, a flower and bling...
it turned out P E R F E C T!
i think it looks even better in person.
thanks to a sweet blogger friend, i ordered and received fuchsia socks for billy!
they don't match his shirt that well but they coordinate with my shoes quite well.
so it will work for a picture i want to take!
not sure if i mentioned in my last wedding post but i'll be doing my own hair.
i'm a little nervous about this.
we are going to get our rings on friday!
we ordered our marriage license tuesday and we will have it early next week!
i made this tank to wear day of while getting ready. 
i might switch the flower to a hot pink/fuchsia flower, the one clipped on the tank now is more blush.
not including rings, my dress and billy's suit, we will have spent under $1,000 for everything.
including photographer, marriage license, decorations and all other the other little details!
that's all the wedding info i have for today...
the 'big day' is coming up so soon! ;)
happy thursday friends!!
p.s. a jucy lucy (spelt that way) is a hamburger with cheese in the middle!!
invented here in minnesota ---> wikipedia
if you ever have the chance, try one!
cheese might drip down your cheek while oozing out of the burger, the mess is worth it of course ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

birthday recap...

thank you for all the birthday wishes sweet girls!!
last night billy and i ended up going out for some mexican and then having a relaxing night at home with our gus gus and cheesecake ;)
i got some new perfume and a little coach wristlet i had wanted.

i have been trying different perfumes the last few times i've purchased any.
i think my favorite will always be PINK from victoria secret.
this time i went with versace, bright crystal.
perfect for summer and it's pink ;)

here are pics from the mn twins game my bestie took me to for my bday!
me before the game....
{ sitting in the car outside her house}

it was 90 degrees and my hair and face were sweaty mess.
it was such a fun night though!!
bestie and i at the game...

after the game we ate the NOOK which is a diners, drives and dive restaurant!! 

 this is where i had my first jucy lucy!!
we had some sweet potato fries as well!

happy wednesday gals!
 wedding post tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

today is the day i turn 27....

i celebrated my birthday with my family and billy on sunday.
my mom made chicken and steak tacos, they were delicious!!

tonight billy surprisingly doesn't have hockey so we will have a night to enjoy together! 
i'm thinking we will grill something and hang at home, our favorite place to be.
that way we are with our pup as well ;)

happy tuesday ladies!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

i just grabbed it and cut...

my hair that is...
(hello face)

my extensions are just about ready, maybe beyond ready to be taken out.
just one problem, i can't part with them.
the ends were looking a little rough so i just grabbed my hair and a scissors and chopped about 4 inches off.
turned out okay if ya ask me ;)

gals, i'm SO glad that it's finally friday!!
the week went quick, i just want a day to sleep in.
tonight billy and i will probably just hang out at home and have an adult beverage or three.
tomorrow night one of my besties is taking me to a minnesota twins baseball game! 
i'm so pumped to have a fun night out with her!!
she is treating me to the game because my birthday is next week ;)
i have such sweet friends!

happy friday ladies!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

happy day...

i woke up this morning to this...
that is gus and that is my pillow.
i was sleeping with no pillow.
i guess we know who runs the house.

i woke up thinking,
i'm soooo sleepy....
today is going to be a good day.
it's sunny and beautiful outside.
i get to leave work around 2:00.
i'm actually looking forward to the gym after work, for the 4th time this week.
i will have plenty of time tonight to finish my latest spray painting project.
it's market day and i'll be going to get some fresh veggies.
it's pay day!
my 1-2% raise should be applied to my new check!
i know it's not much but it's better than the 0% raise from last year.
and i am very thankful i have a job and one that i enjoy.

turns out, my check was the exact same.
one of the guys i work for has not yet filled out my review.
he was given my review to fill out 6 weeks ago.
this is the same guy that said i couldn't have off on my birthday next week even though i have 5 weeks of paid time off to use up by the end of the year., thanks.
kinda nice that he will be away today and tomorrow ;)
*i don't want to make my boss seem like a horrible guy because he's really not, at all.  would be nice if he kept me a bit higher on his priority list that's all.*

one other thing i have to share with you ladies...
i went to target yesterday and spent under $10!!
when you are on a very tight budget you do what you gotta do :)
even if it means eating $1.25 pizzas for din.
they were very tasty by the way!

i'll be making the best of this lovely day!! :)
i hope you all have a great day as well!
tomorrow is friday!! woo hoo...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

creepy crawlies...

last night when we were all sleeping...
there was some charlotte's web action taking place in billy's suv...
i opened the door to get in his truck...
then really didn't want to get in...
if i didn't have a bus to catch in 3 minutes i wouldn't have...
because this was on the passenger side...
pretty impressive home she made herself in under12 hours.
i didn't have time to run back in the house and get anything to get it out of the car...
and i hate spiders....
i never kill them...
that's billy's job ;)
he left an hour before me.
i really had no choice, i had to just get in the truck and go or miss the bus (the last bus of the morning).
so i drove to the bus stop with that web and tiny spider as my passenger...
the whole bus ride i felt like i had spiders crawling on me, so ICKY!!
i guess i should be thankful she didn't chose the driver's side...i would be at home right now ;)

billy has been driving my car to save on gas since he drives much further than i do.
and our vehicles have been parked outside at night because i've got my spray painting projects in the garage.
i think the spider shacked up in the truck because it's so humid and nasty outside.
ms. spider will need to find a new home asap!
i'm already dreading getting into the truck after work :( ha...
what if she has babies or something while hanging in there all day...

anywho, i better get spider off the brain i have more than enough work to do.
happy wednesday!!

p.s. the count down is on....ONE MONTH!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

love - sweet - love

i made a banner this weekend to go on the dessert/snack/candy table for our family dinner after the ceremony!
i love the way it turned out!


i couldn't get a good shot of the whole banner...

the banner took me quite a few hours to make but i had everything to make it and i was in a crafty mood over this weekend :)
there are 2 blank pieces of paper that i need to decorate. just not sure what i want to put on them yet.

we spent most of the weekend with my family and just relaxing around the house.
i saw top gun for the first time from start to finish ;) 
my mom and i went and priced out flowers and picked out what we will need to make my bouquet.
she is going to make it for me! and the boutonnieres and the flowers parents will wear.
it was a wonderful, perfect weekend!  

i'm getting back into full blown workout mode starting today.
i have been working out 3-4 days a week and just eating whatever i want whenever i want.
i want to be working out at least 5-6 days and actually caring about what i eat.
wish me luck ;)

hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

after ceremony dress....

i could NOT get a good picture of my after ceremony dress...
bottom, big roses...

it is short, strapless and ties in the back...
the pictures really do it no justice and i can't find a picture online.
the entire dress is white even though in this picture below the top looks creamish. its not.

other random wedding stuff...

i decided to not have the ceremony on the deck by the pool.
there is just too much going on by the pool so we are going to move the metal frame canopy to the backyard behind the fenced in pool.  it will go between 2 trees and still have the paper lanterns hanging from the top. i might add some little lanterns to the trees.  i think the flowers and trees my parents have in their backyard will make for a much nicer scenery in the photos than pool floaties and random signs that say "it's 5:00 somewhere" and "no shirt, no shoes, no problem".  haha...

new date - AUGUST 14
4:30 or 5:00
i'm undecided on the time.  since it's just parents and siblings i can hold off deciding a tiny bit longer.

my "real extensions" that i have had in my hair are NOT going to last over another month.
they are actually ready to come out now.
my hair is short and i want long hair for my wedding day.
so i will be wearing my clip-in extensions and still getting my hair done professionally.
i'm not sure if i want to wear something in my hair yet.
i know i want to wear a fuchsia clip-in flower after the ceremony with my dress above.

i'm a control freak (admitted) and i know the day of the ceremony i'm going to want to set everything up to make sure it is perfect to me. 
this is not a beautiful, over the top traditional wedding but what we are doing works for us because we are simple people and i just want everything to look as good as possible, as any bride would.
with a hair appt and getting ready and pictures before the ceremony i don't know how much time i'll have day of to set things just how i want them. gives me anxiety ;)

i do have have off from work a few days before the wedding so i'm going to do as much as i possibly can and i plan to be up at the crack of dawn day of to prep what i can.
making the bouquet makes me a little nervous but i know my mom and i can handle it.
the good thing is we won't really have anything to decorate because everything is going to be very simple.

what time do ya'll suggest doing pictures if the ceremony is at 4:30/5?
keeping in mind there is no wedding party but i will want family pics.

i had my heart set on having a candy buffet at our reception that we had previously planned so even though we are only going to have immediate family i'm still trying to sneak a little candy buffet in :)

i want to get a pink and or fuchsia dog leash for gus.
my mom got his tux sewn so it will fit him perfectly!

i also want to get pink/fuchsia socks for billy.
anyone know where to find some??
i have looked and not had any luck finding men's fuchsia socks. i know they are out there somewhere.  i have checked ebay.

okay, enough wedding chatter for now....
this turned into a very long post.
thanks for reading if you made it this far!! :)

p.s. there are about a million things going on at work and i'm behind on blog reading.  if i have missed something in your life lately feel free to leave it in the comment so i know what's going on with you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


life gives you lemons....
i know the cliche, make lemonade...

what if...
the lemons are rotten...

at least we have these little cuties...
or this kitty cat....
i'm usually not even a cat person ;)
i know life isn't always fair...
my job - great
friendships - wonderful
family - amazing
relationship - wonderful, amazing, loving and then some ;)
life in general - tough
i am happy 
things are just tough.

makes me nervous and a bit emotional.
we keep getting lemons thrown at us.
i (we) don't get why.
these lemons are rotten!
there isn't anything we can do with them...
besides shove them down the garbage disposal.
which at this point, sounds like an excellent idea!!
those lemons have taken over, again.!?

not to sound like a whiner...
maybe i just need a hug...
or some vodka to add to my lemonade :)

enough from me...
work was bananas yesterday!!!
attempting to catch up on blog today!!
i heart my bloggy friends!!!
even though i seem to be losing one a day ;)
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