Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall around here!

the leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, it's boot season and that means fall ya'll!
i finally got all of our fall/halloween decor out! i LOVE decorations. 

first and foremost, fall scents! they are my fave!!  
my two favorites this season are:
 woodwick trilogy candle 
candy corn, caramel sweets, and jack-o-lanterns
and my yankee quickscent, in any of the yankee fall scents! 
so far i've burned pumpkin spice and autumn wreath, both smell so good!!
i keep the warmer in the center of our tray on the ottoman on our main floor and the scents reach all the way upstairs!!
on top of the microwave
on the kitchen counter
candy dish, filled with peanut mm's 
 on the entertainment center
cullen's favorite halloween decoration!
the dancing spooky skeleton :)
kitchen table
 pier one is my favorite place for table decor!
i think i'll do something more halloween related next year instead of fall.
adding a little ribbon spruces up an ordinary vase!
 little side table in the living room
 i won this sign from a blog last year, love it!!
and of course my rag ribbon wreath!
i have more decor up BUT i'll spare ya'll from more pics ;)
my camera had to get sent in to be fixed and i won't have it for 3 more weeks :(
we bought a little camcorder (it's name is bloggie) it works great and takes pics but it doesn't have a flash, hence most of the dark pics. 
anyway, i can't wait to decorate pumpkins!!  i'll be making sparkly, pretty pumpkins again!  hopefully i'll be picking them up today! :)
parents and my sis and her bf are all coming for din again so culley and i will be heading to the grocery soon.

lastly, how sad would a post be without a pic of baby C!
family football sundays!!
B brings home mc d's and we eat lunch and watch football :)
love our baby C's sweet, sweet face :)
culley and momma :)
 i have a tank on too, C always pulls down my shirts.
love how he hangs onto me though :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

a little health/diet secret...

when i was preggers with cullen i was so worried about weight gain and more so about how i'd lose the weight after.  BUT i knew i would be gaining weight and had to gain weight in order to have a healthy baby.  so i guess i embraced it and i ate anything and everything my little heart desired!  at 39 weeks when i went into labor i had gained 40 pounds!

we went to the doctor a week after we had cullen home because of his jaundice and the doctor advised me that i needed to be getting proper nutrients not only for cullen but for myself as well since i was nursing.  i was having a hard time eating during the day, let alone the recommended 3 meals a day.  i was and still am taking prenatal vitamins but the doctor suggested maybe i do something more.  on the way home we stopped by a friends house and somehow the topic of weight loss came up, our friend suggested to me that i try RELIV.  she gave me some samples of the FibRestore and RelivNow.  i have been taking them both since!

these friends of ours are parents of 4 and they swear by these products!  the whole family takes them, including the kiddos!  if your kid(s) or if you know of any kids that have asthma, alopecia, diabetes or silac the shake for children has been shown to help just by including 2 shakes into their day.  i am in no way stating that this will cure your child from anything. we know of people and children that use these products have helped.  i would not endorse the products if i didn't have testimonials from people we know that have had their doctors say the products work!

back to me.....5 months later, i have lost all my baby weight and then some!  i know some of the weight came off from nursing but i believe the reliv products played a roll in my weight loss as well.  i now weigh less than i have in years, maybe since high school years.  i feel great!  only problem, i need some new jeans ;)

the reliv products are all natural and soy based.  reliv is the only diet nutrition plan that is patented and actually proven to work.  you can read HERE why Reliv is different!  you can also create your own reliv plan by choosing products that cater directly to what your needs are.

now, don't get me wrong....i try to eat healthy for the most part but if i want doritos or a whole frozen pizza, i'll eat it! ;)  if i want a glass of wine or a cocktail, i'll have it.  i also know that i'll be getting all my healthy nutrients in the reliv products i take!

after months on the two products and seeing results i thought i'd share this little secret with you all!  i waited to mention anything about these products until i had taken them for a few months and they proved to work and i had a testimonial of my own to share.

since we truly believe in all the products we have decided to start selling them ourselves!  billy takes these twice a day as well!  he is strength training and playing hockey all day so he prefers the Reliv Innergize, he also takes the RelivNow and ProVantage.  he says he might wake up feeling a little groggy (who doesn't) but after he has his shake he feels 100% rejuvenated and i can totally relate!  i'm not a breakfast kinda gal anymore so having a shake for breakfast is perfect for me.

if any of you are interested in the products or if you have any questions about them, let me know!! be sure to check out their site, they have tons of awesome products!  if you are interested in ordering, let me know and i'll get you a cost estimate, your order placed and products shipped to you right away :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

just another girl, following another trend...

i've posted about a few wreaths i've made.
my favorite being my christmas wreath!

i made one for my mom as well that was gold and red but i guess i never took any pics.
i will have to snap one when she takes it out this year!
speaking of christmas, i'm SOOOOO excited to have our first family christmas with Cullen!!

my second favorite wreath is a ribbon wreath i made over the past few days...
for halloween!!
the process....
cutting lots of ribbon into 6 inch strips.
i did NOT have enough ribbon!
i needed double this amount...
one section done, took forever...
feeling like i'm getting somewhere....
and again, completed wreath...
can you tell i'm proud?
the wreath did seem to take forever ;) haha!
i love it though!!
when i went to buy more ribbon the craft store was out of most of the original ribbons i had bought so i had to buy some other patterns and colors, i think it worked out ok though. 

i got the original idea from pinterest.
CLICK for original link to blog for my inspiration wreath!
the inspiration wreath was made with fabric vs ribbon.
i heard through twitter that others were making ribbon wreaths, i saw one of those on pinterest as well! now EVERYONE is doing it!!  gotta LOVE pinterest! :)

some other wreaths i've made in the past...
easter egg wreath

cupcake wrapper valentines wreath

i've got 5 wreaths in my basket for now.
i love making them and they will last a long time.
i'm still working on my yarn ball wreath for fall.
just when i thought i had everything for it i realized i don't have enough hot glue sticks for the glue gun!
i will finish it soon, i hope ;)
i'll be keeping the yarn ball wreath inside.
the halloween wreath is on our front door!

lastly i have to/NEED to sneak a lil somethin somethin EXTRA cute into this post...
it was chilly here last week, in the 60's, C had to wear his little knit cap and puma's!!
LOVE his face & everything about him!! :) 

p.s. ALL photos are phone photos, my camera cord will not charge my camera or upload pics, heartbreaking :( stupid camera is 6 months old and cost way too much...heading to best buy soon. just another thing to add to the "to do" list....seriously, never ending!  & i doubt best buy will do anything for me.
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