Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall around here!

the leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, it's boot season and that means fall ya'll!
i finally got all of our fall/halloween decor out! i LOVE decorations. 

first and foremost, fall scents! they are my fave!!  
my two favorites this season are:
 woodwick trilogy candle 
candy corn, caramel sweets, and jack-o-lanterns
and my yankee quickscent, in any of the yankee fall scents! 
so far i've burned pumpkin spice and autumn wreath, both smell so good!!
i keep the warmer in the center of our tray on the ottoman on our main floor and the scents reach all the way upstairs!!
on top of the microwave
on the kitchen counter
candy dish, filled with peanut mm's 
 on the entertainment center
cullen's favorite halloween decoration!
the dancing spooky skeleton :)
kitchen table
 pier one is my favorite place for table decor!
i think i'll do something more halloween related next year instead of fall.
adding a little ribbon spruces up an ordinary vase!
 little side table in the living room
 i won this sign from a blog last year, love it!!
and of course my rag ribbon wreath!
i have more decor up BUT i'll spare ya'll from more pics ;)
my camera had to get sent in to be fixed and i won't have it for 3 more weeks :(
we bought a little camcorder (it's name is bloggie) it works great and takes pics but it doesn't have a flash, hence most of the dark pics. 
anyway, i can't wait to decorate pumpkins!!  i'll be making sparkly, pretty pumpkins again!  hopefully i'll be picking them up today! :)
parents and my sis and her bf are all coming for din again so culley and i will be heading to the grocery soon.

lastly, how sad would a post be without a pic of baby C!
family football sundays!!
B brings home mc d's and we eat lunch and watch football :)
love our baby C's sweet, sweet face :)
culley and momma :)
 i have a tank on too, C always pulls down my shirts.
love how he hangs onto me though :)


Britt said...

I love all the decorations! I love fall decorations so much and sadly haven't put out any yet :(

and HELLO?! Skinny girl! You look amazing!

Rissy said...

I just want to come see your house in real life! every time you decorate for something, it looks soo adorable!

and of course Cullen is adorable... in any and all outfits ; )

Everyday Adventures said...

Love your fall/halloween decorations! I have had a hard time finding cute halloween decorations so I stuck to fall/autumn themed ones! I loved your place settings, very creative! Your son is soo adorable:)

MrsB said...

ohmygosh he looks like billy in that first photo!! wow. so cute.

Lindsay said...

cullen is so so cute!! and i love all of your fall decorations!

Nikki said...

I think the spider thing on the end table is one of the cutest decorations I've ever seen.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

love all of your decorations!!

S said...

Love those cheeks! I can't wait for my little man to fill out!

Lauren said...

Everything is SO SO cute but I have to say, Culley is the cutest of them all!!!!! :)

Teenage Bride said...

aww the two of you are looking so cute!!!

I have my fav wood wick candle burning right now!

Kim said...

You always have the cutest decor in your house!! So lovely what you've done. I love this time of ear, full of wonderful scents. Cullen is just too precious, and look at you.. Hot Momma!!! ♥

jules said...

I'm loving all the awesome fall scents too..

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

How fun!! Yes, I'm excited for Fall too.. just not winter that will slowly creep up on us! :/

Lil' Woman said...

I haven't seen your blog in awhile and I'm soo glad you posted pics of C (last time you had stopped)...oh my goodness Annie, he is a lil lovebug.

AllyceR said...

Everything looks so cute and festive, I love it! I can't wait to see your pretty pumpkins, I am still trying to decide what I want to do with mine--too many options! Cullen is getting so big!

Jamie said...

That picture of Cullen is SO cute!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am so ready to decorate for Fall. But the fact that it's still over 90 degrees here is killing it for me :( Blah.

He is so stinking cute. And you are so dang tiny!!

Shari said...

That last photo of you two is so cute! And, that first candle sounds amazing.

Lauren said...

Love your decorations!!!

Marian said...

I think Fall candles are my favorite...or maybe Christmas tree...hmmmm. Either way, all your decor makes me want to get mine out....or buy some more:)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Did I eye spy a glass owl on your console as well? Too cute! I love owls! Love the decor!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Love that wreath and the second candle holder. Found you through ILMTC and am a new follower :)

Holly said...

I love all your decorations - a lot of work has obviously gone into organising them all! :)

Cait said...

omg love all the decorations girl! soooo great! :) so glad i came across your blog! it's lovely! xo

Edward said...

Perfect stuff!

Heather said...

Cute blog! And your little man is so handsome! Love the cheeks! :-)

Sanchez said...

Did I eye spy a glass owl on your console as well? Too cute! I love owls! Love the decor!

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