Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A.B.C. house lately...

 We still go to my parent's house every Wednesday and Sunday evening for dinner and play time!
My Momma always needs a picture with her little bear :)
 I made this huge wreath for my Mom!
& if you think that wreath is huge, you should see the one on our front door! ha!

We got out our Christmas movies!!
Cullen picked A Charlie Brown Christmas but he only lasted watching it about a minute ;) 

My brother came over to watch some fight with B.  He played with C until bedtime, C loved all the attention.  After C went to bed us adults stayed up far too late but it was a lot of fun to catch up with my brother.  He hadn't been to our house to hang out since we moved!

Cullen's favorite toy right now is any one of his 10 mini hockey sticks. He loves playing hockey with his daddy B! :)
 again, more hockey sticks ;)
We spent most of Thanksgiving Day at my parent's house and then went to visit B's sister and her family. Cullen loves his cousin Lauren and he is going to be in heaven on Friday when she comes over for the day!
 turkey day jams!
 morning cuddles...
 evening cuddles....
 moose sightings...

 decorating has been completed, better pics to come..
 Santa sightings & Santa loves to clean!
He was being a silly boy while I attempted to take his picture!
good night cuddles...
 That's all for now!

p.s. Hi Auntie Lisa!! :)
p.p.s If you entered one of my last two giveaways, winners are posted!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Savvy Charms Boutique...GIVEAWAY!!

I received an adorable plate and bowl set yesterday from Savvy Charms Boutique for Cullen and I adore it! Cullen is hit or miss when it comes to eating off plates right now but this is a set that can grow with him and I love that! It's not babyish and I know he will enjoy using it for years to come!  

Savvy Charms Boutique makes personalized items to fit your style! They sell platters, trays, plates, tumblers, with new items coming soon.  I just saw on their Facebook page that they are soon adding iPad cases, how fun would a personalized case be! We just might have to pick one of those up!  Also, if you need something you don't see in their listings you can just ask them if they can create it!  They love designing and promise adorable chic personalized items for everyone with excellent customer service!  I can personally add they have very quick turnaround time and they are easy to work with!  

Here are some more examples of plate and bowl sets -->
If you don't need the set, you can always just go with an adorable plate -->

Savvy Charms also has tumblers -->

I love that at Savvy Charms they have so many different color combos and font options! 

Savvy Charms Boutique wants to offer one of YOU a chance to win a holiday platter of your choice!! 

This one is my favorite -->

They have so many others to choose from though --> 

You have to visit their site to see all the other options!

On to the holiday platter GIVEAWAY!!

mandatory entries
1. Follow my blog
extra entries
5. When visiting Savvy Charms Boutique on Etsy let me know which platter you would choose!
6. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the GIVEAWAY!
7. Follow both of my facebook pages - Chapters of our Life and A.B.C. Creations (counts as 2 entries if you follow both!)

*Keep in mind, you must leave a seperate comment for each entry to count*
Giveaway ends November 28
Best Wishes to ALL! :)

There were 71 comments/entries (one fake anonymous entry deleted) so 70 total entries... 

Horrible quality photo due to the fact that I 
do not know how to take a screen shot 
on our desktop, sorry!

Congrats Courtney! I will be contacting you soon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The importance of whole grains brought to you by Earth's Best...

The early years of a child’s life are instrumental in developing food preferences and tastes. A
whole grain possesses natural nutrition and a unique rich flavor. In fact, whole grains are so
good for you that the USDA recommends that 3 of our grain servings each day are made up of
whole grains. Whole grains have fiber, vitamins and minerals and when children begin eating
whole grains early, they tend to develop a preference for those flavors for a lifetime of healthy

Naturally, whole grain provides so many benefits. Your children will gain several healthy benefits
from starting to eat whole grains at an early age:
  Rich in fiber to help maintain healthy digestion. To calculate the grams of fiber your
child needs each day just add 5 to their age (i.e. 4-year-old + 5 = 9 grams of fiber)
  Helps control blood sugar and maintain cholesterol within already normal limits.
  Unique, natural flavors the depth of these natural whole grain flavors is appealing to
children and helps them develop a preference for the healthier food.
  For more information on whole grains, check out the following article on Earth’s Best’s
website entitled “The Whole Story on Whole Grains.”

Earth’s Best Fruit and Grain Purees offer the best of both worlds when it comes to whole grains.
Available in four different varieties including Apple Peach Oatmeal, Apple Plum Kamut, Banana
Raspberry Brown Rice and Pear Apricot barley, these unique pouches are made from a delicious
blend of organic fruit and hearty whole grains. The fiber in whole grains can help baby stay
satisfied longer after meals and snacks and each variety contains 45% of the daily value of
Vitamin C, essential for baby’s growth and development. They are perfect for babies 6 months
and older, offering baby a variety of whole grains helps to expand their exposure to new tastes
and textures.

Here are a few other Earth’s Best products packed with whole grains:

  Whole grain infant cereal: Earth's Best Infant Cereals are made with a variety of whole grains.

  Jarred foods with whole grains: After infant cereal, many babies' next foods come from
a jar. Look for stage appropriate jarred baby foods and if they have a grain ingredient,
make sure it is a 'whole grain'. Earths Best has a large selection of jarred foods with
whole grains. Try the Fruit & Whole Grain Combinations or
Earth’s Best Organic® Wholesome Grains Baby Foods.

  Whole grain snacks: Healthy snacks made with whole grains comprise an important part
of your child's diet. Earth's Best and Sesame Street offer a wide variety of savory or
sweet whole grain snack foods: Tots Honey Graham Organic Crunchin' Blocks, Sesame
Street Apple Cinnamon Sticks Crunchin Grahams and delicious Kidz Organic Whole
Grain Bars.

We love all the Earth's Best snacks around here! Lately, I can not get enough of the cheddar crackers ;)  They  taste so cheesy and delicious, love them! I can't stand when cheese crackers taste more like cardboard than cheese, ha!  
Cullen still loves the Earth's Best greek yogurt pouches and smoothie pouches, he has at least one a day. We also have a big glass jar on the counter with a mix of the block cookies and crunchin' grahams, Cullen chooses those for afternoon snack often!
 My nephew who is almost 8 months is now hooked on all the jars of Earth's Best baby food!  I love that I get to share all these Earth's Best goodies with them as well!
We are always looking forward to new EB products!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Polka Dot Tree...


I gave you all a little preview yesterday of the GIVEAWAY I have to offer you all today! The GIVEAWAY is coming to you from...
The Polka Dot Tree offers children's boutique style clothing!

Cullen received this adorable hooded towel from The Polka Dot Tree...
I couldn't get a picture of C in this towel because as soon as I have him dried off he prefers to run around the house giggling with no clothes on, ha!!

The Polka Dot Tree wants to GIVEAWAY a hooded towel to one of you!!
Here are some of the options!
 You can search around The Polka Dot Tree's facebook page to see more options.
The Polka Dot Tree offers a lot more than hooded towels and if I had a little girl, I'd probably have to buy one of everything.  I am loving all their holiday designs! The chevron reindeer dress, I die from the cuteness!!
With the holidays coming up be sure to check out their Christmas appliques!
This is only a small sample of some of the options you choose from!!

The sweet lady that runs The Polka Dot tree does some beyond amazing work! You must check out the Children's Coornation album on her Facebook page! She made all of the costumes, by hand!! They are over the top beautiful!

Now for the GIVEAWAY entry rules....
mandatory entries...
1. Follow my blog
2. Visit The Polka Dot Tree on Etsy and 'heart' the shop
EXTRA entries...
3. Visit The Polka Dot Tree on Facebook and 'like' the shop (good idea to do if you want to see all the specials!)
4. Follow either of my FB pages
5. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the GIVEAWAY
*you must leave a separate comment for each entry to count*

Lucky # 38

Horrible quality photo due to the fact that I 
do not know how to take a screen shot 
on our desktop, sorry!

Anne, I will be contacting you soon!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A.B.C. house lately....

still co-sleeping with this sweet baby [toddler]...
 C has a banana obsession lately, like he wants one with every meal. He takes the biggest bites and always freaks me out.
We went to lunch with friends last weekend.
C was breaking it down and dancing before we left. He dances to anything and everything!
 We got out the Christmas jammies!!
 AND some Christmas decorations!
 I've never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving but I've also never had a house to decorate! I'm holding off on the tree(s) for a while becuase I have a feeling Cullen will be over it.  More, better quality, pics to come of decor!
 Cullen still has one apple [juice box] a day, to keep the doctor's away ;) 
 These pictures were taken last night at my parent's house.  All the cousins are there every Wednesday night and it's a fun house.  Dominic gets really excited, a little too excited and Cullen usually ends up scared and crying. ha!  Dom's just a little wild and crazy but that's ok. Obviously Holden doesn't mind :)  He is always full of sweet big smiles. Love the pics of my pretty Momma and all her grand babies.
 I posted this picture of hats and headbands that I have for sale. My prices must be too high as I didn't get a single bite. Maybe y'all could leave input as to what you would pay for a hat/headband with a bow, shipping included.  I'm not a girl Momma so I have no idea what a good price is.
 At A.B.C. Creations all my holiday deco mesh wreaths are $10 OFF!! I can ship anywhere. I only have 3 so hurry and go check them out! :)
 Of course I'm still making ornaments!! Only $6/each and that includes personaliztion! Get your orders in now! 
Lastly, I have a GIVEAWAY coming up tomorrow for a personalized hooded towel!
In the mean time you can check out the cute Etsy shop --> The Polka Dot Tree
That's all for now! It's one of my "day's off" so Cullen and I are going to head out for groceries and crafts!
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