Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you started your holiday shopping...

If you are a blogger and haven't heard of Scentsy you might be living under a rock ;)  Breann recently introduced me to the Scentsy craze by sending me a warmer, some scent bar, lotion, a home fragrance spray and an adorable Scentsy buddy for Cullen! I LOVE everything she sent! I've had my warmer on since I took it out of the package!  Our house is a totally open floor plan and the scent can be smelt all through our house! Coming home to our home smelling like caramel pear crisp was devine!  The scents are very strong, which I really like! 

There are lots of fun holiday warmers!

And the scent of the month right now is Peppermint Dreams and it's 10% OFF!!

The scentsy buddy Cullen receievd was Wellington the duck!  The stuffed animals have scent packs that go into a little velcro compartment and you can change them whenever you want. Cullen brought Wellington into my car and it was like an instant air freshener!  The stuffed animals are very soft and cuddly!  Right now the Scentsy Buddies are Buy One Get One FREE!!!  These would make the perfect gift for any kiddo!
Also right now the hand foam is also BOGO!!

If you are interested in any of these fun products and awesome deals visit Breann's Scentsy website
and/or her blog (she also has an adorable little boy!!)

Thank you Breann for all the Scentsy goodies and for introducing me to these products! I will for sure be ordering more in the future!!

*all my photos were found by searching google images


Ashley said...

We love Scentsy too!! Konnor has the lion and it takes away the stinky diaper smell in his room! It's a life saver :)

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy your blog, watching you raise your son, see your crafts & home decorations which are BEAUTIFUL.... but now it's just one big commercial of advertisements for companies. I realize you're a stay at home mom, and may need the money from these sponsors-but I miss the old blog.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Scentsy is my FAVORITE :))
I just had a show a few weeks ago and got a TON of stuff.. including awesome Christmas presents!

maria smith said...

They're adorable. The green cleaning service that comes to my home gave me some suggestions for home made cleaning and personal care products that I might be making as gifts. It's going to be fun!

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