Thursday, November 15, 2012

A.B.C. house lately....

still co-sleeping with this sweet baby [toddler]...
 C has a banana obsession lately, like he wants one with every meal. He takes the biggest bites and always freaks me out.
We went to lunch with friends last weekend.
C was breaking it down and dancing before we left. He dances to anything and everything!
 We got out the Christmas jammies!!
 AND some Christmas decorations!
 I've never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving but I've also never had a house to decorate! I'm holding off on the tree(s) for a while becuase I have a feeling Cullen will be over it.  More, better quality, pics to come of decor!
 Cullen still has one apple [juice box] a day, to keep the doctor's away ;) 
 These pictures were taken last night at my parent's house.  All the cousins are there every Wednesday night and it's a fun house.  Dominic gets really excited, a little too excited and Cullen usually ends up scared and crying. ha!  Dom's just a little wild and crazy but that's ok. Obviously Holden doesn't mind :)  He is always full of sweet big smiles. Love the pics of my pretty Momma and all her grand babies.
 I posted this picture of hats and headbands that I have for sale. My prices must be too high as I didn't get a single bite. Maybe y'all could leave input as to what you would pay for a hat/headband with a bow, shipping included.  I'm not a girl Momma so I have no idea what a good price is.
 At A.B.C. Creations all my holiday deco mesh wreaths are $10 OFF!! I can ship anywhere. I only have 3 so hurry and go check them out! :)
 Of course I'm still making ornaments!! Only $6/each and that includes personaliztion! Get your orders in now! 
Lastly, I have a GIVEAWAY coming up tomorrow for a personalized hooded towel!
In the mean time you can check out the cute Etsy shop --> The Polka Dot Tree
That's all for now! It's one of my "day's off" so Cullen and I are going to head out for groceries and crafts!


LC said...

I would probably look to pay 10-12 for a hat and 8ish for a headband.
And your house is adorable!!! Love all the decorations:)

Ashlee said...

Maddux is completely obsessed with bananas too... If he sees one on the counter he stands there and says "nana nana nana peeeaaassss" & of course a momma can't say no when he baby asks nicely! :)
Your decorations are too cute! Your house always looks so beautiful!! I'm putting Maddux up a felt tree so hopefully he stays away from the real one!

Sarah said...

Oh my word, he is stinking cute!!!

How did you attach the balls to your window, I want to do it, but its hard to see in your pic.

also.. I photograph ALOT of newborn props like that... and to be honest the prices are all over the place, most of them being around the $10 range though!

Kristen said...

We have a banana obsession at our house these days too AND the gigantic bites...seriously, I think he tries to see how few bites he can take to finish a banana! This kid will eat me out of house and home as a teen, I just know it!

Where in the world do you store all your decrorations the other times of the year? So jealous, I'd love to decorate the way you do, if I had a place to store everything!

~M~ said...

I love that you are still co-sleeping! We are too! :)

Sarah said...

Aubrey is obesesed with bananas )or banas- as she calls them) and her bites are massive too! At least they are soft and squishy, right?

Meagan said...

He looks like Chase in that banana picture!

hmuscha said...

I don't have FB so could you tell me what you would charge for the blue snowflake wreath? I love it! My email is

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