Monday, November 12, 2012

Tips for Teething brought to you by Earth's Best - GIVEAWAY

Teething is an important milestone in the life of your child! Usually occurring between the ages of 6 and 24 months, teething is the process by which baby’s teeth break through the gums, which, as it sounds, can be quite the painful experience for your child. How do you know your baby is teething? Since sometimes it’s hard for your little one to communicate exactly how they are feeling, look for some of the symptoms listed below:

 Red swollen gums or visible bumps on the gums
 Pulling of the ears
 Irritable or clingy behavior
 Coughing due to excessive saliva build-up
 Decreased appetite
Once you know your baby is in the teething process, there are several solutions you can turn to in order to ease their pain:
 Offer a hard snack: giving your baby a hard snack to gnaw on can be very soothing for their growing teeth. Earth’s Best Organic® Toddler Biscuits are made from organic wheat and organic barley. Perfectly sized for little hands to hold, they are a good source of calcium and have an appealing texture for baby’s changing mouth. Firm rubber teething rings are also good choices.


 Make sure to dry excessive drool: drooling during teething can lead to rashes around the mouth and neck. Use bibs, change your baby’s shirt often and dry drool as often as
possible to prevent rashing.

 Rub your baby’s gums: rubbing a cool washcloth on your child’s gums can provide relief. Another great tool is teething gel. Earth’s Best Organic Teething Gel is an all-natural, non-medicated and non-habit forming formula that safely comforts your baby day and night during teething. Made with only natural calming ingredients such as peppermint oil, licorice, fennel, vanilla and chamomile it does not contain benzocaine or clove oil which can cause allergic reactions or choking in infants, nor does it contain sugar or lactose.
Knowing that this is a new and strange process for many parents, Earth’s Best includes some
frequently asked questions regarding teething on their website for you to take a look at:

Teething is something we've been dealing with off and on since Cullen was around 6 months. The pain seems to be worse the older he gets. It breaks our hearts seeing him in pain from teething, he will break out crying mid play (usually only for a minute or two, but still!) and chews on his fingers a lot so that's a good indication for us to know his teeth are bothering him.  Cullen doesn't usually prefer to eat when teething although we do put teething gel on his gums and we offer him teething biscuits and washcloths.  He will munch on corn on the cob and pickles, I think it gives him a little relief. C has quite a full mouth of teeth now including his one year molars, I hope he (we) get a little teething break now!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

thank you for this post! my little guy only has 2 teeth and we think he is going through teething again now. it's SUCH a hard stage for baby and parents alike. i need all the solutions i can get to help him out!

Sandy a la Mode

Katie said...

We're just getting into the teething phase...I feel terrible for my girl! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Ashley said...

We are going through the 2 yr old molar phase, not fun. We would love to try these biscuits!

Michelle said...

It seems like our little girl is getting her 3rd set of teeth & is also battling a cold on top of that. I've thought about getting the teething biscuits in hopes it helps with her discomfort & get some food in her belly since she's not eating as much.

Anonymous said...

My little one just turned ONE- and is getting four molars at the same time... AWFUL. Love the ideas!

Ashley said...

Konnor already has two teeth and is teething again. Anything he can get his hands on will go right into his mouth too!! We would love these

Lea Liz said...

I'm sure Hudson woule love these since he has bene teething so much!

The Moon & Me said...

We are there!
Would love to try these!

Brittany said...

Teething is so hard for us too because it seems impossible to give my boy any relief! He does prefer to chew on crunchy things while teething like ginger snaps and granola bars ! I know he'd like to try these organic biscuits!!

HickChickBritt said...

I would like to try those!

Tammy Eischen said...

So good to know that pulling on the ears can be a sign of teething. My kiddo is working on tooth #9 and I was worried she was getting an ear infection but the pulling on th ear was the only sign! Plus, she's already had ear tubes!

Jeannie said...

My 8 month old is a teething machine. I would love these for her :)

Jenny Rose said...

We loved these teething biscuits for our older daughter and I keep meaning to pick some up for our 7 month old. These would be great!! Rose(dot)jennylee(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jenny Rose said...

We loved these teething biscuits for our older daughter and I keep meaning to pick some up for our 7 month old. These would be great!! Rose(dot)jennylee(at)yahoo(dot)com

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