Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 Weeks...

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby C is the size of a head of cauliflower.
Around 14.5 inches long, he weighs about 2 pounds.
Total Weight Gain: I'm going to guess I'm up 22-23 pounds.
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a mix of everything, some maternity and some regular.
Today I'm wearing size 0 pants from the Limited, they are not even close to being buttoned. haha!
BTW, I'm short just barely 5 3" and I have short legs, it seems as if a lot of the weight is going straight to my bum, thighs/hips and legs...I feel like a wide load these days.
Gender: BOY!! Baby Cullen!!
Movement: He has been moving quite a bit this week, I love it!  I love being able to feel him and watch him push out his limbs, haha. so cute :)
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good, my sides are a little sore in the morning but once I'm up and out of bed I'm fine.
What I miss: Nothing.
Cravings: Still sweets AND all the time!  For one that never really had a sweet tooth I'm so curious to find out if this goes away once Cullen is here.
Last night I had a couple gummy bears and m&m's for an appetizer then I had sweet potato fries for dinner.
Cake for dessert!! OH MY....I might regret all these sweets soon but I'll just enjoy them for now ;)
Daddy B requested a white cake with pink frosting and sprinkles (ha!) so Momma delivered....

Symptoms: Nothing. My body knows when it's ready for bed, my back gets sore and I feel exhausted.
What I’m looking forward to: Billy is painting Cullen's room today!! Then we will be able to set up everything we've already bought for the little guy! I'm so excited about this!!

Cullen is due in 3 months!!
April 28th! :) 

pics for the week...

  I ordered these closet organizers off of Etsy and I have posted them on here before.
I decided to embellish them a little....the white # stickers are easy to read in person, they just don't photograph well.
Last week Billy met me for lunch one day and we stopped in the BabyGap which just happens to be in the building I work in and we picked up all these goodies for $40!!
The little brown hoodie with bear ears was only $3.50. I love bargains!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So What Wednesday....

Go over to "Life after I Dew" if you want to play along.


1. I feel like I consume about 5,000 calories a day.

2. I think that blog reading gets overwhelming at times so I have to take a break for a few days. My reader always has at least 250-300 posts to read daily, I can’t keep up ladies!

3. I paint and file my nails at work, I have better things to do at home.

4. I drink caffeine while pregnant. It’s all about moderation. A pregnant woman can have a cup of coffee a day which would be 200 milligrams of caffeine. A can of Coke or a Mt. Dew only have around 35 milligrams of caffeine. My doctor and nurse both told me at the beginning of my pregnancy it’s ok to have caffeine. And I don’t have it every day but there are days when I need it and I do (don’t judge).

5. I make lists every day at work of what I plan to do for the evening.

6. I broke my goal of working out at least 4 days a week. Maybe 1 day is more my style.

7. I go to Target 2-3 times a week. It’s only a mile from my house and I always forget something.  I need mascara right now. 
8. I only cook dinner once a week.  Thankfully my hubby can fend for himself even if that means eating like a bachelor, wings and nachos 4-5 nights a week.  In my defense Billy and I are usually only together 2-3 nights a week at dinner time.  And my parents cook for us on Sunday nights.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My weekend...

My sis and I had a Target date.
Then we picked up Chipotle and watched American Idol from earlier in the week.
After she left I had laundry and packing to do.
Billy had hockey all night.

I went and got a mani and pedi!
They both felt amazing although I will never get a manicure again.
My polish didn't even last 12 hours before it started chipping off.
Then I finished packing and gathering everything we needed to go to The Waterpark of America.
We were going to celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family.
I was the six and a half month pregnant lady at the pool, haha.
I brought Dominic to the waterpark to play for 2 or so hours. 
(not my picture and the place was packed!)
The big barrel at the top ended up dumping on me, it was time to leave after that.  haha!
I was so cold.
After the waterpark we had snacks and ordered pizza.
Then we played a present stealing game.
It was a lot of fun and very entertaining.
My mom had my camera most of the night and she took a lot of pictures although they were mostly all random.  Since they make sense to me and my blog is a journal for me I'm posting the random pics ;)

I was ready for bed by 10 but up until almost 2. 

My cousins baby Bentley... 
He is almost 5 months and such a happy little guy :) 

We have big cheesy smiles in the pic below because my sis and I were going to take a picture together and Dominic ran up behind us, patted my hair down and wrapped his arms around us and said say cheese. haha!
I just love these two :)

We stayed up late Saturday night and checked out at 11:00 on Sunday.
Once I was home I fell asleep around noon and slept until 4:30, I was beat I guess.
Billy and I went to my parents for dinner that night and then got to bed early and watched part of Step Brothers.
It was a wonderful, fun weekend filled with family :)
Relatives we don't see nearly enough.
And my brother turned 26 yesterday, we will be celebrating his birthday soon!
So much going on right now...and I have a million blogs to catch up on. Yikes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

26 Weeks...

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby C is the size of an eggplant.
Almost weighing 2 pounds!
Total Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds!
I figured out where a lot of the weight is, my bubble butt! As my sister referred to it as, haha.
I can tell my thighs are growing as well.
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a mix of everything, some maternity and some regular.
Gender: BOY!! Baby Cullen!!
Movement: It’s different every day, some days more than others.
I love feeling him move around! :)
Sleep: Sleep is good.
What I miss: Nothing.
Cravings: Sweets…I now wonder if this will ever change.
I have started eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast again and I LOVE them.
I mean wouldn’t you….

I still haven't heard from my nurse on if I passed my GD test or not.  I should probably call today.
And I said I bruised from getting a little bit of blood taken.
Here is what my arm looks like a week later...
I have never bruised from giving blood, I think the nurse messed something up.

Symptoms: Nothing.
What I’m looking forward to: Billy painting the nursery which should happen in the next week or two!
I'll share the colors soon.
I ordered Cullen's changing table on Monday and we got it yesterday. Talk about quick shipping!
Thanks :)

pics for the week…

My hair is kind of large and in charge today...
AND ladies thank you so much for the comments you always leave on these pictures.
They are always so sweet!!
I have been cutting my own hair ever since I took out my extensions a few months back so when ya'll say you love my hair makes a gal feel good.
I personally miss my long (faux) hair! ;)
and ready for work... 

 New goal:
Work out 4 times a week, instead of every day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Almost every day when I get home from work Billy plays his NHL hockey game on playstation, that is if he's not working that evening, and I will either catch up on blogs, do stuff around the house or go to the gym.

We are big snackers in our house, hence us all gaining pregnancy weight ;)
The last 2 nights have looked liked like this....

Billy and Gus hanging out eating cheeseballs.
Gus gets so excited when the cheeseballs come out.
Billy has tried to teach Gus to catch them in his mouth but Gus and would rather let the cheeseball hit him in the head than open his mouth to try and catch it.
We know we shouldn't feed our dog people food but he is so cute when he is chomping on cheeseballs, its impossible not to share with him.

Cheeseballs from Target, only $3.50 for the giant tub!
Go stock up now! They don't last long ;) 

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

our baby...

Since we had a very laid back, relaxing weekend (nothing to post about) and my blog seems to be all about a little baby boy named Cullen these days I thought I'd share the pictures from my ultrasound last Thursday.
Pretty sure he is the cutest baby I have ever seen!
I just LOVE him to pieces already and I can't wait to meet him!! :)

I picked out colors for the nursery to be painted!!
Billy will be starting that in a week or two, depending on his schedule.

I also ordered the changing table and pack-n-play.
Everything is coming together :)

A sweet new Momma sent me a list of items I will need as a new Mommy. Thank you!
If you are a Mom and have any recommendations, I'm open to hear them!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

25 weeks...

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby C is the size of an eggplant.
We found out today baby Cullen weighs 1 pound 12 ounces!!
Total Weight Gain: Up 18 pounds.
I confirmed the doctor's scale is the same as the one at the gym, so that's good to know.
I was up 19 pounds last week, up 18 this week.
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a mix of everything, some maternity and some regular.
Gender: BOY!! Baby Cullen!!
Movement: It’s different every day, sometimes I get nervous because I don’t feel him for hours then he reminds me he’s still hanging out in there.  He was moving all around again today.
Sleep: Sleep is great.
What I miss: Nothing....being tan ;)
Cravings: Still sweets all the time but I’m trying to cut back on my major sugar intake and eat healthier.  I was doing good with this for 3-4 days but my self-control is horrible.  I bought gummy bears to go with a gift and I ended up opening them and eating them all! I'm horrible! ha!!
Symptoms: Nothing, feeling great!
What I’m looking forward to: We had an appt today and got to see our little guy!!
He is a toe sucker!! It was so funny to watch him try to decide whether he should suck his fingers or toes! HAHA!!  
I will be scanning in his ultrasound pictures soon.
I'm crossing my fingers I pass my glucose test!
I didn't think the orange drink was bad at all, reminded me of a very sugary orange pop.
The part I didn't like was giving blood after. I have never bruised from giving blood and I have a huge bruise on my arm now!  It hurts to extend my arm.

I'm still working out.  I've worked out every day the past 10 days.
Billy and I ate at Ruby Tuesday today. I had the salad bar and half a cheese burger (oink, oink).
I'm still SO incredibly full, I'll be skipping my work out today.

Pics for the week....

The start of Cullen's closet...
That is 85 outfits!!
I still have around 15 to hang, just need more hangers.
Then I need to organize everything by size and get the size organizers hung in there.
The bins are full already too.  
One has socks, another has hats and the other has blankets.

Here are some other things I've collected for our little guy.
toys, bibs, pacis, shoes, pj's, sophie, a moby wrap...

Only 15 weeks to go!!!
SOOOO much to do!
And it is all SO much fun! 
Time to start making lists!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

late weekend recap....

I went to the gym.
Then to Target for groceries.
I cooked Billy and I some sweet potato fries for a dinner.
I know, I'm a chef ;) 
These ones are our new favorite!
We were in bed by 9 and started watching the movie Miracle, for like 5 whole minutes and we were out.

We went to my parents for breakfast/brunch for my Dad's birthday.
Him and Mom made a ton of breakfast food.
It was so yummy!
For my Dad's birthday we had this fire pit custom made for him.
He loves sitting outside and having bonfires on their front patio.
My brother knew a guy that could make the pits.
This is the outcome...
Dad loved it :)

My dad has a 68 Chevelle.
The license plate says ILLOU1.
( I won't be explaining that)
My Dad also loves playing pool so there is an 8 ball.
After checking out the fire pit we all played a poker game on the TV.
It was fun, I lost right away. ha!
After I left my parents Saturday I went to the gym for a long workout.
Then I had a few errands to run.
Once home I had cleaning and laundry to be done and put away.
Then I painted Cullen's closet.
I sat down around 8 to eat dinner and I fell asleep right after eating.

I got in a nice long workout.
Then my family went to my nephew's baptism.
Billy is Dominic's godfather.
Here are pictures from the baptism.

 I love this kid!! :)
And I love how he looks like an angel in this picture, haha!
He was bored and actually kept jumping off the pews.
Not really being naughty but for sure not being an angel.

My brother, Dom and his Mom...

BTW, his Mom was nice that day and all was good.
I sent her an email on Monday and she wrote me back and lets just say I'm throwing in the towel.
I give up.  She is holding me responsible for actions that I am not accountable for in any way whatsoever so there is nothing I can do. I will not be writing her back, she is not worth my time.
My brother and I are close and Dominic and him will still be in my life.
I'm sure Dom's mom will continue to come to family get togethers but our relationship is done.

After the baptism, Billy and I went to a cute little cafe for a late lunch.
Then home to nap.
Then I started hanging everything in Cullen's closet!
He has around 100 outfits already!!
I will post a picture tomorrow, I still have lots of organizing to do.
We went to my parents for dinner and crawled into bed once we were home.

And I have to add a picture of Gus.
This is our deck!
We have a TON of snow and Gus loves to play out there.
He climbs up over the mountain and will go to the railing and bark.

On Sunday he started bringing his babies out there to play with.

That's it for my weekend wrap up.
I have off tomorrow for doctor's appointments.
We have an ultrasound so we get to see our little guy!!!
And I have my glucose test, praying I pass!

Happy Wednesday!
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