Wednesday, March 31, 2010


so ya'll know our wedding colors....
well i happened to find some killer high heels in those exact colors!!
and they have a big pretty rose on them!

they will go perfect under my wedding dress,
giving me some extra added inches!
also perfect with my reception dress because it also has roses on it!!
i think i'll post my reception dress next week...i love it!!
i ordered my sister a pair of the shoes as well.
i think it'll be cute that we have matchin shoes!
she only ever wears flats so for her wearing 4.5 inch heels might be a challenge ;)
we'll just have to wait and see...
happy wednesday ladies!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

i've got the world on a string, i'm sittin on a rainbow....

last night was the night....
the night where my B and i got to see an amazing performance!
(long post but you can just look at the pictures!!)

i puffed up my hair...
put on the giant flower... all ready to go...
little secret, i sit on the floor to get ready...
and i watch tv while doing so ;)
it might have taken me 2 hours to get ready thanks to platinum weddings.

here are some MICHAEL BUBLE pics for you to feast your eyes on!!
our camera is not the best and some pics taken of the screen...

one of the best songs performed was,
I've Got The World On A String
MB and the whole band got so into it!
it's my new favorite song of his ;)
(thanks to my B)

hey michael come on and swing...
looks like you've got the world on a string....
i've got the world on a string, i'm sittin on a rainbow....
what a world, what a life - i'm in love you're every line,
you're every word,
you're everything...

I might have to wait, I’ll never give up
I guess it's half timin and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come outta nowhere and into my life
So hold on to me tight,hold on to me tonight.
We are stronger here together,than we could ever be alone.
So hold on to me,don't you ever let me go. the glitter falling...yeah....he was amazing!
he is quite the comedian as well!
the stage setup and lighting was awesome!
he put on a fantastic show and we will for sure go see him again, if he ever comes back!

the happy couple ;)

our seats were great but we only lasted in them for about 2 songs.
billy is a taller guy and sitting in the tiny seat wasn't comfortable for him.
we went and stood a few rows behind ours in an open area and we could dance and move around.

we got to slow dance to "home", swoon....

pretty much everything in life just rocks right now ;)
one of my boss man's is out for the week.
i'll be working short hours!
catching up on blogs!!
and finally dragging my lazy bum back to the gym!
i noticed how round my face looks in mine and billy's pic...ha.

we might be going through a huge change today...
i'm nervous, worried and excited all at the same time...
keeping positive though! :)

have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's that time of the year.....

I don't know if I would consider myself a clean freak or not but I'm one of those people that doesn't mind cleaning or doing the laundry one bit, nor do I mind doing it every day.
Billy works almost every day and when he's not working he is coaching hockey.
I like to be able to help out around the house whenever I can.
Our house might not always be squeaky clean but it does always look cleaned up!

This week the show us your life is all about cleaning tips.
It’s finally SPRING
so that means it’s time to tackle Spring Cleaning!!

I made a 6 page detailed list of everything I wanted to complete for our big Spring clean and I’ve gotten about half of it done!
Billy took care of all the outdoor cleaning, including cleaning both of our cars!
The list I made is way too long to post on here but if you are interested in seeing it, let me know!

When it comes to basic cleaning tips the only tip I have is clean EVERY DAY!
Whether it be dusting, cleaning the floors, organizing something.
If I do this I don’t have to spend hours on the weekend cleaning.

I can't stand things being "out of place".
I think everything has a "home".
Whenever B can't find something he always asks me where said thing is ;)
I don’t like things being left so I’m always putting stuff in it’s place.
I’m the furthest from a packrat as one can be.
I tend to throw a lot out or put stuff in a garage sale/donation bin.

A few other tips….

*I try to do at least a load of laundry every night so on the weekends I don’t have 6-8 loads of laundry to do, that would take an entire day/night.
I use the weekends to put away the clothes I’ve washed during the week.

*I try to get everything cleaned up at night before we go to bed or before I leave for work in the morning so we both can come home to a neat and tidy home.

*B wakes up and leaves for work after me so he makes the bed every morning!

*We always load the dishwasher after meals, if we use pots and pans one of us will wash and the other will dry and put away. The counters are wiped down more than once a night as well. That way the kitchen is always cleaned up.
* I love the magic eraser cleaners! Those work great on our bathtub and bathroom sinks!
* Swiffer dusters are great for cleaning our wooden blinds which always seem extra dusty and a pain in the booty to keep clean.

If you have cleaning tips, I'd love to hear them!
Happy Friday!!
I'm caught up on work and off to read some blogs :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gussy wus-e woo

our happy little pup is a huge part of our life so of course he will be a part of our BIG DAY!!
our little GUS will be dressed to impress!
he will be wearing....
i am thinking about replacing the black bow tie with either pink or orange!
i'm guessing he won't last long in the tux but we will get a pic or two, if possible ;-)


work & life have been so busy the past 2 weeks!
i've also got a head cold/sinus infection, i've sneezed 15 times since i got to work this morning.
& my face hurts, i'm t0tally ready to be over this sickness....

i know next week will be much slower and i can not wait to catch up with ya'll!!!
enjoy the day and the rest of your week/weekend!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

purrrrdy flowers....

it's that time again....
wedding wednesday!!

today is all about flowers.
these are the bouquets i showed the florist...
i love the little crystal flowers in this bouquet...
pretty, pretty, pretty.... i'm not having centerpieces with real flowers but i love the looks of all these as well...

i think the limes are such a unique touch...
my parents have a pool and because the reception/party is taking place in their backyard we are thinking of ideas on how to decorate it.
we are thinking flower petals in our three colors pink, green and orange!
what do ya'll think of that?
i will be adding little splashes of blue in the color scheme because of the pool.
i wanted a spring/summer wedding and just because that didn't work out doesn't mean my fall wedding can't be bright and cheerful, right?!

well that's all i've got today folks...
life is busy....
work is busy....!
i miss all my bloggy friends & i will be catching up soon!!
i'm thinking my first giveaway will take place in the near future :)
to see other wedding posts...

Friday, March 12, 2010


it's finally friday!
my week went quick but i'm totally ready for the weekend!
it rained this week...
it's supposed to be sunny and warmer for the weekend though!!

i don't have anything new to share so i thought i'd post some pics from a night my sis slept over not too long ago.
she brought her dog joey (jojo) he is jumper and a licker.
gus is not a fan of him, ha!
i think i went to the gym this night hence the messy hair!

see gus looks annoyed...
and of course jo had to lick my nose!
my adorable sis and my pup...b and jo...
billy and i had recently been to a play with penguins in it...
i asked him to dance like a penguin...
he did...
i don't think he reads my blog so its safe to post this ;) gus didn't like it....
my adorable sis and her baby...
joey is going in for the lick!
me and my little boooogie...
jo had to attempt to give kisses as well....
all done....

have a great weekend pretty ladies!!!
p.s. do you like the new background/header?
notice the colors ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


do you ever smell something and it instantly takes you back to a time-place-exact location?

that happened to me last night and then i had a flood of memories.
some made me want to cry others made me think of the good ol' days of being a child.

i was laying in bed rather restless...
it was 11:30 and i could not fall asleep...
i smashed my face into my pillow and took a deep breath...
i smelt a certain smell...
it instantly took me back to my grandparents "toy room" from when i was little....
the toy room was their extra bedroom...
the smell was so right there with me it was almost unreal...
i could smell the exact scent from sheets from the bed in the toy room...
the sheets were floral and i can remember exactly what they looked like...
something like this....
it made me think of my childhood...
my family was very close and we would go to my grandparents house often...
i never got to know my grandma well,
she passed away when i was 11...
she got brain cancer when i was 6...
she fought a long very hard battle.
she was only 53 when she passed.

it broke my heart last night thinking about this...
my grandma passing was so hard on my mom...
i know it affected my entire family...
i couldn't imagine losing my mom at such a young age...
i don't think anyone can...

one other scent that always hits me like a ton of bricks is fresh flowers....
whenever i smell them i'm instantly brought back to my grandma's funeral...
it was the first time i'd experienced death as a child...
it was hard on me...
i had dreams almost every night about my grandma's funeral...
i didn't like falling asleep...
my parents moved out of the state we lived in a year after my grandma passed away...
i was halfway through 7th grade...

i'll continue on my childhood another day.
it's nice to reminisce at times :)
hope everyone is having a good week so far!

my sweet mom said that smelling that scent was just my grandma saying "hi" :)
i believe that and that made me cry.
happy tears of course.

p.s. thanks for all the dress comments and guesses!
i wont tell you which one i ordered.
but i will say it was NOT #2

Monday, March 8, 2010


it all started last weekend....
i was spending the day with my sister and we stopped in a store that didn't require an appointment to try on dresses.
i figured i would look around and a few dresses caught my eye.
i picked out 3 to try on.
i just got a feeling when i felt and saw how the one fit.
i loved it!!
my sister did too!
my mom was in canada at the time so we took pictures to show her.

this past saturday i had an appointment at david's bridal.
i figured i'd go there since they have some lower priced dresses.
i didn't like any of them.
our fitting room attendant was working with 2 other girls besides me and the service just wasn't the best.
when i told her i'd tried on a dress the previous weekend that i loved and showed her the photos, she rolled her eyes when i informed her where i had tried it on at!
at that point my mom, my sister and i were ready to we did ;)

we went out for lunch at don pablos for some yummy mexican food!
we chowed on chips and salsa and talked about going to that other store on our way home.
our server had gone to get our check and she returned to let us know that some man had paid for our tab!!
we got a free lunch from some kind older man. i thought it was awesome that some stranger would pay for our lunch. how nice of him, right!?
my mom and my sister were kind of freaked out about it.

on our way home we stopped at the other store.
i tried on the dress and my mom knew right away too that it was the one.
it fit like a glove.
i don't think i will need any alterations!
which is perfect since i spent over what i was planning to.
i ordered the beautiful dress and it will be here in 14 weeks!
i got a veil as well!
i'm so excited!!!

i'm not going to tell you which one is "the one".
these dresses are all by the designer of my dress.
you can guess if you'd like...

all photos found by searching dere kiang in BING images

the rest of my weekend was great as well.
saturday night billy and i went out for some buffalo wild wings!
we went home and went to bed really early, like by 9! ha!
sunday i spent the day with one of my besties, laura :)
we looked at tons of old photos from our partying days and just reminisced about all the fun we used to have and trouble we'd get into.
billy and i went to my parents for dinner and to watch amazing race and under cover boss. when we got home we watched a michael buble concert on tv and then called it a night.
i hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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