Tuesday, May 31, 2011

cullen's newborn photos

now that cullen is almost 6 weeks i figured i should share his adorable newborn pictures! 

cullen was awake for all of his pictures so it was hard to stage him and keep him happy at the same time. 
i'm glad we at least got a few good ones though :)
i'm hoping we have better luck at his 3 month pictures!  

hope ya'll had a great memorial day weekend!!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Month...

happy one month birthday to our culley bear!!
sweet baby cullen, i can not believe you are already one month old!
i almost want to cry about it.
the past 4 weeks have been the quickest 4 weeks of my life.
by far the most draining yet most rewarding.
i wouldn't change a thing.
being a momma is the best feeling in the world!

i spend many hours a day just holding, staring and talking to our sweet boy.
daddy has been hard at work this past month to hopefully make one of momma's dreams come true.
we miss daddy A LOT while he is away and we look forward to him coming home each and every day.
daddy loves to give you smooches and he likes to think he is helping you build your strength...he is preparing you for your hockey playing days ;)

baby stats

we have real no routine just yet. you sleep whenever you want throughout the day.  some nights daddy isn't home until late and cullen needs daddy time too.  we just do what works for our family and eventually a routine will begin.  i am thankful you have your days and nights figured out.

every 2-3 hours, once in a while we have 4 hour stretches in the night although usually pretty consistent with 2-3 hours.  you take nursing very seriously, you love eating! just like your parents ;)  nursing is going perfectly for us so far.

at birth - 6 pounds 14 ounces
leaving the hospital - 6 pounds 7 ounces
2 days after hospital at check up - 7 pounds 1 ounce
one month check up - 9 pounds 7 ounces - 50% percentile
(up 3 whole pounds in a month!)

at birth - 19 3/4 inches
one month check up - 21 3/4 inches - 50th percentile
(grew 2 inches in a month!)

just moved into size 1

0-3 months
just outgrew newborn clothes, the sleeves are all much too short

at birth - bright blue
one month - darker blue

at birth - blonde
one month - darker blonde (towards brown), sometimes looks strawberry blonde esp in the sun

first hockey game to watch daddy's 99 team!
they made it to the championship game and got second place!!
your neck is very strong and continues to get stronger.
you are getting more and more alert by the day.
it seems like you like to look at lights and out the window.

you love your paci
cuddle time with daddy and mommy
you like your playmat and looking in a mirror at yourself
you enjoy walks in your stroller
weekly target shopping trips with mommy
'workin out' with daddy
you love visiting with auntie lexie, gma and gpa and nana and papa
you also like your swing and bouncy seat, more so if you have your paci ;)

(someone is getting a little chubby! so cute.)

cullen - your daddy and i love you more than anything in the world!

you are the sweetest, most content baby.
we couldn't feel more blessed to call you ours.

you complete our life :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Zoo Day

We took Cullen to the Zoo on Tuesday, it was a beautiful, perfect day!!  
Here are our pictures from the day!

After we went to Wild Bill's, which is a local restaurant and we got to enjoy the sunshine on their outdoor patio along with some yummy appetizers.  Cullen also had a bottle for the first time that day, he did really well.  It was such a great family day :)

Cullen has his one month appt today, I'll do a one month post on Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

my sweet baby - volume one

we had a little photo shoot yesterday :)
i just love my sweet boy!
can't get enough of his precious face!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

birth story...

Cullen was born on Thursday, April 21st.
I'm going to start his birth story on Wednesday, the 20th.

On Wednesday night Billy and I always go to my parent's house to watch Survivor.  The 20th was no exception.  When we left, my parents walked us to the door and my Dad said see you tomorrow at 4, if I don't see you sooner. (he was picking me up from work at the time) When Billy and I got home we sat at the kitchen table just talking about life and Cullen.  Billy kept saying he was convinced Cullen was going to come late and it would be the weekend he was away for 4 days, which was just this weekend.  Thankfully he was way off and we already have a 3 week old baby!  Back to the story, I was ready for bed by 10 so Billy tucked me in and he went back downstairs to watch TV.  While pregnant I didn't watch TV once in bed, I got into bed each night and I was out like a light.  Billy slept on the couch that night.  He had been sleeping on the couch the past few weeks, it just worked best for us and I had no complaints about having the whole bed to myself ;)

I woke up around 2 to use the bathroom, which I never really had to do while pregnant.  I could sleep all night without bathroom breaks.  I got back into bed and a few minutes later I thought I wet the bed. ha! I was so confused since I had just went to the bathroom.  Only a little bit of fluid had come out though so I just got up changed and ignored it.  Gus came out of his kennel a few minutes later and I knew that meant he had to go outside.  I stood up to bring him out and little more fluid came out of me.  I grabbed my computer to google what happens when your water breaks to see that only 13% of women's waters actually break.  I read a little bit and still didn't think my water had broke.  I went downstairs to bring Gus outside and Billy woke up, I told him I was leaking.  Then I went back upstairs to read more on Google.  Billy called the hospital and the nurse asked to talk to me and I explained what happened and she said to come on in.  It was 2:20 in the morning now.  

I decided to take a shower and get ready because I knew I wouldn't be showering anytime too soon.  I was now leaking fluid little by little as time went on and I knew it was the real deal.  
Billy put Cullen's car seat in the car and loaded everything and we made it to the hospital around 3:45.
The hospital said they didn't have my paperwork so I had to re-fill out everything.  While I was standing there I kept dripping.  I asked Billy if it looked like I peed my pants...thankfully it didn't and I'm glad I wore dark pants ;)

After I was all checked in the nurse gave me my robe and I got hooked up to the 2 monitors.  One for contractions and one to monitor Cullen's heartbeat.  The nurse then checked to see if I was dilated, I was only at 1 cm! BTW, I loved the nurse we had!! She was so sweet and motherly.  The nurse called my doctor around 7 that morning and he said to go ahead and start the pitocin because I still wasn't dilated.  Time was going really quick and I was having contractions although I wasn't feeling any of them.  Around 10 Billy decided to run home and shower and let out Gus.  He got back around 11:30 looking all handsome.  The nurse checked me again, I was only at 2 cm.  Billy decided to go eat some lunch.  When he got back the nurse upped the pitocin drip.  I was also hooked up to a water type fluid drip thing to keep me hydrated, I'm not sure exactly what it was.  Once the nurse upped the pitocin my contractions almost instantly started coming quicker and were more intense. By 1:30 I was beyond ready for the epidural BUT remember that bag of fluid I mentioned? It was still half full and in order to have the epidural all that fluid needed to be in me.  The nurse turned the drip up as much as she could but it seemed like it took an eternity to drain out.  By the time I got the epidural my contractions were so close together and so painful I started crying and with every contraction I was convinced I was going to throw up from the pain.  Poor Billy held my hands and tried to help me through each contraction.  He ended up in tears as well because he felt so helpless.  Finally when I didn't think I could take another contraction the doctor came in to give me the epidural.  Praise the lord!  To the ladies who go all natural, I'm sorry but I think you are nuts and ya'll must have a pain tolerance like no other ;)  I'm just not one for pain and would never want to be in pain if I didn't have to be.  Hello epidural, you saved me!

The epidural almost instantly numbed my right side but I was still feeling pain on my left.  The nurse said to just wait a few minutes and see if it kicked in.  It didn't so she gave me one more dose of the meds through the drip and the pain I was feeling on my left side went away.  It was crazy to go from being in so much pain to feeling perfect!! Besides the dry lips and mouth, thankfully I had Billy to feed me ice (it was the cute little circle ice) and I had plenty of chapstick on hand.  By now it was 2:30, time was going so quick.  Our nurse was only scheduled until 3:00 with us and I was nervous about getting a new nurse before having Cullen after spending the entire day with the sweet nurse we had. The nurse left the room and said she would be back to check me in 10 minutes.  When she stepped out I asked Billy to hand me my makeup...and he wouldn't!! haha!! I wanted to touch up my face before having baby so I looked half way decent in pictures ;)  Oh by the way, my mom and sister were at the hospital by now and my dad, brother and nephew were on their way.  

The nurse came back in at 2:40, my mom and sis stepped out of the room while the nurse checked me.  I was at a 10 and Cullen's head was right there.  Our doctor came in ready to roll!  Since I had gotten the epidural I couldn't feel anything down there, at all! No pressure, nothing.  The nurse would tell me when I was getting a contraction and I would push.  Although I didn't know if I was pushing correctly or not because I couldn't feel a thing.  I must have been doing something right because within 4-5 contractions Cullen was out!! Born right at 3:00 pm on the dot!  From start to finish I was in labor around 12 hours.  Another thing,  I had my 39 week appt scheduled with my doctor that day for 3:20!

I was in shock when Cullen came out and the doctor put him on me right away.  I couldn't even say anything, I just had a huge smile on my face.  Cullen looked exactly like his ultrasound pictures, absolutely perfect in every way!  Billy and I were instantly in love!!  Billy did cut the cord but he didn't watch Cullen come out, he stayed up by face and held my hand and knee.  He was the best support/coach through the whole labor and delivery, I never could've done it without him.  So thankful for him :)
Cullen a few minutes old...

Daddy trying to calm Cullen, he doesn't like being cold...

The doctor stitched me up, I had a slight tear and he had to cut me a little.  I didn't feel a thing then but wow....the days/weeks following, ouch! 
I never read on any blogs what happens after you have a baby, not sure I would have wanted to know. ha!  In the end of course all the pain in the world is worth it!!  I might have said during the horribly painful contractions that I would never have another baby but my mind has already changed.  I can't wait to have more....in time! I mean, we did make one perfectly cute baby :) 

My parents, sister, brother and nephew all came to meet Cullen around 4:00.

my brother, uncle Rob

my parents, Grandpa and Grandpa

my sis, auntie Lexie

We were moved to a new room around 5:00 and Billy's parents, his sister and her two kiddos came around 6:00.
Billy's niece...

Billy's Dad...Cullen's Papa

Cullen had his first bath that night...

After the bath Billy went out and got us some Burger King, we enjoyed our first night as a family taking turns holding our sweet boy.

Total perfection :) 

I hope I didn't miss any parts of the story....I waited a little longer than I wanted to get this posted.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

3 Weeks...

i cant believe my sweet baby is already 3 weeks old.
just wanted to share a few pictures...

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