Monday, October 31, 2011


cullen turning 6 months old meant heading to the doctor for another round of shots and a check up.
baby C (my monster) and i on our way out the door to the doctor appt....
my go to outfit...leggings with anything ;)
cullen's appointment went so well and he took his shots like a champ!  i'm so glad, i was worried because last time he cried and cried. i almost did too.  this time he just fussed a tiny bit and we were out the door! :)
back at home, happy monster baby!

 i was excited for cullen to turn 6 months old since that meant he got to start eating baby food!
we started on squash and i really had no doubts of him liking it or not ;)
cullen eating his first delicious dinner...

i'd say it was a hit!!
we've since tried sweet potatoes and those go down in about 2 minutes flat.
when it came time to cullen's second meal i found a piece of plastic in his food! it was gerber baby food. i'm just glad i found it before it ended up in his mouth. i will be contacting gerber about this. i was not a happy momma.
we have quite a stock pile of gerber food and we will still be using it. i know it will go quick.
we also have some other plum organic baby food and some other brand of organic food (kitchen something or other?).  we'll be using it all.
once it's gone i might start making his food myself.  my grandma sent me a book on how to make baby food.

our delicious dinner from that same night....
potatoes, onions, green peppers, lean turkey keilbasa.
all mixed together with olive oil and some seasoning.
baked for an hour at 350.
super simple meal for fall with lots of leftovers!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby Wild[e] - GIVEAWAY!


I love baby boutique items.  You really can't go wrong with one of a kind adorable baby goodies!
One boutique I recently came across is Baby Wild[e] Boutique!  Megan makes all kinds of adorable baby products.  I loved her sensory monster's and Megan was kind enough to send Cullen a monster to adopt and review!!

Here is Cullen with his Melvin the Monster!
Cullen loves crinkle toys, stuffed animals and his lovey blankie and Melvin is the perfect combination of the three!!
going in for a kissy...
 coming up all slobbery...
 exploring the taggies...
 I think it's his new favorite stuffed baby!!

Megan is one talented lady!  She also makes.....

This design is my favorite one and look how soft and cozy the inside of the cover looks.  

How stinkin' cute are the western bibs!?!

She also has a couple other cute accessories including pacifier clips!  Be sure to check out her store to see what all she has! 

Megan has offered a $35 gift certificate to her shop for one lucky reader!!!
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 months....

i really can not believe it has been 6 months since we had our sweet baby boy!

6 months since i took my last maternity picture!
my water broke that night.... 
the past 6 months have been nothing short of amazing!!
our family grew, our hearts grew, love became so unconditional its unexplainable...

bringing baby home, testing out the swing...
so tiny, C didn't fit into newborn clothes!!

cullen is our everything!
of course, as everyone says, our life has changed....FOR THE BEST!!
this is what perfection looks like, for us....
it's like life before cullen didn't exist, our life is now all cullen, cullen, cullen. 
and we're all smiles about it!

everything we do is for him, everything is about him.  
he is the greatest thing to ever happen to billy and i.  
we truly couldn't be happier. 

i think we were both meant to be parents....

billy is an amazing daddy.  
the second he walks in the door, his eyes scan the room for cullen.  the second he speaks, cullen's head whips around and he can't take his eyes off his daddy.  he smiles and smiles.  billy looks at him with a smile and cullen returns the smile. it's all they need.  they have a connection and a bond that i hope all fathers and sons have.  

cullen is...
21 pounds 6 ounces (95th percentile)
27 inches long (70th percentile)
sitting up (with a little boppy help)
rolling over (from back to tummy)
despising tummy time (we're working on it)
playing toys, he likes rattles, sophie, his play mat, sensory balls, jumping in his jumper
eating cereal and just started on squash
fond of his swing
following gus around like he is some sort of alien
enjoying being outdoors (stroller walks are always a hit)
never getting enough of his daddy
visiting gma and gpa twice a week and getting spoiled like any grandchild should 
sleeping in his pack-n-play, still waking 2-3 times a night (to eat)
giggling over auntie's songs (jump, shake your booty)
watching mickey mouse clubhouse 
and always soaking up mommy cuddles
[i could go on and on]
i am so incredibly thankful that i'm able to stay at home with cullen every day. i honestly couldn't imagine being away from him.  he makes my world go round. i stare at him while he sleeps.  i fall asleep with the tv on but turned down so low i can hear him breath.  he still sleeps right next to me, in his pack n play.  since he is up 2-3 times a night this is just what works for us.
our days and nights are filled with giggles and toys. 

i can't [but can] wait to see what the future holds for cullen.  i love watching him develop, it seems like every day he is learning something new. time goes so quick but at least we're having fun!!

happy 6 months to our sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[almost] wordless wednesday - cullen's adventures....


i shared these on facebook a while ago but never on here, so i had to!!
my sis and i created these fun little scenes for cullen :)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the day we met the wonder pets!

we went to mall of america over the weekend.
my cousins and their friends were in town so we met them for lunch.
then me, C and B walked around the mall for a while, it was a mad house!
billy and i have been together for 5 years and we live 15 minutes from the mall but we had never been together.  so it was fun to just wonder around and check everything out with C.  
we are all people watchers ;)
i forgot my camera so all pics are phone pics.

daddy B and C
we went to the disney store where cullen wanted one of each stuffed animals.
he smiled and reached for every single one, it was so cute!
[mishka mushka]
 give goofy to me...
daddy gave C a lollypop...
C met lego woody, he was fascinated!
[there's a snake in my boots]
 we got to meet the wonder pets!
[the phone, the phone is ringing]

daddy won cullen two sensory balls playing carnival games!
he loves them!

such a fun family day!!
i even got in a lil shopping at carter's.
cullen needed a couple christmas themed clothes! ;)

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