Friday, July 31, 2009

Are your parents home?

I spent the weekend with the triplets and finn, was quite an uneventful weekend. The boys seem to behave best when at home entertaining themselves so we spent almost the whole weekend at their house. On Saturday we ventured out to visit my pup and then I took them to see Aliens in the Attic, my sister came along in case I needed support. It was a cute movie, my sis and got the giggles at one point...laughing at some goofy part in the movie followed by uncontrollable laughter...tears rolling down our cheeks. No, the movie was not that funny, ha! If anyone happened to have seen that movie over the weekend my sis and I started laughing over the whole Ricky being controlled by that alien little device, lol!! Overall, good entertainment...the boys sat through the whole movie without a peep. They were all armed with slushies, candy and popcorn.

Friday night highlights.....

I'm making the boys a fancy dinner, pressing the bake button on the oven and setting it to 425, throwing in a frozen pizza. The door bell rings, I knew the boys were in the basement making a "haunted house" for me to walk through (where they grab me in the dark and try to pull my pants off...little stinker butts) and are ignoring the doorbell. I go to the back door first (the door little kids always come to) and no one was there, run across the house to the front door (these people live in a massive home) and I open the door to 2 guys that look to be around my age (26).

Conversation proceeds:

Guy 1 - "Are your parents home"

Me - ", my parents are probably at their own home"
Guy 1 - "So are you the home owner"
Me - "no"
Guy 1 - "and the parents really are not here and you're not in high school"
Me - "no, really! i'm 26"
Guy 1 - "oh, there are kids in high school that live here....correct?!?"
Me - "nope"
Guy 1 - "Well I work for School District 19... and we need to talk to parents with high school students"
Me - "There are only kids here in elementary school and their parents are not here right now"
Guy 1 - "ok, thanks"
Guy 2 - hanging his head with a smirk trying not to laugh the entire time!

Second experience from Friday night.....

Finn yells to me while running toward the bathroom, I have to go potty.....number 2......and I need you to wipe my butt!!

Ugh....seriously!?! (literally, a stinker butt) He is 5!! Goes to preschool! I asked him if is preschool teachers wipe his butt and what his plan is for kindergarten since he starts in 2 weeks, full days. He said he really can wipe his butt but he just doesn't want to. I told him I really didn't want to wipe it either. He said ok and he grabbed the toilet paper and managed to wipe himself. Hallelujah, saved! He did have a bath that night too!

So that was my entertaining weekend. I got done watching the kiddos around noon, grocery shopped, laid outside with my mom and sis for a little while and spent the evening at my parent's house as well for our family dinner night. I played with my nephew most of the time who is always a handful. Love that little guy to pieces!

Having a 3 day weekend is great even though I did spend almost the whole thing "working", now back to real is insanely busy right now!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


For the next 3 days I will be watching 4 boys, triplets that just turned 8 and their little brother who is 5. I think we will either be heading to the waterpark or the children's museum one of the days. Maybe a movie...that might be a better idea since they all tend to head off in different directions at the children's museum and I don't like to be to be that girl that walks around yelling the kids names like I've lost them. That happened the first time. When I finally found Riley, he was at the face painting table....he painted his entire face as you can see in the picture below. He is the one in blue with a multicolored face. I took them to McDonalds after the museum where they thought it would be funny to dare each other to makeout with Ronald while I ordered the food. Seriously!?! LOL! We were at a McDonalds in a skyway with people everywhere, watching these boys makeout with Ronald.....After that days events I decided to keep them at home the rest of the weekend. They are so well behaved at home and keep themselves entertained. They only needed me to be at their beckon call in the kitchen. Heaven forbid they go more than an hour without a snack or a meal. I'm also hoping this time the smoke detector doesn't go off...which in turn sets off the security alarm and dispatches a police man over to confirm there is no fire...oh yes the alarm will continue to go off until you type in the security code! Helps if you have that! I will never forget their code after that episode. The detector only went off because some tiny piece of food from a previous baking was on the bottom of the oven and it was smoking like hey at least it wasn't my fault ;)

Not to stray too far from Thankful Thursday....I'm very thankful I have this family in my life. The boys are good kids and I love their parents. Their mom is the sweetest little lady ever, I still can't figure out how her 90 pound body carried triplets.
The boy's parents are off to LA to celebrate their anniversary.
I probably won't do any posts but I'll be reading everyone else's!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dominic's Godfather

Last night B and I went out for dinner with my brother and his fiance, Gina. After we all went back to our place. Gina went to pick up Dominic first so he could come visit for a while too. After Gina and D left I went up to bed. My brother and B are really close buds and since neither of them had to work today they stayed up and played video games. I came downstairs for water at 3 in the morning and they were still sitting outside talking! They have a lot of heart to heart chats ;)

Today B emails me and told me that my brother asked him to be Dominic's godfather last night. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever, brought a tear to my eye!

B just adores D. Dominic lived with us for almost a year so we have always been very close to him.

Here are some pics of the two of them!
B and D (8 months) I know this pic looks really strange but I still think it's cute.
D is playing with B's cell.
just hanging
B can always get him giggling! So cute :)
he was chasing him all over the house.
Dom opening his Easter basket from us.
Uncle Billy enjoying all the toys with him.
For Christmas Dominic gave Uncle Billy one of their favorite snacks, chili cheese fritos.
D dug right in.
playing in pillows is always so much fun
Billy showing him how to play in the fountains....D wouldn't let go of his fingers.
I think Uncle Billy is very proud of little D and happy that my brother asked him to be Dominic's godfather, I know I am :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the stone age

I'm no longer living in it (the stone age). I had a prehistoric phone....but I'm out of the dino age. I finally got a new phone and it's way to high-tech for me. I can hardly send a text. It's going to be a long rough road but eventually I'll adjust (I hope). My Dad also got this phone last night and his phone is a good 6 years old....he just might have a much harder time adjusting than me ;)

After reading everyone’s comments yesterday about Skinny B, thought I should add a few comments….

The book does recommend 20 minutes of exercise a couple times a week. I'll attempt to incorporate this. I just need a routine and I have to stick to it, otherwise I'm a lazy bum.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to totally give up meat!
You can get protein from numerous other sources. Whole wheat breads, bagels, pastas and such. There are so many products out right now for meatless products, such as veggie burgers and soy chicken patties. I’ve had both before and I think they taste great. Put either on a whole wheat bun and you’ve got yourself almost 20 grams of protein.

I LOVE cheese, really (really, really) love it! In the book it gives alternative dairy free cheeses to try so I might sample them. I love grilled cheese and mac n cheese too! It might taste different but I think certain things you can acquire tastes for.
I used to hate beer, couldn’t stand anything about it. Now, I enjoy having a cold one or two ;)

I won’t only be buying organic foods, I have a budget to live on as well people ;)

I will not be giving up occasional drinks. I like going out and having fun or sitting on the deck at home with B and enjoying cocktails!
In the book the girls clearly state you might find them playing beer pong ;)
The book also says red wine is “ok” to drink with no sulfates (they of course only recommend the organic stuff).

There are more books in this series, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, Skinny Bitchin, Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven and just out this year Skinny Bastard. They also have 3 workout DVD’s out so at least we know they do workout as well!

The book clearly states you can do whatever you want, if you don’t think you can give up everything and become a Vegan, just do what you can! If you can’t give up pop, give up something else. I’ve gone 3 days without POP, so there's a starting point. Soda -ha!

B is totally against me going totally organic/vegetarian. So I will accommodate to him as well. We do live in the same home and prefer to cook one dinner a night together. Guess I'll just have to see where things go :)

Thank you so much for all your comments/opinions from yesterday!

Lastly, please keep praying for baby Stellan. His heart is doing better but him and his parents will be going in an airambulance to Boston. He can’t wait until he weighs enough or is 4 years old. His heart needs help now. This family is from MN and so am I, I've been following her blog since before I started mine so this is hitting close to home....small world we live in.
(photo courtesy of MckMomma)

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Skinny B*tch

Stop Being A Moron and StartGetting Skinny!

If you can't take one more day of self-loathing, you're ready to hear the truth: You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.

A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous.

Have any of you ladies read this book? I think I saw it on someone else's page before. I read the entire thing on Saturday night. I thought it was really interesting. The book says eat all the "good carbs" you want, of course organic only! The dairy, no meat, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Which = VEGAN. That means no diet pop or regular pop either. Also, no alcohol.

The book goes into great depth on their reasoning for all of this and I felt they had great information and evidence to back up everything they stated. Don't think I ran to the Whole Foods Store and bought everything organic, sugar free and no meat products. I ate a cheeseburger for lunch and a steak for dinner on Sunday, lol!

I do plan to attempt to slowly switch over to organic foods. I have only ever bought an item of two of organic before. I'm interested to see if changing my eating habits over time makes a difference. For the first week I'm going to give up pop. I know it's not a huge step but I'm used to drinking one a day and I think it would be the easiest thing for me to give up. I don't know if I could see myself ever being a vegetarian but ya just never know. Especially after I read the chapter in the book about meat and slaughter houses....sad and just crazy!

The only thing I found slightly strange about this book is it doesn't mention exercise much. How sweet is that!? If only it really worked to just eat healthy and lose weight without any sort of cardio or weight lifting. I do plan to incorporate exercise. I just need to addicted to working out again and make it the gym a few times a week.

If anyone else has read this book, I'm interested to know what you think about it. Also, if anyone has switched to being a vegetarian int heir life or is vegan I'd be interested to know as well. This would be a whole new world for me, I eat dairy and meat every single day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! :)

p.s. Stellen needs prayers, lots and lots of them! You can check out his Momma's blog at MckMomma. His heart is failing. He is currently at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital but his Mom thinks they will be heading to Boston soon, if it's not too late. Over the past few weeks Stellan has been doing better than usual at home and he's been a happy baby. Now this poor helpless little baby is fighting for his life. My heart is aching for the baby Stellan and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers through this tough time.
picture from MckMomma's blogsite

Thursday, July 23, 2009


To keep up the tradition I am sticking with thankful Thursday but taking a break from posting about a bestie because I have plenty-o-pics to share from the weekend!

I'm sure you already know this about me but in case you didn't I'm very incredibly thankful for my FRIENDS and FAMILY!

Also thankful for camera's for capturing all the wonderful moments ;)
Dominic and I spent my bday at the Zoo with B (Monday)

Sunday night I was at my parent's house.
D is at such a fun age, I love spending time with him.
Doesn't hurt that he is such a little cutie!

On Saturday night I went out with my best friends for my birthday dinner.
Whit - Me - Laura - Andrea

Sunday Whit and I had a recovery day that involved grabbing Chipotle to go, eating it on the deck at my house, and an afternoon followed by resting on my big comfy couches watching Lifetime movies! Perfect weekend in my book :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We had a blast!

We were silly between sets and swaying and singing along while they performed.

It will be a night to remember for ever and ever and ever!!!

Here are some pics, I guess I took 150! lol!

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, ohI
'll look after you

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

It's all up in the air and we stand still to see what comes down
I don't know where it is, I don't know when, but I want you around
When it falls into place with you and I, we go from if to when
Your side and mine are both behind it's indication
This is gonna bring me clarity
This'll take the heart right out of me
She is everything I need that I never knew I wanted
She is everything I want that I never knew I needed

You can never say never
While we don't know it
Time and time again
Younger now than we were before
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go


I can't wait till my sis and I go to another concert!!
These guys rocked the stage! If they come back I will for sure be seeing them again!
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