Monday, February 24, 2014

beach body...

I'm finally back on the wagon and working on my beach body ;)
We can't forget that our summer bodies are made in the cold winters!
I've been working out again for around 6-7 weeks and although I'm not seeing numbers change on the scale I'm seeing some muscles that I haven't seen in months.
I'm loving the treadmill and T25!
If you want a booty kickin T25 is one intense workout.
I have started doing lunges and high knees on the treadmill with a 15 incline as well.
I guess I just like to kick my own butt and push myself as hard as I can.
I also recently became an actual Beach Body Coach!
I have known about the Beach Body company for over a year and have been following a friends journey with the company. She has been such a huge motivation for me to start working out again and getting back into the shape I was in 6 months ago.  She is such an awesome leader and person in general that I was inspired by her to join her Beach Body Team (family). 
I love hearing from posts on instagram (Annie0720) that I help inspire and motivate others which gave me the extra push to become a coach myself.  Even if I only help one person I know that it's worth it.  Not only do I get to have a fit family surrounding me for daily motivation, now I get to help others! 
I just started a facebook page where I'll be posting daily motivation pics and recipes!
I would love to have my blog friends follow along there as well :)
(just click the pic below!)

I hope to start blogging a little more as well, some day ;) 
Cullen doesn't nap anymore so he's always by my side.
I was nervous about having to workout with him awake but I was worried for nothing. He is seriously an angel and plays so well right by me the entire time I workout.
We are slowly getting into a new daily routine and hopefully being on the computer a little more will fit in there somewhere.
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