Friday, December 23, 2011

photos on friday....

my pops got me the new iphone last week!! i'm so thankful to have such loving and generous parents!  they do SO VERY MUCH for us, i appreciate them so very much!!  that's a lot of "SO's" but i really mean it!

i have been taking more pics than normal since i have this fancy new phone ;)  i love instagram and the different ways you can edit pics! so much fun!! here are some pictures from this past week that i've taken....

i finished wrapping all the presents, they are pretty much ALL for culley!  the rest of the gifts are on the other side of the tree.

i took pics of culley with lights. i kept seeing others do this so i had to!! 
culley and i haven't seen much of billy lately.  he has been working extra long hours almost every day.  we miss our daddy bear oh so much but of course appreciate all his hard work.  one of his games was actually in our city on saturday!  culley and i went to the hockey game and after we went to lunch with some hockey family friends. C played some skeeball, i guess he was just giggling like crazy because of all the fun red balls but of course once i went over by him with the camera he stopped ;)  

me, just hanging....i have a lot of alone time so i get bored sometimes. i share what's on my mind with my twitter friends ;)
Culley turned 8 MONTHS on Wednesday!!!  my how time flies!   he is constantly on the move, he rolls everywhere...he was ready to get going right here hence the blurry pic ;) he leans to the side and boom, he's down and rollin...

this little toy plays christmas music & cullen is terrified of it!! especially the tail!  he literally screamed at it the second he could see it.  i found it humorous, that might make me a mean mom but come on, it's a cute stuffed animal.  we only showed it to him a few times... 

and now our poor lil culley bear has either his first cold or his teeth are really bothering him. stuffy nose, slight cough and he is just not a happy camper.  wish i could take away his pain.  it's so hard to see your baby suffer.  he is happy one minute and crying the next.  right now he is sitting next to me eating puffs and just hanging out :) 
 lastly, my ginger bread baby's cute lil booty....
love him to pieces!!! 

well, christmas vacation just started and it is about C's bedtime so we are off to do jammie time and hop into bed for lots of cuddles!  
i am starting a 10 day "vacation" ;)  woo hoo!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

what we've been up to wednesday.....

life sure is different these days, especially when compared to last year, to last month, to last week....
not all that much to say but here are some pictures of sweet culley bear!!

wearing some of his christmas jammies!

and of course cullen is on the nice list!

 cullen (my little elf) and i before running errands...
that closet above is indeed the slimmest linen closet ever although it does surprising hold A LOT!! ;)
such a big boy....
we went to gma and gpa's on saturday evening to make cookies, have dinner and hang out...

 some of our undecorated cookies...
dominic was there too! 

on sunday we went to daddy's teams hockey game and had some bw's for din... 
on monday culley was a hungry dino ;)  he was even wearing dino shoes!

cullen seems to be over the cuddly phase already :( the past two evenings he was all about only sleeping on me i took advantage of cuddle time while my sweet boy slept!! :)

cullen is not into fruit, he only likes certain veggies so i decided to introduce him to 'meat', he had this jar of chicken and sweet potato baby food and it was definitely a winner, winner chicken dinner meal!!! :) i keep trying fruits and different veggies with him but he is so picky. he will purse his lips, scrunch his face and look down. it seems to be hit or miss on when and if cullen will eat anything but his momma's milk.  i did just recently introduce him to veggie puffs, yogurt melts and veggie crunchies (cheetos).  he loves them all!! :)  and i love watching him eat everything. cooking classes at accredited online colleges can also teach you how to cook and prepare baby food!

i'm attempting to get more into the christmas spirit and wrap presents today.  i am so excited for billy and i to celebrate christmas with cullen!  we've wanted a baby for as long as i can remember so it makes this christmas all that more special.  

tonight we're going to my parents house to decorate all those cookies we baked.  i can't wait to eat some ;)  hope everyone is having a great week!

p.s. if you follow me on twitter you've probably already seen most of these pics ;)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

ginger bread baby...

 oh the faces culley made when touching the tree for the first time....

 so in LOVE with this sweet face :)

 culley likes his singing santa!  i can't wait to see if he likes the real santa!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chirp & Bloom

My friend Jenn has started a new business, Chirp & Bloom!  You should all go check out her blog today and enter her fabulous giveaway!!! :)
Jenn is so creative and has all kinds of fun designs!  
I love everything :)

Oh, Jenn also has an ADORABLE baby boy!  Reminds me of my Cullen, especially since they pretty much have the exact same wardrobe ;)

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