Monday, April 30, 2012

holy smokes....

when you hear the saying your life can change in an instant, it is certainly true. sometimes it's for the good and sometimes for the bad.  in my case it has been for the best!  so much has been going on! i have wanted to sit down and blog so many times but just never made time for it.....

one night we are at a hockey party and the next day we were moving!

we had been planning to move for a few months and then bam it just happened! i had nothing packed or anything planned because it happened so quick.  so, needless to say, the past 2 weeks we packed everything, moved it all and unpacked everything.  pretty much all on our own.  my sister helped me with cullen and helped us move a load or two but otherwise we did everything. b is some super human, he lifted pretty much all of our furniture on his own! 
view out our back porch beautiful pink sunset and a windmill...

i have been having so much fun setting up our new home.  we still need some furniture for our living room and bedroom.  going from a 1700 square feet townhouse to a 3700 square feet house means we have some furniture shopping to do.  although, i have to say, everything we had fit into this house perfectly and every day that goes by it's feeling more like a home.  i had lived in the townhouse for 10 YEARS, with billy for 5!! i bought it when i was 18 and each year the place felt smaller and smaller and we were beyond ready to move.  billy always said we would be in a house by the time our first born turned one. he makes dreams come true...and i'm so thankful for all he does for us.  we live in an awesome neighborhood and cullen and i have been on the walking paths a few times.  he loves stroller rides and walks in his little car.

btw, how in the world did my cullen turned ONE!  my baby is no longer a baby, he's a toddler!  he's been really clingy lately, i hold him a lot.  he still wants to be rocked to sleep and he still sleeps in a pack n play.  it's what works for us and i wouldn't change it.....or maybe i would, if he was ready! as for now, he's not and that's ok.  our poor little guy just cut another tooth as well, that makes 8! he got another on the bottom. a great thing though, a few days after C turned one he instantly started eating more solid foods! his favorites right now are mixed veggies, veggie pasta and diced up potatoes. i can't believe how much he loves peas, it's so stinkin' cute watching him eat.

my sister turned 21 TODAY! so crazy!!! i feel extra old now ;)  she is the best sister and best friend ever! i love that girl to pieces.  if she hadn't been here the past few weeks to help out i'd be so lost!  she has been a blessing when it comes to caring for cullen.  she works a crazy shift at work, 5 in the morning until 11 so she is up every day by 3:30 but she is still willing to come over after work and help with cullen.  i appreciate her so much.

i have been painting, putting loads of new toys together, organizing, shopping for some home decor, organizing, putting together furniture, planning cullen's first birthday party, organizing some more, doing laundry & CLEANING.  with a larger house comes a lot more cleaning.  i swear i hardly ever sit down, it's nice to stay busy but the days go by so quick and before i know it it's 11:00 at night and then midnight and by the time i lay my head down i'm so dead tired. unfortunately C still wakes 2 times a night, at least.  i can't believe that even though he eats so much during the day and gets right around the recommended 16 ounces that he still wakes at night and wants a bottle.  if i don't give him one he wakes up all the way and is then up for hours.

new table, my handy work put this together...

party planning....

today i am patiently waiting for mr. ups so i can put together some furniture.  that is my new expertise and painting.  i told my bloggy bestie i was considering going to work for santa's workshop ;)

we now live 30 minutes from our families which kind of stinks but so far it has worked out just fine and b is only 5 minutes away from work so it's a great commute for him and he has already been home so much more!

i have 4 giveaways to post about, all of them are fabulous!  i will hopefully be posting all 4 of them next week!

i will post pictures of the new house soon!  like as soon as our living room doesn't look like i'm running a daycare!  UPS man just left me 7 boxes.  time to get my party started! hope all is well with everyone!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


one year ago today i became a momma to the cutest baby boy, ever! our sweet cullen was born at 3:00 pm and my heart was instantly exploding with love. cullen has been the biggest blessing billy and i could have ever asked for. cullen is the sweetest little boy who is bursting at the seems with character.  from his baby blue eyes, his adorable smile, the  eyebrow raises to his snorting he is just full of personality in every way possible.  we couldn't be happier parents, just ask us....we'll tell you ;)  billy and i have experienced the best year of our life by far and we love every single second of every day that we get to spend with our culley bear!

today we are having a bubble guppies marathon and will be playing with lots of new fun toys! :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter from our lil BooBooChicken!!

we no longer have a baby, we have a toddler! oh my...
hope ya'll had a great easter!!

Friday, April 6, 2012


The ever so sweet Holly, of....

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wednesday, weekend pics...

Saturday Cullen and I went to Mall of America to visit the Easter Bunny!
There was no line and he actually liked Mr. EB...

When we got home C was ready to play with his new monster truck Daddy B had got him the previous night. 
No longer a baby, he's a big boy :( ...

C woke up Saturday morning with that cut on his head, he had to of done it himself although he slept all night so I guess it didn't hurt when he did it.
chewin on the paci...
Sunday C and I had a few errands to run and we went to my besties for her ThirtyOne Party and to visit her brand new baby.

anyone else take pics of themselves before leaving to see how things look in another prospective??
no? well i do ;)
 i was trying to decide if i wanted to wear this flower or not...
 i decided not to....
Once C and I were out and about I realized I forgot to pack his lunch so I went to Wendy's and got him chicken nuggets (judge away) HE LOVED THEM! 
we were out n about to stock up on goodies for C, i always watch prices for these items because they very so much from store to store. babies r us had awesome prices so i stocked up on everything.
this is C's food drawer, he has a cabinet as well ;)
Sunday night we always go to my parents house and almost every night around 6:30/7 C gets cranky, thankfully Grandma and Grandpa know what a C bear wants to do :)
Gpa let C play in Gma's "cool" car
{my parents house always looks like a parking lot, they have 6 cars between the 2 of them ;) }

 Gma let C play on the slot machine.  On this machine when you win it plays loud obnoxious music and of course C loves it and he dances....
my parents collect many items ;)
well, that's my random photo phone dump for today.

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hope ya'll are having a great week!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

birthday and giveaway!!

Tiffany runs an adorable shop on Etsy, Little Dawg Designs and she was so kind to send me an adorable Mickey banner for Cullen's first birthday!  

LOVE it!

Would one of you like to win a banner from Little Dawg Desgins?
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Cinderella, Buzz Light Year, Ariel and Cowboy!
They are all so fun!
Tiffany is offering one of you a chance to win a banner!  She has all the disney princesses, toy story, sports themes and holiday themes!  She has other banners themes as well, so if you win you could contact her about a different theme.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Estrea Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I was recently contacted by a long time blogger friend, Molly, over at Stilettos & Diapers.  Her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading way back in the day.  She asked if I was willing to review and giveaway Estrea products, of course I said YES!!  
This is a little bit about what I read about Estrea before receiving my products...

  • Since its proven success in the mid 90s, Estrea’s Skin Care System has been the number one choice of European women. 
  • Now, for the first time, the Estrea product line is available to the U.S. market, so that American women can experience the benefits of Estrea’s unique European Skin Care System. 
  • Estrea’s twelve cleansing and moisturizing products for the face, hands, body and feet, bring together modern science and the restorative properties of nature to create a rejuvenating skin care regimen. 
  • The line’s most popular products, the fast-absorbing hand lotions and creams, have been proven to promote fingernail growth. 
  • The natural ingredients in Estrea include aloe vera, collagen, coffee, olive oil, citrus extracts, chestnut and Vitamins A, C, E and F.

After reading all of that I was excited to receive the Estrea products! I received the body care set and the eye cream.  I have to say I think my favorite product was the foot balm! It actually helped my dry winter feet a lot! Most lotions promise to help but this balm actually worked.  I have been using it every day and a little goes a long way.  My feet have no more dry skin and they are ready for flip flops just in time for Spring/Summer time. Another thing I loved about the foot balm was the scent.  You know how almost all foot lotion smells like mint and only mint well the foot balm has mint and chestnut and it smells so good! 

All the Estrea lotions/blams have divine smelling scents actually!  From olive oil, aloe and coffee...the scents combined smell great while working wonders.  I have only been using the eye cream for a week but I can tell you I really enjoy it as well.  My eyes always have dark circles and this product helps reduce the darkness.  I will continue using this product every day, it can only make my eyes look better.

The giveaway from Estrea for one of you is for 1 Body Care Set and 1 Face Care Set. The winner will choose if they want the oily skin or the dry/combination skin option.  This is an amazing value!  And pretty awesome giveaway, in my opinion!

Here is the body care set...

Here is the face care set...

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Anyone who follows EstreaUSA on Twitter during the giveaway will be sent a DM with a $5 credit to use toward any product!
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Jamie - from Chris & Jamie
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