Monday, February 28, 2011

Cullen's Nursery...

The nursery isn't totally completed but I wanted to share pictures of the progress we have so far!

the chair will be recovered in navy fabric... 

Gussy loves hanging out on the window ledge!

what we have left to do...
art work on the crib wall
organize items for the changing table
order giraffe growth chart and get it on the wall
find some accessories
finish spray painting frames for art
sand and stain dresser
buy fabric and get the glider/ottoman recovered

Thursday, February 24, 2011

31 Weeks...

How Far Along: 31 Weeks!
Size of baby: Baby C is the size of a squash.
Around 16 inches long, he weighs about 3.3 pounds.
Total Weight Gain: 28 pounds and my nurse said expect to gain another 10!
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a mix of everything, some maternity and some regular.
Gender: BOY!! Baby Cullen!!
Movement: He is still moving a lot!
Sleep: Sleep is still good. I switch sides during the night but nothing falls asleep and my legs are not getting numb or anything.
What I miss: Lately I'm missing the gym and having a workout routine.  I might start going again, that's a big might ;)
Cravings: Everything/Anything…I’m still on the see food diet, see it and eat it!
I was craving a caesar salad and french onion soup yesterday so I had Panera for dinner, it was delicious!!
Symptoms: Feeling good this week. Using the bathroom a lot more, C has to be on my bladder and I have some shortness of breath after walking up stairs, I feel so out of shape!
What I’m looking forward to: Finishing the nursery and our first baby shower this coming weekend! Billy can’t come now, the hockey team he is coaching has a tournament this upcoming weekend. He didn’t know if they would make it into the final rounds but they have so that’s a good thing. I’m just a little bummed he can’t make it to the shower.

I had a doctor appt on Monday, I'm measuring about a week and a half behind but the nurse said it's nothing to worry about.  I'm guessing that means that Culley is small, which would explain the size of my bum.  I think all the weight I'm gaining is going there and to my thighs ;)

pics for the week...
again, I never even think I'm that big until I see these weekly pictures! 

Only 9 weeks left!!!
Into the single digits now, crazy!

Time to paint my nails :)
I got these two colors yesterday, they are very similar but I couldn't decide which to buy so I got them both and now I have to decide which one to use first...decisions, decisions ;)

Thanks for the comments yesterday, I'm feeling a bit better today....I haven't cried and the sun is shining :) 
Happy Thursday Pretty Ladies!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

real life...

  life isn't always rainbows

and butterflies
even though on my blog sometimes it seems like it.
i'm a real person though,
i don't have a perfect life.

i've cried every day this week.
i've used the words give up, more than once.
i ask why and get no answers.

when trust is broken it changes everything.
earning it back takes a while.
i have an easy time forgiving, it's the forgetting that's hard.

it's a bittersweet kind of day for me.

i know everyone is fighting their own battles and some people are going through a lot worse than i am.
please say a prayer for this sweet family as i know they are having a tough day.
their precious baby is now an angel.
today, i'm so very thankful to have my sweet baby cullen tumbling around in my tummy.

giveaway winner...

The winner of the giveaway, picked at random is...

Number 28 Mrs. MFC!
Congrats girly! 
Go visit, if you don't already follow her.

Good news for the rest of you!
Since this giveaway was such a huge hit I'm going to start doing them more often!!
Hope to have another one posted in a week or two.

Monday, February 21, 2011

random phone pictures...

The highlight of my weekend was getting a few more things accomplished in Cullen's nursery!
I hung the curtains and valance all by myself! 
I climbed up onto the window ledge and used a drill.
It only took me 3 tries to get them hung perfectly.
My mom bought Culley the alligator at Ikea last weekend.
I think he looks perfect sitting up on the window ledge.
The gator has his baby in his mouth. 
I think I'll cut him out, I just don't want Gus to think it's for him.
He already claimed one little gator from Culley's toy bin.

Yesterday we had a blizzard, I hung out in bed pretty much the entire day.
I did get up to help Billy hang these letters. 
I have better pictures taken with our camera, I'll share them later this week.
The room is so close to being done!!

Our other spoiled baby Gussy. 
I clean up all his babies and he just digs them all back out.
I love this picture of him, licking his chops.

For Valentine's Day dinner I requested bacon cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries.
Billy cooked and brought me my plate with a bun he attempted to cut like a heart and a ketchup heart around the plate!
He is so creative and sweet :)

Yummy Valentine brownie treat from my hubby :)
Of course Gus thought it was for him. 
I shared a little bit of the frosting with him.

some other random info...

We are getting the ceiling re-painted on our main floor tomorrow.
We had an ice damn on our roof and it caused our ceiling to get wet and it left nasty water marks.
We thought our HOA would cover it since it was caused by the roof, they wouldn't.
I have no idea why we pay them such hefty monthly dues, they do pretty much nothing!
& 34 other units reported leaking!
Thankfully our insurance company is covering some of the costs.
Having a ceiling re-painted is expensive!
And it's popcorn ceiling (ick!), hopefully it doesn't make too much of a mess.

I have a doctor appt today so I'm only working until 2. Yay!
Can't wait to hear our little guy's heartbeat!
Not looking forward to hearing the # from the scale ;)

We had another blizzard yesterday, 10 inches of snow fell. 
The snow will probably be around until June...

I hope ya'll had a good weekend!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 Weeks...

How Far Along: 30 Weeks!
Size of baby: Baby C is the size of a cabbage.
Around 15.7 inches long, he weighs about 3 pounds.
Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds.
(that’s a guess, I have an appt. on Monday)
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a mix of everything, some maternity and some regular.
Gender: BOY!! Baby Cullen!!
Movement: He is moving a lot!
Sleep: Sleep is good.
What I miss: Nothing.
Cravings: Everything/Anything…I’m still on the see food diet, see it and eat it!
Symptoms: Feeling great this week!
What I’m looking forward to: Finishing the nursery!
I started putting together his bookshelf last night and I plan to finish it tonight. That is if I can manage using a drill. I’ve never used one before and I’m not even sure how to use it….ha.
I can’t decide if I should order the crib bumper or not?!
I want it...but to spend $140 or not?

pics for the week
taken this morning... 

Tuesday I felt like a beast.
Yesterday I didn’t feel “huge” so I took these pics….

The instant I saw them I started laughing!
 I have quite the big belly now but I love it :)
I was at my parent's house on Sunday and we went over there for dinner and Survivor last night and my mom mentioned a few times how I look like I had really gotten bigger since Sunday.
Cullen must be growing!

* Since I've gotten so many emails asking - all 4 of the shirts from these pictures are from Express.
I'm sure they are on sale by now :)  I've had them a few months.

I have my first baby shower a week from Saturday.
It is with my relatives in South Dakota from both my parent's sides of the family. I haven’t seen a lot of them in many years and I have a feeling pretty much none of them are going to show up although it would be nice to see any of them! I know I will get to see some that I am closer with but the others, I’m guessing, won’t come. It will be fun no matter what :)
It is a co-ed shower so Billy is coming too!
Only 10 weeks left!!!

p.s. i have been reading blogs in google reader and not commenting (i know that's horrible, sorry!).
i hope you are all having a great weeks! it's almost friday!!
and if you haven't yet make sure you enter my first giveaway!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

giveaway of few girly things....

This is my first ever giveaway.
I have just been collecting some random stuff over the past few months that I personally like that I wanted one of you to have to enjoy as well!!
1 and 2
Note cube and matching pen.
The note cube has a hole for a pen holder.
3 and 4
Vera Bradley coin purse and photo album.

5, 10 and 11.
Tyler candle in the DIVA scent.
Thank you cards from Hallmark.
and Valentine chocolate covered sunflower seeds (num!).
7, 8 and 9
Matching earrings, bracelet and ring.
I love Ethel & Myrtle jewelry!!
Any jewelry I've worn in recent photos is from them.
Mini emergency kit full of anything a lady could possibly need!

How to enter:
1. Be a follower of my blog and let me know you are following.
2. Follow me on Twitter, if you already follow just leave a comment stating the same.
3. Blog or tweet about the giveaway.

Best wishes to all :)
I will pick a winner 2/23.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Not only is it Valentine's Day today,
it is mine and Billy's 6 month anniversary!  
I am using today as an excuse to post some of our wedding photos.
The past 6 months have been the best 6 months of my life.
I love being his wife.

and in this crazy life
 and through these crazy times
it's you, it's you, you make me sing.
you're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
you're every song, and i sing along.
'cause you're my everything.
(Michael Buble - Everything)

all because two people fell in love...
In around 10 weeks we will be welcoming our little love bug into to the world!!
We have so much to look forward to :)
happy valentine's day and happy 6 month anniversary to my one and only...
I hope all you ladies have a wonderful day!
Ya'll are some of the sweetest ladies I know!
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