Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crazy Craft Heaven...

Review from me AND a discount for all who shop Crazy Craft Heaven!!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram I'm sure you have seen photos I've posted of Cullen in his frankenstein hat. We love our C's Frankenstein hat!! If you haven't seen the pics here are some of our sweet boy -->
Frakenstein munching on green beans!
Ok, sometimes when he is teething he's not as sweet. Bless is sweet little heart though, teething is the pits :(
For Halloween Cullen was a dragon but the custom kept coming unzipped and the dragon head wouldn't stay on so we decided he would be a franken-dino! His costume looked more like a dinosaur than a dragon without the hat part.
Cullen loved being franken-dino and so did all the houses he went trick-or-treating at! Cullen loved trick-or-treating!!
His hat is from this shop on Etsy...
Crazy Craft Heaven makes custom crocheted hats, booties and photo props! Everything in the shop is beyond adorable!  Keep in mind what I am sharing is just a portion of what you will find on the Etsy shop and Facebook shop.

Check out all these adorable holiday hats and photo props!

 Anyone else ready to have another little one to dress up?! ;)

You wll also find cute animal hats/photo props!

Crazy Craft Heaven a Military category as well!

You can see more pictures of items on Crazy Craft Heaven's Facebook page!
These hats and photo props would make excellent holiday gifts!
Crazy Craft Heaven is offering a 10% discount right now, prices are already reduced!
Be sure to take advantage while you can!


Miss Lace said...

Their products are so cute! Cullen is adorable in his hat.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

All their little knits are so cute!

Jessica said...

I love his Frankenstein hat!!

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