Monday, October 29, 2012

A.B.C. house lately...

I have been neglecting my blog but it's not totally my fault.  We still have not decided on what to do about a new computer. Hopefully we have something figured out ASAP though ;) B uses his iPad all the time but that doesn't work for him to really do actual work nor does it work for me to blog so we just have decide what we want to shell out money on...having both our computers die within a few weeks of each other really stinks.

Anywho, around here lately...

I had my newphews over night the other week.  All 3 boys were up way too late and crashed hard!

The result of that sleepover was Cullen and I ended up with a 12 hour flu bug, no fun! I did love having my nephews over for the sleepover and C enjoyed having his cousins here :)

Cullen has been a ham as always....
and a cuddle bear...
C Bear turned 18 months!
We have played outside in the leaves at Gma and Bumpa's house!

Colored lots of pictures....
 Danced a lot with the kitty piano...

More cuddles during Ellen...

Found out that toys are not necessary for Christmas, C loves diaper boxes.

discovered that C has a new found LOVE for pickels...
 B surprised me with a treadmill and our downstairs living room became a workout room! I have wanted a treadmill for almost 2 years so of course I was very thankful!! Just had to wait for the right deal and opportunity. I've used it every day since we've had it. I really missed running, it was my alone time. My mind clearing time. And that's B.O.B. in the top right, I haven't been introduced to him yet ;)  Gus doesn't like him!
B and I getting a workout room meant that C's toy area had to move.  He now has his own toy room. He hasn't taken to it yet, he'd rather race his cars up and down the treadmill ;)
I made our favorite meal again, chicken pot pie! I topped it with biscuits...never again will I do that. Tasted delicious BUT the pot pie took about triple the bake time.
My bestie, that I haven't seen in over two years visited!! Her daughter is almost two! We had so much fun with the kiddos!  That deserves a post of its own.
I have also still been making wreaths!
These two burlap beauties are my most recent creations...
 Ornament orders keep coming in as well! If anyone is interested in wreaths or personalized ornaments, let me know! chaptersofourlife @ yahoo [dot] com
 At Earth's Best breakfast is not to be forgotten!!

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I have also been selling C's clothes on instagram, if you don't follow me on there you should!! Annie 0720 - no space between my name and the numbers.
I have one of my parent's laptops right now so I plan to get a few posts lined up!  Always so much going on, yikes!
Hope everyone is doing wonderful!! :)


Tickled Pink said...

Your little man has the cutest clothes! Love them all! :) And you my dear are one hot mama in your halloween costume! :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Next time you make the pot pie, put a tube of crescent rolls over the top! They don't take as long to cook! :)

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I got my treadmill almost 5 years ago. I love it! Definitely a great purchase.

Kristen said...

So jealous of your treadmill!

LWLH said...

Love that Dracula sweater.
You always have C dressed so cute.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh that sucks about your computers! That's great about your workout room and orders coming in though!

Anonymous said...

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