Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keeping the house clean with Earth's Best....


With a new baby or active toddler around the house, we often completely lose sight of keeping the house clean and tidy. It may seem easier to neglect household chores and time consuming cleaning projects, but creating a clean and safe environment for your little ones is essential! It’s impossible to escape germs completely, but it’s possible to use certain tools to prevent unhealthy or dangerous living conditions. Here are a few tips to follow throughout the cleaning process:

 Spills can happen at any moment, not just meal time. Keep a bottle of Earth's Best All Purpose Nursery Cleaner in an easily accessible area of the house for those unexpected messy situations. Earth’s Best All Purpose Nursery Cleaner is formulated using natural and plant-based cleaning agents to help you clean up any mess, while keeping your baby's safety a top priority.

 Keep cleaning tools organized! Knowing ahead of time that you have a specific place that you store each needed item will help make the process less stressful!

 Make a list of daily or weekly cleaning must-dos. Try to strategically tackle one item at a time while your little one is napping or being watched by another family member or friend.

 Earth’s Best provides an extensive guide featuring 12 basic tips to follow that will help you baby proof your house to keep your little one safe:

 Wash your hands frequently! Hum the "Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice as a good timer. To avoid passing germs onto your child, make sure to wash your hands often, especially before picking them up or feeding them. It’s as simple as using soap and water and rubbing your hands under a running faucet for 20 seconds. Encourage all family members to do the same!

 Make the items that your baby spends the most time with a cleaning priority. Safely keep cribs, baby’s strollers and car seats clean with Earth’s Best chlorine-free, Nursery Wipes. Throw a travel-pack in your purse or diaper bag for all your on-the-go needs.

Earth's Best is providing one of you a chance to win a travel pack of the nursery wipes and a canister of them as well!  Just leave a comment if you want to be entered in the GIVEAWAY!!

We always have the travel pack with us for wiping carts at the store and I use them at home for wiping Cullen's high chair and his play table! 

The WINNER is lucky #5!
I will be contacting you!

p.s. My laptop died and so did Billy's computer! We have an iPad but it's not convenient at all for typing and posting, in my opinion, so please stick with me and the blog while we figure out what we are going to purchase.  Our sweet little Culley bear is 18 months today!!!  Hope you are all doing well!


Holly Marie said...

Would LOVE to win the travel pack! SO glad that they are branching out into cleaning supplies for baby- thanks for hosting this! Hope you find a computer that works for you too.

PunkRockChic said...

Love, love love Earth's Best products and would love to try their cleaning supplies. I'm so excited they're doing this!

Brittany said...

Love Earth's Best! Had no idea that they have come out with cleaning products! Would love to try them out :)

Brittany Walsh said...

Enter me :) I'd love to win!

Ashley said...

I'd love to win this. Konnor is teething therefore everything goes in his mouth so im cleaning constantly. It would be great to know I'm cleaning with the safest cleaning supplies out there for him!

maria smith said...

I'm finally past the baby/toddler stage with my kids (yay!), but I have to echo the benefits of green cleaning to keep your home clean and toxin free for baby!

mrs.mfc said...

I haven't tried any of their cleaning products yet I'd love to try them out.

Jenny Rose said...

Oooh... Didn't know about their cleaning products! Would love to try them! Rose (dot) jennylee at yahoo dot com

hmuscha said...

I love Earth's Best food and snacks. I haven't been able to find their cleaning supplies in a store but would love to try them. I try not to use anything toxic for cleaning since we have a 15 month baby boy. I would love to try them!!!

Caitlynne and Jared said...

We love the nursery wipes!!

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