Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a.b.c. house lately...

I had no idea where the past two weeks had gone, then I look through my phone pics and realize we have been staying kind of busy.  Between running errands, hanging out with friends, spending 2 evenings a week at my parents house and just keeping up with everything at home.
At the same time our life is very routine and I love that.
Still killing workouts...
Love to hear that I inspire and motivate others!
Working out is an addiction and who doesn't love feeling good about themselves.
My sister and I took Cullen to a lake yesterday, we ran around 4.5 miles.
I was so proud of us! ;)
Cullen is such an angel in the stroller and he loves being outside and watching cars and airplanes.
Cullen and I went to a precious little ladies first birthday party recently.
Cammy loved her cake, she had no problem diving right in!
Cullen was in heaven, he could reach the candy table!
I got to shop for girl clothes for sweet Cammy, so much fun!!
 We went to visit the Easter Bunny...
Cullen was more excited to get home and get out of his clothes and play.

last year and this year...
We dyed eggs with my Momma, sis and Dominic...
Cullen had a blast!

Found out Cullen likes doll strollers ;)
He played with them for over 2 hours.
He'll probably end up with one for his birthday.
My sis and I brought Cullen to the Zoo, I think the fish were his favorite.

I haven't been cooking all that much lately but I did make a meal last night.
I had a friend over for dinner and she's expecting a baby boy so I figured she would need a meal after a long day at work.
I made lots of pasta and I had pesto for the first time. YUM!
We started our Spring cleaning yesterday as well even though Spring seems far away :(
My Spring cleaning list is very long so better to start now than wait until it's nice out and we want to be outside!
Cullen is the best little helper, ever!
We will probably have to start paying him an allowance soon ;)
He likes cleaning the floors, helping with laundry and unloading the dishwasher.
If any crumb or anything is spilt on the floor, he is instantly cleaning.
He's also getting really good about cleaning up his toys when he's done playing.
First thing I went through was Cullen's toys and organized big time!
A lot of baby toys were moved downstairs to the toy room.  I forgot there was a big closet in there so that worked perfect to organize lots of toys.
Up next is scrubbing walls.  Cullen's little hand prints are all over the walls! 
I found that the magic eraser sponges clean the walls perfectly.  
I think that's about all we've been up to!
I'm off to clean now...



Jamie Kulik said...

Jealous of your Zoo adventure! I want to go!!

Life With Lauren said...

that looks yummy! The pictures of them doing the eggs is so cute. You are looking great I need to get motivated!!

undomestic mama said...

You look amazing! Looks like Cullen has a blast with your family, that's so awesome you get to see them so often.

Ashley said...

You're looking great Annie!! Wicked body, definitely inspiring...who says you can't look amazing after babies right?!

Expat Girl said...

Helloooo six pack Annie can we swap stomachs?!

kate said...

you look awesome!!!! and i hear ya on the spring cleaning. im starting mine next week, but im pretty excited about it!

Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

Looks like you are having tons of fun and you go girl with your workouts! Your tummy is looking toned; yahoo! I too am working hard and I need to lose weight so it's good. You definitely are inspiring though. ;) Hope you have a happy Easter!

Lindsey said...

You look fantastic obviously!!! I am totally inspired by you! Even though I am not allowed to run (drs orders forever which sucks) due to my knees, I am determined to find other innovative circuit workouts and cardio training because I want to tone up! Thank you for posting this love!

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