Wednesday, March 20, 2013

colors of spring...

It's the first day of Spring, YAY!
I think the high temp here in MN with the wind-chill is -2.
How depressing.
I've been "Spring clothes" shopping for a few months now. 
Only buying pieces when they are on sale.
Keeping in mind what I lived in last Spring/Summer I know I don't need much.
If I wasn't outside painting wearing the same paint clothes (those clothes got a workout from being worn and washed daily) I was at the pool with Cullen or playing at the park.

On to the S.P.R.I.N.G. clothes... 
I went out to dinner with a friend the other night and I decided to wear one of my "Spring" tops, I paired it with leggings and boots.  It was SOOOOO cold outside!!
I posted this pic on instagram and received so many sweet comments.  A lot of you were wondering where the top is from, it's from Francesca's.  I only shop there when they have a buy one, get one half off sale.  They have them ALL.THE.TIME! At least the one I go to does.
I buy all size Small, this top is long and runs a little big.
 I think all their tops run a little big, not true to size.

Also, I received lots of hair comments and gals asking for a tutorial, that won't be happening although I will share what I use for my hair soon!

All the comments on that pic got me wondering what the Spring clothes colors are this year and had me curious if the clothes I had already purchased were the right colors ;)

 Well what do you know, I didn't do too bad not knowing the "colors of Spring"....
The top I'm wearing above is the center top row photo.
I found the white and mint skinnies at Francesca's, they are soft and stretchy.
I love the lemon zest color although now that I have blonde hair I don't think I'd like that color against my hair. I need something in the poppy red color!
It's so hard to tell from my horrible phone pictures above the exact colors.
The stripped top is a darker purple, much more like the African violet color and the back is sheer, I love how flowy it is yet still figure friendly.
I guess you could say I really like the nectarine color.
I think the blue top above with the white skinnies and a big anchor necklace (in either gold or silver) would be cute.
Black will always be a staple go to color for me although I am trying to grow the amount of color in my closet.  I have a couple other items I didn't post that I've gotten recently.
This is a black top I wore over the weekend to little Ms. Cammy's birthday party...
I'm starting to like gold more and more.
Only took me 10 years.
When it comes to buying clothes, I think I actually purchase more workout clothes than I do "normal" clothes.  My pink workout tank from Monday's post received more questions than anything I've posted lately. 
Btw, that pink tank was from Kohl' was on sale and then 30% OFF on top of the sale price, I think it was $8! It's long, soft and I love it!  I ordered a couple in other colors along with some new workout pants, zip-ups and my most favorite clothing item, leggings.  I got a pair of black leggings with white polka dots that I think would be cute to wear with any of the white tops above as well. 
I tend to forget about shopping at Kohl's for workout clothes, which is probably a good thing but when I remember I always find amazing deals and free shipping.
Where have you all been shopping for Spring clothes? 

Now it's time for shoes, accessories and nail polish...I added to my Essie collection yesterday, I was only feeling pinks I guess.

I will post Cullen's Spring/Summer wardrobe soon, his is a tad larger than mine.
I've found him lots of cute clothes!!
 Anyone that thinks shopping for a boy isn't fun, must not have one.
Hopefully he actually gets a chance to wear it all and hopefully it warms up ASAP!


Expat Girl said...

You always looks so cute :) I loveeee Francesca's so I totally need to get on board and see if my local one has those sales, my husband would be more appreciative those days haha. Aside from my Victoria's Secret workout clothes I buy a lot of cute things from the workout section of Old Navy but shhh that's my secret !!

undomestic mama said...

Where are your boots from?! I still need to buy some cute boots.

Natalie said...

Love all of the spring colors. It's definitely a new season here, but while the warmer weather is great I kinda dread it. It just means summer is that much closer with it's 100 degree days. Yuck. Humidity is NOT my friend.

Boy clothes shopping IS fun, but just wait until you're buying him the same things in another 10-15 years as you did when he was 2.

Life of a Blonde said...

Fun! Great inspiration! I recently purchased some Lulu Lemon leggings - I said I wouldn't EVER do it... but I LOOOVE THEM! I highly recommend them for working out. I also wear them for teaching dance - they aren't see through at all which is so great!

Side note: I recently bought that same white shirt online from Francesca's.... buy one get one half off deal. I also bought a new spring dress from there. Where is the actual store in MN? I've only shopped online. Cute clothes at this store.

Lindsey said...

Ok- I love ALL of this post!!!! You are adorable and I am glad you posted that pick so everyone else can see how stinkin cute you look hehe! Love all the pieces you bought- I bought some fun finds too this year- all on sale as well! Ever since having the girls I never buy anything for myself at full price- it has to be a good deal for me to get it! I loooovvvee the black/gold top that you wore over the weekend- that is super cute mama! xo

Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

I love all of the spring colors; they make me so excited that spring is here and all of your outfits are so pretty. Loving your hair again btw!

Miranda said...

Love the white top in that pic, with the leggings. I must go buy and hope they still have in stock. Please let me ask you, are you a natural black head or blonde? The reason I ask is I am black through and through, no brunette to me, all black and I've tried to go blonde but it always turns yellow due to the darkness of my hair. Just wondering if you like yourself better as dark or light and what do you have to do to get it light without turning yellow?

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