Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 9, 2009

Saturday after the big engagement night I met Laura and Brody for breakfast at Perkins. Brody was a little angel the entire time. He is such a cute and sweet baby. I shared the big news with Laura and she couldn't have been more excited for us. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. We had a great meal and chatted for a while. Perfect way to start the day! I posted a pic of me and my little buddy Brody :) Such a good baby!

I spent Saturday night watching the triplets and Finn. They were very well behaved and we had a mellow evening. I also shared the news with all the boys and was asked right away if that meant I would be marrying Billy and spending my whole life with him. In which I answered with of course, yes, I will be. :) When Mike and Liz got home I was able to share the news with them as well and they were very happy for Billy and I. Their only request was to get Billy over there to meet them. They are such sweet people and I'm glad to know them and be able to watch their boys. Hopefully Billy and I can get over to their house for a glass of wine sometime soon.

Once home I was able to see my wonderful fiance. We lead such busy lives lately it's great to see him any time I possibly can.

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