Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabulous Memorial Day weekend recap :)

It's been over a week since I last wrote but I've been staying busy. Last week I managed to make a trip to the gym Monday-Thursday. I totally fell off the wagon on the weekend but it was a fun/busy weekend and worth the 2 trips to McDonalds ;) The second being the best, Lexie and I brought Dominic and he just loved it. He played in the tunnels and got so excited to be running through them, he was loud and loved making noise. He is such a big boy these days! So much fun to play with. Lex and I also brought him to the park and to the mall and ended the day with smoothies from INTA Juice! Here is Dominic with a smoothie, he looks so tiny and the cup seems so big! Us 3 had a fun day together.
That was on Sunday and that night we grilled at Mom and Dad's house, we all sat out on the deck and Dominic continued to be the entertainment, talking in his "monster" voice. We were all getting a good laugh out of that. That was the first Sunday dinner Billy has missed in a while, I missed him but I understand work is in the very busy season. We did get to spend a few hours together on Sunday night and enjoy each other's company from 9 pm to 3 in the morning. I think that was the latest we've stayed up in a while but decided it was all worth it. Actually, I know we were up just about as late on Friday night. I babysat the 4 boys that night and he had hockey, by the time we both got home had a bite to eat (mcdonalds) it was almost midnight but Billy had work to do at the zoo so we hoped in the car and headed there. We got home close to 2, late night but he needed my help and had to do his job so we got it done together. I kind of jumped all over with the 3 day weekend. I left out Saturday and I spent that day with my sister as well, we just ran lots of errands together. That evening I watched my best friend Laura's baby, Brody. He is just a little angel baby. Happiest little guy I've met. Billy and I took him for a walk and when he fell asleep for the night he slept in our bed with Gus. Billy crashed early that night as well so when Laura came to pick Brody up we got to have some girl chat for a few hours, loved her company :) She is such a wonderful mommy and friend, I'm blessed to have her in my life.
Here are some pics of her little guy! Such a cutie :) Billy was laying on the floor playing with him while I snapped some pics!

Brody and I laid on the couch to go to sleep and this is all he wanted to do! Laugh and Laugh! It was too funny, he had me laughing!

Now jumping back to Monday, I went to my parents house to help my mom and Lex with a school photo board project, ate lunch with Lexie and decided I needed to go home and catch up on some sleep. I napped the afternoon away and when Billy got home at 4 we had some relaxing time together. I'm sure it was much needed since he spent the past 2 days working 12 hour days, if not more! His energy and motivation for work and our life continues to amaze me. He does everything he does for our future and I'm so very thankful. I decided to clean and get some laundry done since Billy has been working so hard, he continued to relax. Around 5:30 he decided to start getting dinner ready. He told me I couldn't help with anything and I was perfectly fine with that. Our feast ended up including ribs (slow cooked for 3 hours), corn on the cob and potatoes and onions. All cooked on the grill, it was absolutely delish! I think it's my new favorite meal. I wonder if he would mind making it every week ;) Him and I ended up getting to bed around 10, very decent time for us considering most of our nights don't start until 9:30/10.

Overall it was a wonderfully perfect weekend, including my favorite people, great food and shopping! :)

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