Thursday, March 29, 2012

some more baby item favorites...

i know have a done a post about items cullen/i use for him on an almost daily basis so i thought i would do another since i didn't include all of our favorites!

cullen LIVED on and LOVED his play mat from one month on!  he laid on his play mat almost every morning.  i would nurse him then lay him on his mat while i pumped and did dishes and started laundry.  we had the foam mat under the play mat (and sometimes a blanket) because i thought it made it much more comfy.  after a couple of months cullen was always reaching for the toys on his mat so i changed the toys on the mat with some of the lamaze toys.  cullen also loved the music and lights on his playmat!

i have to say the lamaze toys can be a little spendy (for a rattle) but they are totally worth it!!  we had 5 of them and i feel we certainly got our money's worth.  i am passing them onto baby holden :)  along with our play mat!  i hope he can enjoy them just as much as cullen did!
jacque the peacock, mortimer the moose, captain calamari, rusty robot and stretch the giraffe.
these toys are perfect for clipping on the carry cradle as well!

another item cullen used almost daily from 3 months on was his bumbo!  cullen could sit very well in it and since he started cereal at 3 months it was the perfect spot to feed him!  we also had the tray and we would sit toys on it for him, he pushed them off a lot but we had suction toys and we would connect other toys to it.  it was also the perfect little chair for him to sit in while we were outside on the deck.  we would set it on the table next to us.  cullen also used the bumbo at my parents house for quite a few months, it was perfect place for him to sit and eat dinner in.  the bumbo is so light weight and easy to move around anywhere.  

 i mentioned our play foam mat above and i don't think i posted on that previously but i for sure think that was worth the money as well!  we have no carpet in our house, only hardwood so this mat was perfect for the play area in our living room. i found ours at babies r us, it was originally $25 and on sale for $19.99! that was a steal of a deal!  i have  retired it but cullen used it every day for at least 6 months.  now cullen is all over the place ;)  i don't know why but the playmat at buybuybaby is $59!! don't buy it there ;) all the pictures below and so many more were taken on our foam mat.

one last item we used all the time and still do, this rocking chair!
it vibrates and has straps.  it was nice to use when cullen was a few months old because i could rock him in it and he would sleep for hours! we still use it today, with the kick stand.  it tips back so cullen can drink bottles in it or just hang out in it.  he pulls up on it all the time as well, he loves standing. it's light weight so it has been moved all around the house.  my best friend had one for her little guy and she swore by it so i had to get one and i'm glad i did :) cullen doesn't nap in his crib during the day because the other baby i watch sleeps in there so he either naps in his pack n play or the chair. we use it as much now as we did many months ago.  also, i almost forgot it has a little toy thing that goes across the top!  i used to bring the chair into the bathroom so i could shower and cullen would hang in the chair and play with the toys.

more things we used every day the boppy, swing and jumper!
some things we didn't use include a diaper wipe warmer, a diaper genie or a nap nanny. 

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undomestic chica said...

I agree with you on the foam mat! Once my little guys started sitting, I decided we had to have one because otherwise they'd fall back and hot their head on the hardwoods. We'll keep it until they both start walking at least.

Crystal Seed said...

Chloe loved her bouncy chair and her play mat. Your little guy is too cute for words!!!

Lindsey said...

Great post mama!!! Very helpful for many of the mamas to be!! We loooovvvvveeee our foam mat!! Julianna now puts the letters and numbers in order which was a purpose I didn't anticipate when I first purchased it :)

Blicious said...

HE IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!! I cant even take it! hahah


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