Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here are a collection of pictures from Cullen's first birthday party!! It was Mickey Mouse themed and turned out perfect!! 
the adorable smash cake was made by a sweet blog friend --> KELLY 
thank you girly, we all LOVED it!! :)  
only wish i could have actually met you!! 
my mom said you were a sweet, pretty girl!

for some of the tables i used wrapping paper as a table cloth. what a brilliant idea, whoever came up with that! 

the balloon wreath that weighed about 30 pounds and consumed about 700 balloons and the giant mickey! both were a huge hit, the balloon wreath was loved by all adults and the children had a blast attacking mickey.  
i also ordred a bunch of latex helium balloons but with only an hour of time for set up i never got around to doing anything with them and they were all 30 tied to one chair the entire party ;)  oh well, live and learn :) 

C was not havin' the cake at all!! 
daddy B liked the cake though!
 C's favorite present...he still plays with this thing every day! :)
 love how he sits! he is such a big boy now!
 me, my momma and sis
 gma and C bear

the centerpieces were pinterest inspired and quite simple to make, i love how they turned out.  there was also a bunch of hand punched out mickey confetti on the tables, thanks to my sis!
 we had a hot diggity-dog hot dot bar! 
i think my bloggy bestie patty inspired that idea and she found a pin on pinterest to cook hotdogs in a crock-pot, best idea ever!  thanks friend!!

 I had a photographer for Cullen's birthday and I think it was the best decision I made for the party.  It was one of my sister's friends and she also took all of Cullen's one year pics, I loved how they turned out and knew she was perfect fit to come take party pics.  I didn't have to worry about taking any pictures nor did I have to always ask for people to pose for pics.  If we are facebook friends I'm sure you saw the rest of the other 100 pictures ;)  
So much fun to plan and I think C had a blast walking around with his cousins and friends!
Did I mention on here yet that Cullen is walking/running everywhere now?!  And of course he is as sweet and adorable as ever....he is a total boy and totally mischievous! ha!!

p.s. i opened up "shop cullen's closet" again and this time with FREE SHIPPING! go check it out and pass along the word to your friends and family who might be looking for low priced/ cheap brand name baby boy clothes, thanks all!! :)


Joeylee said...

Super adorable. Everything turned out so good, great job. Cullen is so cute

Expat Girl said...

Everything looks great!

Kelli said...

Looks like a great party for a sweet one year old! I used to collect Mickey Mouse stuff so seeing all those pictures brings back memories :) I really like the gum balls / candy in the jars!

Jazmine @ Life As A Young Mom said...

OMG his birthday party looked AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ummmmm seriously!?! holy canolis. will you throw me my next birthday???? ill be 25. hello kitty theme. please and thanks.

Tickled Pink said...

Wow! You are amazing!!

Jen + Jeff said...

You really thought of everything! It looks like it was a fun celebration for Cullen.

Shannon Dew said...

Holy smokes this is too cute for words! You did an amazing job mama!

Jessica said...

I love love love everything! especially the wreath!

LWLH said...

His party came out amazing!!!

Carolyn said...

It's SO CUTE! I love it!! :)

Lana said...

You did an amazing job on his birthday party! I LOVE all the little details and everything....kuddos to you! :)

Mitzi G. said...

You did an amazing job!!!!

Melissa said...

Very adorable!

Lisa Marie said...

Girl, you did an AWESOME job on the decorating!!! SO adorable! And smart decision hiring a photographer. That was a HUGE mistake for me : ( Anyway, looks like it was a great time, happy birthday again sweet Cullen!

Shannon said...

I love everything about this and may need to steal some ideas for Hunters first bday!

Kelly said...

Ohhhhhhh SO cute!!! So glad the cake tied in with everything else, but SORRY Cullen didn't like it, hahaha!! ;-D Looks like you all had THE BEST day!!

Ashley said...

YOU DID a fabulous job! it came out so well! AND, how did I NOT know C was a ginger? I thought he was blond?? I have a ginger too :)
We had A's party this past weekend and I Just posted a thousand pics. I love birthday parties!

Shayla said...

What fabulous party decor!!!

I love what you did!!!! :D very cute!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The party looks like it was a complete success! I love all of the decorations and special touches that you did! I swear if you opened an etsy shop I would order non stop from your crafts!

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