Sunday, September 2, 2012

blow out SALES....

Two of our favorite sites for baby clothes and gear, Zulily and Totsy are having awesome labor day blow-out sales.
We ordered our jogging stroller (from Zulily) and we have ordered clothes and toys for Cullen from both sites and we've always had awesome service and quick shipping!! 
Since they are having blow-out sales, this means REALLY low prices. I love both these sites and purchase from them regularly. I love the prices and that I am able to buy so much for so much LESS than in store!  
Ya'll know about my LOVE for pj' many cute ones on SUPER SALE right now!

Just as a little FYI – on both sites (and post flash deal sites) your order will not ship for 1-4 weeks. This is because after the sale ends, the vendor ships to the sale host and then ships to the buyer. Patience pays off in the long run!  Speaking of running...when I ordered our jogging stroller I received it within a week (huge surprise)!! Can you tell I LOVE that stroller ;)
Cullen needs some shoes (and jammies!), I'm off to do some shopping :)

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Todd and Courtney said...

I LOVE that you love Lauren Kelly too. Seriously, she's the nicest girl ever. I'm beyond thankful I've gotten to see her 3-4 times now. We will head back down to Orlando in November so I'll see her then too. She's the best. Thank you for your sweet comments. LOVE LOVE your family too!!

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