Friday, July 18, 2014

making decisions...

When I became a stay at home mom losing my entire salary was not easy to swallow.  I had worked hard for the past 9 years to make the money I was making. It was hard to let go and start a new life with no income of my own. Seeing Culley's sweet face all day, every day was all that mattered to me though.
I knew I needed to be with him and I don't regret my decision.

Billy was just starting a new business himself and opening up a huge gym.
He had to be away a lot so I'm glad that I made the decision to be home with my little guy every day.  Cullen was the baby that nursed every 2 hours on the dot!  He was also an angel baby so we lived in our own little la la land on a daily basis ;)

Anywho...I literally waited until the very last hour of my last day of maternity leave to make my final decision to quit my job. It was probably one of the hardest decisions of my life. I was raised that you earn everything you have. I worked 2 jobs and babysat every chance I had by the time I was 16.
I love making "my own" money, knowing that I earned it.

Fast track to six months ago, I made the decision to start working again, as a stay at home working mom. Which was another hard decision and one I contemplated for a year!  I couldn't decide if being a BeachBody coach was for me.  At the time I felt lost and like I didn't have much control of my own life.  Everything I was doing was for Cullen. 

Then, one night I had a light bulb go off and I figured if I workout to keep myself healthy for Cullen (and myself) why wouldn't I want to help motivate others to do the same.  I sent a facebook message to my sweet friend and decided right then that I was going to sign up to coach with BeachBody.

Hands down, best decision I've made since I had Cullen!
I'm proud of myself and the decision I made.
Now I feel like a void has been filled in my life.
I have something to define myself besides just being C's mom or B's wife.
I needed this "job" and I'm thrilled to have such an amazing supportive team.
My team continues to grow and I've even added three more amazing ladies just this past week!!
My job as a BeachBody coach is incredibly fulfilling and the fact that I make good money doing it is just an added bonus!!

Next hard decision for me....going to look at schools for Cullen, hopefully starting TODAY. 
He went to preschool this past May and part of June and he loved it. 
Now I think it's time to get him back into something so he can have interaction with other kiddos.
I know my BeachBody career is only going to continue to grow so I feel I need to have a little alone time to focus my mind on BeachBody daily without any interruptions so I think this will be the perfect fit for him and I both.
Wish us luck in this next chapter...

(no pics on the account that they won't upload, BOO!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


ajs {of MN} said...

working from home is NOT easy, as I know all too well.... be proud of who you are and what you do every single day! we make daily sacrifices and no matter what our little ones are the priority- but we sure do need our alone time to focus and give 110% to work as well. we deserve it! glad to see you back blogging, i need to get back into it!

Dana said...

Glad to hear you have found your passion!! I am a Beachbody coach as well. I have to say it's the most rewarding job ever!! Congrats to you and good luck with everything!

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