Friday, June 11, 2010

some random and a walmart rant

hi ladies!
thanks a million for your comments on my last post!
ya'll are the best!

so i've decided my dad will for sure be walking me down the aisle!
my family is very close and i love my pops to pieces :)
i think we will have music playing the whole time, it will start when i walk down the aisle.
not exactly sure what music we will use yet but i'm thinking michael buble!
still not positive on pool decor, i'm thinking maybe balloons or beach balls.
depends what i can find and prices.

these are some jugs i decorated the other day.
they are for the dinner after the ceremony.
there are not many options for a cupcake stands.
i bought one and i'm going to paint it lime green.
then the cupcakes will have pink and orange frosting!

if you follow me on twitter you probably already know this.
i got the call last night that my dress has come in!!!!
i'm going to get it tomorrow!! :)
also, yesterday billy came and met me for lunch and we went to macy's to get his suit and shirt/tie!!
he looked so handsome!! i love him ;)
total coincidence that he got his suit and my dress came in on the same day!

onto something else totally random...
i don't online shop and i don't like going to the mall.
but i got this cute dress at kohls the other day, i'm addicted to kohl's clothes right now.
the dress is a bright melon color and has some beads on it, its flowy and perfect for summer!
love it!
link to see it better --> dress
phone pics suck...

now for the rant...
i went to walmart the other day because they always have diet coke on sale.
i have a diet coke addiction that must be fed.
i picked up a couple little things for our gussy bear as well and other random crap i didn't need.
when i got to the check out an item didn't have a tag on it.
the check out lady asked me how much it was and i said $3.
she said no, it's not. i know how much it is and it's $3.75.
i said okay, that's fine.
even though i knew it was $3.
i had just grabbed the item off an end cap.
then she says well i'll just give it to you for $3 but i know it's $3.75.
ha! okay, whatever crazy lady wearing latex gloves.
i get home from running errands for 3 hours and realize that she didn't give me one of my bags.
the bag that had all of gussy's stuff in it :(
billy calls and they said we will set the bag at customer service and it's fine to come get it tomorrow.
yesterday after work i head to walmart.
i get in line and there was no one ahead of me.
there were 4 customer service people working.
they are soooooooooooo slow there!
btw, at target, they have the fastest customer service EVER.
25 minutes later, it's finally my turn.
the line is now 10 people deep and someone totally cut and just walked up to the desk and got served.
that really annoyed me!

anyway, its finally my turn i show them my receipt and ask for my bag.
of course they do not have it, it's nowhere to be found.
she tells me to go walk around the store and get the items that i bought and then come verify them.
i'm thinking are you flippin kidding me.
so, go grab the items and then come stand in this outrageous line again?!
i was not a happy camper.
i went to go grab my items and some were sold out.
i went straight to the counter and skipped the line,
showed her my items and said i didn't even want my money back for the items i didn't get.
as i'm walking out the guy at the door asked me if i wanted a smile face sticker.
it actually made me laugh, out loud! haha.

i'm done with walmart!
well, untill i run out of diet coke ;)
i'm just NEVER going to the one in my city again.
i'll drive 10 minutes to a different city for my DC! ;)
sorry for the long rant!
i know it's not a big thing, i was just frustrated and i'm used to target and no one hands out stickers or wears latex gloves there. they also don't make the customer out to be wrong.

happy friday!!
have a great weekend friends!!


J and A said...

I hear ya girl. I hate Walmart cutomer service. I WISH we had Target! Come to Canada already! :(
Love your punch decanters! So pretty!

Melissa said...

Girl, I am NOT a fan of Walmart!

Lauren Kelly said...

YAY!!! Can’t wait to see you in your dress. You’re going to be GORGEOUS!!! And that right there, my friend, is reason #9853448589 why I don’t like Wal-Mart!!!!!!!!!!!

All About Aleigha said...

That is so funny, do you want a smile sticker. Only at Walmart. The juice decor is so cute. I bet you are so excited about your dress. Can't wait to see pics.

carrie1 said...

EWWW..... I think I have only been to Walmoart like twice this year. I hate it with a passion. Chris always laughs at me because I hate going in there to deal with idiots.

Target all the way! I just we had a super Target here.

Another pool idea... what if you got a water spout thingy for the pool hook up so that it looks like a fountain?? That would be pretty too... and drop in some flowers.. they should float.

Megan said...

Love the jugs, so cute. Wish I could see the dress better, but I am sure it is adorable. Glad you chose to have music and your Dad walk you down the aisle.

littledaisymay said...

Oh Wally World! I try to steer clear of there at all costs! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it will be a beautiful day - there is something about small family weddings that I really like. It seems more appreciative of family and the marriage than a big hullaboo. But we had a big wedding, so I can't entirely diss our big day! I am sure you will be a stunning bride - cannot wait to hear how the fitting went today! Fingers crossed!

Kristen said...

I just had that same issue last week, left a bag at Walmart and by the time I went back 20 minutes later it was no where to be found! I had to go back through the store and find each item and then come back and verify everything with them. Made me a not happy camper!

Meg said...

Walmart is crazy, I avoid it at all costs. I'm a Target girl myself. At least you got Gussy's stuff back.

I love the jugs you decorated they are adorable. Also, look at this site for your cupcakes: We are getting out liners from here is bright pink and bright orange.

I am excited you got your dress and I <3 Michael Buble.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm not a fan of Wally World but I still shop there...a deals a deal.

Brown Girl said...

Wal Mart is lame but it's just so damn cheap, hard not to shop there. Congrats on the dress coming in, that's exciting! Mine came in and I was so sad face about the cost of alterations...hopefully yours fits like a glove. And I know your mom can work wonders if need be! ;)

Whitney said...

I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

I know what you mean about Wal-mart. They are soooo slow. At my Wal-marts in my city, they always have like 5 registers open, and people are lined up, since it is so busy. What do they use those other registers for? I agree about Target. It is so much better!

Mrs. Potts said...

Super cute dress!

I'm excited that things are coming together for you guys!

And I HATE Walmart - I try to avoid it at all costs!!

J&Paper said...

All of your wedding decor is going to be STUNNING!! I'm so excited for you!

Here is the link to my new blog too! :)

Lemonade Girl said...

I love love love your wedding colors! It's going to be fab! Hear you on the diet coke... and WM has the cube for $5... total score! Even if it is pure chaos!

Jamie Pickle said...

Hubby will NOT go into Walmart!! He hates that place. I love Target, except for the fact that I always end up spending way more than planned.

How exciting that your dress is in!!!!

Politics and Pearls said...

I am a Target only kinda girl... I hate WM too!!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I gave up on Walmart years ago! Target all the way!!

Iva said...

YAY! can't wait to see your dress! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Rasha said...

Those cups are soooo cute, I love them~~

and i hate walmart, haha

OceanDreams said...

That is so frustrating when people are that way, yesterday I went to Len's Crafters to buy something and I left without the purchase and the receipt because I got distracted and was talking to her! Now they have to make sure I paid for it, oh brother. I think stores need to TRUST their customers instead of thinking we are trying to steal or something. They end up losing our business because they are so afraid of people not telling the truth. Would we really go to that much effort to make something up? Okay, now I'm ranting, lol. How fun that you and Billy both got your tux/dress on the same day, SO exciting! Have a wonderful weekend.

Brittany said...

Congrats on getting your dress!! The dress you bought at Kohl's is pretty cute too :-)

Walmart annoysss me but does have better deals then Target sometimes.

The jugs you made are too cute! Have a great weekend :-)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I do NOT shop at wal-mart. they are all like that not just the one in your town! sorry you had such a hard time!

Katie said...

i LOVE your wedding ideas and congrats on your dress coming in!!! and i TOTALLY love kohls. they're quick, you don't have to deal with crazy parking, and CHEAP! everything's always on sale! i've gotten a lot of maternity stuff from there.

now, onto walmart, i have to say i love it. BUT i go to one where you can self check out. maybe that's why. i go in, spend far too much, and then come out with things i don't need. ha! sorry about them losing your bag, that SUCKS!

have a great weekend doll!

Sarah Ann said...

I have a love/hate relationship with WalMart. I've had awesome customer service regarding returning items but I hate hate hate how terribly slow they are! I also hate that they don't do a very good job stocking their items unless it's a frequently purchased item. Ugh! I agree, Target is sooooo much better!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow it really sounds like your wedding is in full swing. How exciting. Everything sounds like it will be just beautiful.

Walmart. Yuck! I would have been so mad too.

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

OMG Wal Mart is THEEE worst place for customer service and they are sooooooo slow. I just scored a super cute dress for $3 bucks!

Danielle said...

Wal-Mart is a serious source of stress for me! IDK if shoppers do it in Minnesota...but they completely forget their manners when they walk in the door here. Stopping in the middle of aisles, no "excuses me" when they run you over with their cart, etc.

On a happier note, so glad you decided to have your dad walk you down the aisle. And I love the cupcake idea for a smaller wedding :) It sounds like its going to be beautiful, fun and summery.

katie beth said...

The Wally world's in my area are ridiculous! Absolutely terrible. Congrats on getting your dress! That sounds lovely and exciting.

Ams said...

Ohhhhh I would have been SO mad... ridiculous!
And I love love love Target but you know, they do NOT have it Target in Canada??!! Now THAT is ridiculous.
That dress you bought at Kohl's is SO cute... I love it. And you are gorgeous lady!
I can't wait to see your wedding pics.. you and Billy are going to look smashing!

Jenna said...

Oh wow, glad it's not just my Wal-Mart LOL..the only problem is my husband is a manager there :( sigh... I'm like where do they get these people? TRAIN THEM ALREADY...and wait I used to be a cashier in highschool for 4 years hahaha!

Ambs said...

I love Kohl's too! And I feel the same way about Wal Mart! I bought the BF a Wii for christmas and on Christmas night, open it up, so excited to play and someone had stolen the Wii sports game!! It HAD to have been an employee too because they brought it to me from the back... but with their rollback prices, how can you really resist too long??

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh I love the thought of the beach balls and you can always find great ones at the dollar store!

Ugh! I hate walmart!!!

Marcie said...

Your blog is just adorable! Thanks for visiting me so I could find you. I can't wait to read about your wedding adventures. Those punch bowls are so cute!


Jules said...

I’m so glad you’ve decided to have your dad walk you down the aisle. That will be really special! You could make a really cool mix on your iPod for the ceremony and reception and I know how you and Billy love Michael Buble, so that would be a wonderful choice. Try for the pool decorations or just decorations in general. They always have great prices and usually have free shipping and other coupons. If you use eBates you’ll even get cash back ;)

The drink jugs you decorated are so pretty and colorful.

That is so cute that your dress came in and Billy got his suit the same day. I can’t wait to see you in your gown

The dress you got at Kohl’s is pretty. I haven’t been there lately, but definitely need to visit,

I loathe Walmart and completely know what you mean. That cashier sounds nutty and I have had to go to their customer service before and it’s soooo slow. That sucks you had to deal with that. Target is definitely much better!

I hope you had a great weekend :)

Brittany said...

If we had a Target in my town, I would NEVER go to Walmart.. and as it stands I try and stay away as much as possible! I'll drive 30 minutes to go to Target over walmart..

SOOO excited you got your dress in! Your colors are so bright and beachy! I love it for summer! CAN NOT WAIT to see pictures of your wedding!:))

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