Monday, February 6, 2012

who cares what punxsutawney phil says....

i'm over winter and ready for spring!  i shouldn't complain because minnesota has so far had a mild winter.  that being said, our winter doesn't end until march/april.  it really doesn't matter what that little gopher (ground hog) thing says because in minnesota no matter what we will have another 6 weeks of winter.  

BUT i'm just ready for spring!  
i want to play outside with culley!  
i feel like we are cooped up 5-6 out of the 7 days a week.  it's time to get out and have fun!  speaking of getting outside and playing, momma's what outdoor toys do you recommend?  we do not have a yard but we have plenty of safe play area out front of our home for cullen to play.  we will be going to the park a lot for swinging and sliding!

now, back on track to why i even started writing this post...

(according to pantone)

i am LOVING all these colors!!
i went to the mall over the weekend and i found a couple items in some of the above colors.  i really like the cockatoo and margarita colors so i need to find some clothes in those colors. i didn't see anything in those colors out yet and i also didn't see this chart until after i went to the mall but i did happen to buy a few things from the pantone spring colors.  i actually looked up the color chart up on sunday trying to decide on what nail polish colors to buy ;)

keep in mind now that i'm no fashionista nor do i claim to be.  like most girls, i just like to shop!
here are a couple things i found at francesca's and express...
(this shirt is more of the cabaret color)
apparently i'm not good at photographing clothes, ha!

tango and driftwood

i'm not sure what this fabric is but i love it, so soft
driftwood mixed with white
again, that soft fabric

this green color isn't on the color chart but i think this color is so pretty, i'll be wearing both the below shirts still this winter.
emerald green
fern green

lastly, staple colors in my closet, white and black.  
i have worn this already with leggins, it's long and very comfy.
majority of my closet is black and gray.  i need more color!

now, how come i have never heard of francesca's?  
i must live in a bubble.
do ya'll shop there or have you at least heard of it?
i just happened to go in there and they have the cutest tops and their prices are awesome!
i was just there and can't wait to go back!  so many cute shirts, dresses, bracelets....everything, adorable!!
express has always been a staple store in my book.  only thing i don't like about express, everyone shops there (at least in MN).  i don't really have other set stores i shop at, if i go in somewhere and i see something i like and it's reasonably priced, i'll get it.  i have some boutiques in my area as well that i love to shop at. 
what are some of your favorite places to shop?

since i plan to get out of the house a lot more once the warmer weather comes around i decided to be prepared and grab a couple cute shirts.  i wear a lot of tanks in the summer as well so i'll be stocking up on those soon.
i live in comfy clothes all week, including leggins or yogas and a cami on a daily basis. 
thankfully hubs is in his hockey warm ups almost daily so i feel like we are even when it comes to daily wardrobe, ha!

i'm not sure what i want to buy for bottoms when it comes to pants, jeans, jeggins, leggins, shorts for spring/summer....
i have no idea what is in style?
i would LOVE an awesome pair of white jeans/pants but with having a one year old (OMG, can you believe cullen is almost ONE!!) i don't know if that's such a great idea.

i also know floral patterns are big for this spring as well!  i saw some at express but nothing really caught my eye.

i didn't leave culley out from our shopping trip either.
he got some new stretchies!  
children's place always has the cutest jammies!! a lot of cullen's pj's are carter's fleece and he gets way too hot in them so we had to stock up on some lighter weight CP's stretchies. too cute...

p.s. after reading this post do you think i'm as scattered brain as i think i am?! ;)
and what was up with all the hyundai commercials during the super bowl?  are they taking over the world?


Melissa said...

I'm loving the new colors for Spring too!

Dragonfly Tales said...

Love the clothes you got! Posts like this always make me want to shop. Thanks for sharing!

Shell said...

I knew we had a Francesca's but I never went in there as it was in our upscale mall and thought oh that must be expensive. They actually did an article in a local magazine where I live showing 2 really cute dresses for reasonable prices. It is on my list of stores to visit before my honeymoon in May.

Ashley said...

I'm loving all your new clothes!! They are super cute and i think they'd go great with your short hair. Cullen has a stylish mommy :)

Mrs. Mama said...

girl you did awesome! I LOVE all those tops, so cute!

Lindsey said...

Girlfriend those tops are thebombdotcom!!! I need new spring tops ASAP!! You will rock those mama!!

Roxy said...

Anthro, Banana & J.Crew have and always will be my loves. I'm a preppy for life.

And yes, Koreans ARE taking over the world. :)

This South Korean's Got Seoul

Mitzi G. said...

I am guilty of have a lot of dark in my closet too & have to make myself look at other colors when I am shopping. I always say I am going to :branch out" but dark colors hide all the flaws that I have from mommyhood & I guess it a comfort thing........I will do better & LOVE the coral colors

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute clothes! i love express! i bought the cutest yellow and tan sweater there this weekend!

And of course you can't forget baby cullen!

Mrs in Training said...

White pants/jeans can wash and bleach ;) Just carry a Tide pen just in case!

Annie said...

Love the colors...we havent had much of a winter, but I am over it regardless!! Bring on SPRING!!

Mateya said...

I am so ready for spring! Of course we don't have Francesca's in SD but I have shopped there in Omaha a few's such a great store!

PattyAnn said...

I am loving those colors!!! You and Culley are going to have so much fun this summer, it's such a fun age! Thanks for reminding me I need to go shopping ;)

Becca said...

I am loving those colors of your tops! So cute!

Meagan said...

I've never heard of francesa's!

christine donee said...

yup. you're a scattered brain gal!


undomestic chica said...

Love what you ended up getting! I don't think we have Francesca's here.... and I looked at the same stretchies over the weekend but held off on getting any, for now.

Anonymous said...

Love that first top!! It's gorgeous :) Those bright colors are amazing...

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