Thursday, August 2, 2012

ABC house this past week...

Last tuesday our little Cbear had his 15 month check up and I had to go to the DMV hence my emotionless pic ;)  I did get dressed for the day at least!
 Cullen did excellent at his appt and only cried for a second after getting 2 shots.  
We celebrating with ranch dressing!
If you don't love ranch dressing you probably wouldn't enjoy meal times with my little ABC family ;)
Cullen is the "average" size of a 3 year old!! 
He is 32.5" tall and he weighs 29 pounds 

Since he is the boss we let him dress like Judge Smails frequently.
If you have never seen the movie Caddyshack you probably should asap, it's an 80's classic.
smails himself...
For dinner one night last week I cooked enchiladas, we always use ground turkey.  We even had a turkey tenderloin last week, it was delicious!
 If I cook, the meals are about presentation.

Cullen spends a lot of time on the 3 season porch, he is usually very entertaining if he has an audience :)
I took a pic of myself  outside and compared it to C and I think we have a similar profile.  Some of my instagram friends thought so as well :)

That same evening there was a hot air balloon crash practically in our backyard!!  We think everyone was ok, the balloon landed between a house and the community pool.

 The next evening we had homemade chicken potpie, it was a huge hit. I haven't cooked a potpie in a long time.  We ate the entire pan.  If you want the recipe send me a message, it's quite simple.
 My favorite piece of furniture I've painted so far sold.  A local candy boutique shop bought it to display some of their goodies.  Their company is Droolin' Moose and they brought us a giant cup of chocolate covered graham crackers, so yummy!!
 DaddyB sold his lawn mower and all his lawn equipment and hired a lawn service....he lasted all of 3 months mowing the yard.  I said I was going to sell my broom, mop, vacuum and all my cleaning supplies and hire a maid!
At least the big mow mow is entertainment for Culley! 
 Cullen got his second haircut and..... 
it didn't go nearly as well as the first.  He screamed and had crocodile tears the entire time!
 Certainly turned out ADORABLE and bear is happy about it!
 Cullen indulged in crackers and cheese for the first time, I'd have to say it was enjoyed by him....he sucked the cheese straight out of the container.
 Life is just bananas, as always.  I don't even know when I showered last, that's just my life though. & I'm dirty like that. We are still painting and selling furniture and I've started making and selling wreaths.  I am willing to ship if any of you are interested!! Send me an email if you want pricing they range quite a bit -->

  Cullen has a case of whines lately, I need to get my moby back from my friend so I can tie my baby monkey to my back, he is teething and clingy, poor babe....our niece and nephew are coming to spend the day with C and I tomorrow. B just told me I have emails to send out tonight AND it's 8:30 and we still have not eaten dinner. B also just yelled from downstairs that he needed help...he was stuck in Cullen's play tunnel. ha!

Lastly, y'll know we LOVE Earth's Best around here!
You all probably also know by now that we are BIG snackers around here!
Here are some important snack tips from Earth's Best!!

Children are constantly growing and because of this, it is important they eat at the right times of the day
and snack often to keep their metabolism going and body fueled throughout the day. Many parents fear
that snacking takes away from actual meals but it is important think of snacks as part of a meal and
monitor the nutrition children receive during that snack as if it were part of a meal.  Scheduled snacking
also promotes structured eating patterns and habits!

According to, the typical child's stomach is too small to handle large meals, which
can lead to them being unable to get enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates each day. Healthy snacks
provide extra energy and can also provide essential vitamins and nutrients to fuel the developing body.
Most children need two to three healthy snacks each day in addition to three meals.

Check out “Healthy Snacking Throughout the Day” on the Earth’s Best websites for some great insight
into the importance of snacking and visit the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion to view
toddlers' needs as outlined by the Food Pyramid. Earth's Best and Sesame Street have also teamed up to
develop nutritionally rich snacks that kids will choose on their own.

Some suggested products from Earth’s Best include:
  Earth's Best Kidz Whole Grain Bars
  Cereal with fruit and milk
 Earth's Best Sesame Street Elmo Mac 'n Cheese with Carrots and Broccoli (or use an organic,
whole-wheat boxed variety)
  Apple and banana slices spread with peanut butter
  Hard-boiled eggs
  Yogurt mixed with fresh fruit
  Peanut butter on graham crackers
  Soft cooked veggie finger foods, like carrot sticks or sweet potato sticks, or raw veggies for older

snackers, served with a child friendly dip such as ranch dip.
 Earth's Best Organic Kidz Applesauce 

Of course I have many amazing GIVEAWAYS coming up!  Ya'll know me, I'm a planner so there are some Halloween/Fall goodies coming up!  Keep on entering, everyone is bound to win something sooner or later!!

Hope everyone had a great week, unbelievable that tomorrow is already Friday!


J and A said...

I love that furniture piece. You are one talented mama!! And your wreath collection is amazing!!

Danielle said...

You should look into an Ergi carrier- expwnsive but so worth it! Especially with a big baby :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I AM SO EXCITED to hear that you are selling wreaths! Once I get moved and into the new home in about two weeks, I'm going to email you!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I AM SO EXCITED to hear that you are selling wreaths! Once I get moved and into the new home in about two weeks, I'm going to email you!!!!

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