Tuesday, January 22, 2013


some days we all just need a little motivation.
sometimes quotes and pretty little sayings help.
I have been working out now for almost 4 weeks (on Thursday).  I've only taken 2 days off becuase we had a family Christmas although my workout those days was swimming and chasing Cullen around a hotel ;)  Some days I don't do vigorous workouts, such as Sunday my workout that day was pushing Cullen around in a stroller at the mall for two hours.
I try to workout different muscle groups every day so certain muscles have at least a little rest to recooperate.
AND I love waking up sore, it reminds me that pushing myself the day before was worth it. 

Hard to read but I think I'm going to try this workout today!
 I am always looking on pinterest for new exercises/workouts to try!  I also get Shape and Fitness magazine so I tear out pages in those magazines of workouts I want to do. Finding new workouts is a huge motivation for me, I like to try to challenge myself.
Yesterday I was telling B I did wall planks for the first time and how holding it for a minute was incredibly hard.  He told me to try walking up and down the wall while holding plank. I am going to attempt it today.
For me working out has become an addiction!  As soon as Cullen is down for his nap I put on my shoes and head downstairs to work out anywhere from 60-90 minutes.
I still drink my lemon water every morning. 
I love it.
To start my workouts I either walk at a steep incline at a mooderate rate or I jog at a slight incline for 30 minutes. I do this every day.  I used to love running before I got pregnant and I would run 3-4 miles a day.  I'm working my way back up to that.  

I then follow up with workouts on a fabulous app my friend told me about it's called "workout trainer". I love it! There are tons of free workouts and each one has an instructor with instructions and videos on how to do the workouts. It's very easy to follow along with. I also use MyFitnessPal along with a lot of my twitter friends so we can hold each other accountable. If you are on there and want to be friends, send me an email! :)
Do you use any apps to help keep you on track or for workouts?
Something I know I need to work on, eating fruit. 
I love veggies and eat them throughout the day but I never eat fruit.  Planning to head to the store this evening so I'm going to grab some....I think ;)  Pretty sure I sway away from fruit because of all the sugar and carbs even though I know it's good for me.
That's all I've got for today!
Planning to work on a HUGE post of Culley clothes!
I'm off to have story time with my sweet, smiley Culley.  He just loves books these days!


kate said...

yes eat fruit!!!! it helps for the sweet tooth cravings!! I think you already look amazing, but I understand how working out is good for the mind... it definitely is a HUGE stress reliever for me! I have'nt tried any apps yet. I usually just do the 30 min shred, but will have to look into them!

Mommy Mandy said...

Love these! I am in desperate need of some motivation these days!

Annie said...

Love these quotes!!

Amanda Bogle said...

Thank you for this motivation! I enjoy reading about your progress... in the 4 weeks you have been working so hard what kind if results have you had?

Lindsey said...

Girlfriend you are kicking some serious ass!! You look amazing already but I know that sometimes we all just want this for ourselves and you go girl! So proud of you! Love ya!

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