Monday, June 22, 2009

First weekend of SUMMER fun

I apologize for the long post but I think all the weekend posts are going to be like this, probably all with picture over loads as well….it does cover 3 days ya know! ;)


I frequently babysit for a family with 4 kids triplets that just turned 8 and their younger brother who is 5. All Boys! I had them on Friday night and B joined me out there for a while. The 5 year old, Finn, loves B and got quite the greeting when we walked in followed by a “B you have grown”! I think B would adopt him if he could, he just loves the little guy.
I ended up only watching them until 10. B wanted to go out and start his birthday celebration, I could tell he already had a few drinks and my brother and his fiancĂ© were over so I drove everyone to a local restaurant with a bar/outdoor patio. Here are some pics from that night. Excuse the scariness of me, I didn’t get ready to go out….as you can see in the pics B had a few cocktails. Hehe! Open your eyes honey (i love those handsome eyes of yours)!
My brother and his fiance, G (D's mommy)


B had to work on his birthday so my sis and I decided to make him some cupcakes. Here are some pics of them, I thought they turned out pretty cute. Thank you so much for helping me L!! I never could've done it without her!

I got the recipe/idea here….

Ms. Teddy laying on her beach towel under an umbrella

Mr. Teddy floating in an innertube on the beach

G enjoying some frosting after we were done decorating!

I spent the remainder of the day at my parents house by the pool. It was around 85/90 degrees all day! The whole fam was out by the pool :)

D learned to jump in the pool, such a big boy!

D threw his car in the Auntie L pushed him around on it!

That evening for B’s birthday he decided he wanted to go to the WaTeRpArK down the street from our place. It was still 80 degrees at 6:00. They recently added 2 new big waterslides and a lazy river and it was actually a ton of fun! The water was warm and we had a great time! For dinner we went to a little market and got some meat to grill and some summery salads. We had a low key night at home, walked the pup and just watched some TV.


For Father’s Day I celebrated over at my parents house with my family. My brother works Sunday nights so I went over around 5. Brother opened his card and present from D and my Dad opened his gifts from us kids. All the pics of my Dad are on my mom's

R and D
R is a wonderful Daddy, him and D are so very close
B got off work around 7:30 and then my parents grilled for us and we all hung out and chatted. Love our Sunday night family dinners!!

I’ll end by thanking my Dad for being the most wonderful Dad, I love him so much! I’m so thankful we have such a close family and I know my parents will always be here for me. My Dad is my mister fix-it for anything and everything and has done so much for me throughout my life. Love you Dad!

B you are a wonderful Daddy Bear to our G! I know he would lick you with kisses forever if you let him! Ha! I love you my B!!
Lastly, a pic of me and Dom!


Lindsey said...

What a fun weekend! The pics are so sweet!!!

Cristina said...

what a great weekend! Domenic is a cutie :)

Whitney said...

Sounds like a good weekend!! Dominic is such a cutie!

Katie said...

those cupcakes are so cute!!!!!!!

Adorably Distracted... said...

aww it sounds like you had a great weekend! Your family looks like so much fun!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sounds and looks like you had a great weekend!

♥ H ♥ said...

sounds like so much fun!! I want to try those cupcakes. Way too cute!!

mrosev14 said...

Busy busy weekend!

Those cupcakes are adorable. I am sure BB loved those cupcakes, they are adorable. I hope you have a great week!

Anna said...

Sounds like a FUN weekend! I love the cupcakes. I have seen that idea before but haven't tried them yet. You've inspired me now!

Maryellen said...

Fun weekend! I love the cupcakes you made. They looked delicious and really cute.

C said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm going to steal gus!! So cute! You won the giveaway, btw!

jen + ryan said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by our blog! hope to keep up with you and your adorable blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Well you just partied it up!

Sounds great!

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