Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I logged into blog world this morning to find out that I’m a WINNER! I’m feeling special ;)

I won my first giveaway hosted by Project Pretty! Be sure to check out her site! She is so creative and beautiful inside and out! I love her fun projects!!

The prize I won comes from Embellished Bayou! Be sure to check out Christy’s Etsy shop! There are so many adorable frames and wonderful home décor and gifts!! Such FUN stuff!!

Last night B and I went to his 6 year old nephew’s baseball game! It was only a scorching 95 degrees outside! It was a lot of fun though and we haven’t seen them in a while. Jordy got 2 hits in and he caught the only out of the game. B’s niece Lo is 4 and she is a little peanut. She is always my best friend when we’re together ;) After the game we went to B’s sisters house for some pizza and wings, delish!! Great night with his family!

We got home around 9 and I had to watch Jon and Kate. I hate to admit it but I cried!! I’m so bummed that they are getting divorced. I have been watching the show the past few years. They just renewed their vows and have a brand new million dollar home!! I hope the kids will handle it all okay; they are just the cutest little kids! I am glad that the show will go on and that they are being adults about it. Jon seemed happy and relieved and he did state he is only 32 so he is being optimistic and seems beyond ready to move on. Maybe a little too optimistic, I'm kind of dissappointed in him. I thought that all the tabloid stuff was fake but I think he is ready to move on and be seperate from Kate. I think he just gave up : For Kate, it seems like her whole world has come crashing down, I'm so sad for her. Jon let her be the way she is for 10 years and now all of a sudden has a problem with her and now the only option is divorce!? I feel sorry for all of them :(
Anyone have thoughts from last nights show!?


Katie said...

I was SO SAD during Jon and Kate last night!! I thought Jon was being kinda selfish, he even said he was excited!! How rude, while Kate is sitting there devastated, but then again it's TV so who knows the true story.

I just get kinda angry that Jon is all butt hurt about the paparazzi, and its like if you don't like it maybe you shouldn't do shady things, or maybe you should come out and give a statement and dispell the rumors.

UGH! I could talk about them all day!!

Alicia said...

Hey girl! Talk about sad!! Jon just made me angry. I really have no respect for him....and I hope Kate finds someone who makes her happy. But the show will never be the same. I loved your comment....anti monkey butt?!?!

Lucy Marie said...

Congrats on winning the Project pretty giveaway, although I must admit, I am slightly .. okay, really .. jealous!

mrosev14 said...

It mad me so sad. I read earlier in the day that they had filed for divorce so I can at least say that I wasn't surprised.

I feel terrible for Kate, I know she seems bitchy and like she said last night she seemed jaded, but I feel terrible. I wish they could work it out.

I do however, like the way they are sharing the kids and letting them stay at their house. I guess the best case scenario would be for them to at least become civilized so they can spend time together as a family of 10.

You know though, the thing that makes me really sad is that they renewed their vows just a year ago and said in that show that they want their kids to know that divorce will not happen, it's not an option. I guess that just goes to show you that even with the best intentions everything is not predictable.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I did watch Jon & Kate last night. I've only seen maybe 4 episodes ever but I had to tune in. I got the vibe that Jon is ready to move on in his life. He probably does love his kids with all his heart but I think he wanted to be out from under the rule of Kate's thumb. I think he's wayyyy done with her.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win...I've spent my last 2 nights at the ball park too because my B plays church league softball. I feel bad for J & K's kids but who knows it may be better for them since they weren't getting along well...I missed the show Monday but I heard the news...that sucks!

C said...

Thanks girl! You're too sweet! So glad you won!

I'm super sad for J&K's kids. I think it's time they said goodbye to TV. :(

Lindsey said...

Congrats on the win, you deserve it friend!

Oh Jon and Kate make me so sad and I feel so sorry for their kids!

Megan said...

You'll have to show us your Embelished Bayou treat when it comes in - I love those handpainted Fleur de Lis tiles!

More tears for Jon & Kate...I finally watched the full episode last night and it was so sad, watching them act so strained with each other while their kids were getting those gorgeous little houses.

And B's niece is too cute! What a lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Fun! You won a giveaway.

I just keep entering everything I see. One day the win will come!

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