Wednesday, June 3, 2009

here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and i say...

It’s another beautiful day here in downtown Minneapolis! I’m stuck looking out the window from the 31st floor wishing I was outside doing something FUN!

My view…

I don’t have much to talk about today. Last night was very low key although I did get to enjoy a trip to my favorite TARGET! I returned home around 7 got everything put away, I grocery shop at the SUPER TARGET! It’s dangerously located a few blocks away from my home. I decided I better get going with dinner and it was mmmm mmmm, good!! We had beef enchiladas with Mexican rice and chips and a bean dip! Here are pics that might make you drool! haha! That is if you love Mexican food as much as I do!!
This week so far has been fab because Billy didn’t have hockey Monday or Tuesday night! We were in bed last night by 9! I heart sleep! I also heart my puppy who was a love bug at bed time. I went on the comp for a few minutes and when I crawled into bed 15 minutes later my Billy was already out cold. Gussy and I cuddled up to him tho ;)

Oh and one more thing, my car goes in to get fixed today, FINALLY! I bought my first brand new car, well leased it, and within 2 months it already had a big boo boo on the front fender! A guy backed into my car on March 5th that was almost 2 months ago! I had so much drama with his insurance company. After this long wait I’m really looking forward to get it back and it will be in perfect condition again, yay!!
Any one watch Real Housewives of New Jersey? I missed it last night but have it on DRV, can't wait to watch that tonight with no commercials! ;)


mrosev14 said...

Those look yummy! I too am addicted to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, I love that show!

I think it is funny that you scrapbook in the winter, since it is so cold that you can't do much else and I scrapbook in the summer because it is far to hot to go outside!

I would love to see pictures of your Gus scrapbook. I am excited about doing Roman Noodle's.

Anonymous said...

It's dangerous for me to go to Target too! I love that place! I also love me some Mexican food, so that looks super good!!! I'm glad you're finally able to get your car fixed, holy cow it's been almost 3 months & it wasn't even your fault....stupid insurance people!

Jordan said...

I love Target too! Unfortunately (or fortunately whichever way you choose to look at it!!) the closest one is about an hour away. =[ That could be a good thing though! lol And those enchaladas and rice look delicious!! =]

mrosev14 said...

Thanks, Roman Noodle loves his name as well. When he was a puppy I decided that being a small breed dog he needed a big name I settled on Roman. For whatever reason I called him Noodle once and someone at the dog park said "I get it, like Ramen Noodles," I said "No, it's actually Roman." Needless to say, Roman Noodle stuck and he is fabulous!

What kind of dog is Gus? (I actually played with that name to when I was naming him because I'm a Cinderella fan!)

Mare said...

Your enchiladas look delicious! My husband would probably be very jealous of your husband if he saw your dinner. A small portion of multi grain pasta and cucumber salad doesn't quite measure up. =)

Peace, love, and Big said...

You are one pretty girl!!! AND I love your baby, Gus. He's too cute!

heisschic said...

a couple quick(ish) notes:

-thank you for commenting. it led me to your blog and holyshit. well done.
-you are GORGEOUS. i can understand how freckles may not work with the black fishtail gowns, but in a cute T and jeans? adorable.
-congrats on the engagement!
-lastly, eek was it hell to cut your hair? dont get me wrong, it's stunning long AND short... im just trying to get the balls to do the same thing.

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