Monday, June 1, 2009


Living in Minnesota with the freezing cold winters I look forward to Summer every year and it's finally here! We have 3 months of bliss and I love it! Tanning, flip flops, bikinis and bright warm sunshine! The weekend weather was perfect! It was pure SUN and in the high 70's all weekend with a slight breeze, perfect for tanning....which is exactly what my sister and I did all day Saturday and Sunday. My parents have a pool so we laid out on the deck by the pool with our babies, my black puffball Gus and rambunctious JoJo. Here is a pic of G and J....
My sweet sister is one of my very best friends even though she is 8 whole years younger than me. We have tons in common though :o) Since Billy was going to be in Fargo all weekend for a hockey tournament my sis kept me company. Saturday night she came with me to watch 4 little boys, triplets that just turned 8 and their younger brother Finn who is 5. The boys were very well behaved, I helped 2 of them make little rubber figurines while the other 2 played in the backyard. They all had snack around 7 and then we decided to relax and watch WIPEOUT! The boys thought the show was hilarious....there is something boys love about competition and people getting hurt (wiped out) while doing it :) Here are a couple pics of the boys... It was pretty intense stuff!

Once we got the boys to bed my sis and I decided to go all out with some Chinese food, it was delish (sorry no pics).
We didn't end up getting home that night until about 12:30 so we fell right to sleep. As I already said we spent all day Sunday laying out ;) Here is one of my favorite pics of my sis and I! Loves her!

Billy got home on Sunday evening around 6:00 after over 5 hours in the car. He was ready to relax and just watch some tv. He grilled us a yummy steak dinner since all he ate the past 3 days was resturant food, he wanted a home cooked meal. After finishing and putting away all the laundry, we ate dinner and it was before 8:00! I was sleeping around 8:30. I think all the sun from the weekend caught up to me. Perfect weekend besides missing my other half!


Katie said...

super cute pictures!

My boyfriend plays hockey too! He played Ice Hockey from 9 years old until he aged out at 18, and now he plays roller hockey for his college.

mrosev14 said...

Annie, you are adorable! Thanks for swinging by my blog to say hi! I read all your posts and loved them, especially the proposal story. I can't wait to see how everything shapes up. :)

Annie said...

Kate - Billy doesn't play hockey anymore either. He just coaches kiddos around 4-6 days a week ;)

Thanks for the comment as well Meg!
I'm heading to your blog to catch up now ;)

Anonymous said...

I just noticed you started following me so I had to hop over to your blog & check it out (and begin following you ha!) Your proposal story is so cute! Ya'll look so cute together & I love your ring! Congrats!

Jordan said...

Thanks for following me! You two are so cute together and your ring is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see what you plan for your wedding! =]

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