Sunday, February 17, 2013

don't forget...

Doing a little weekly recap post...
I have 3 GIVEAWAYS going on right now! 
Just click below to go enter them.
motivating workout tank

Double GIVEAWAY for

I am also accepting sponsors now! 
Just click HERE for all the info! 

I have 3 GIVEAWAYS coming up! 
Including another one from Burke and Louise Co for mustard color boot socks that are just so cute!!
I haven't posted any pics of our sweet C lately so I'll have an A.B.C. House post coming up again soon as well.
Days and nights are going by quicker and quicker!
B and I have been working our bootys off on his website!
He has SO MUCH going on and his company just keeps growing that he spends a lot of time on the phone and I spend a lot of time emailing and designing little ads.
We're a two man band and as he says....
"Team Work Makes the Dreams Work" 


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