Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Early Easter...

It seems like Easter comes earlier every year. The year Cullen was born, 2011, Easter was on April 24th, C was only 3 days old! 

Then last year, 2012, Easter was April 8th so Cullen had two Easter's in his first year of life :)
Crazy how much he changed in a year!
Even more crazy how much he changed in this past year.
He's so much fun and a total character!
Love this pic of my Momma with two of her grand-boys!

This year Easter is even earlier, it is March 31st! 
I must get out our Easter décor ASAP!
For now, I want to share with you all Cullen's adorable Easter basket!
Pretty much the second I took it out of the box Cullen thought it was a toy for him to store his train set in ;)  I'll have to snatch it back one of these days.
It's very sturdy and stands perfectly, Cullen carries it all over the house.
I love all the different patterns and the classic pastel blue with white. 
In my opinion, it's perfection!
His Easter basket came from Samantha's Embroidery
Samantha's Embroidery is a home based business located in eastern Idaho. Samantha specializes in sewing and embroidery of holiday items.
Success in her shop means to make her clients happy by being able to work with them to give them the results they desire. Success also means to give clients quality work for a fair price for them and for herself.
Here are more items you will find at Samantha's Embroidery...
Love the color combos on these Easter baskets...
What about a Halloween basket, so cute!
(what a great idea to add a phone #)

There are lots of other items you can find at Samantha's Embroidery as well, just be sure to check out her Etsy Shop!



Ashley said...

How neat was it that he had two Easters before he was 1! Not many people can say that! Konnor's birthday is April 24 so they almost share a birthday!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! He has changed sooooo much!

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