Friday, December 28, 2012

Earth's Best Pouched Products... GIVEAWAY!!


Earth’s Best consistently prides itself on the breadth and depth of their product line which 
ranges from wipes and diapers to jarred foods. Over the past few years, Earth’s Best has 
continued to round out these offerings with an extensive line of pouched products which 
become increasingly more popular each day!  

What makes Earth’s Best so great is that they offer a variety of pouched products for children in all stages of development, so as kids grow, they can progress into different stages of pouches. 
Pouches are convenient for both parent and baby, as children can feed themselves (mess free!) while on-the-go. With numerous flavor and texture combinations, you are sure to find 
something that your little one will enjoy. Below you will find a description of Earth’s Best’s full line of pouched products! 

Meals for Infants, Snacks for Toddlers: 

  1st Foods Pouches: Single ingredient pouches for babies 4 months and older. After baby 
develops a tolerance for infant cereal, it is a perfect time to introduce single ingredient 
pureed fruits and vegetables: 
o  Available in Banana or Pear 
  2nd Foods: When your little one is ready for new tastes and textures (6 months and 
older), Earth's Best Organic Second Infant Puree Pouches are the perfect choices- 
available in unique varieties and flavor combinations. 
-Puree flavors include: Orange Banana, Peach Mango, Sweet Potato Apple
Butternut Squash Pear and Banana Blueberry 

-Fruit & Grain Purees blend organic fruit and hearty whole grains and contain 2 
grams of fiber per serving to support healthy digestion. Flavors include: Apple 
Peach Oatmeal, Apple Plum Kamut, Banana Raspberry Brown Rice & Pear 
Apricot Barley 

-  Also included in Earth’s Best line of second foods: 
o  Greek Yogurt Smoothies: For babies 6 months and older. These smoothies 
blends organic fruit and creamy Greek yogurt and are a good source of 
calcium, 45% daily value of Vitamin C, 20% daily value of Vitamin D, 3 grams 
of protein 
  Available in Apple, Banana and Cherry 

  3rd Foods: For babies 9 months and older. Feature a more savory blend of organic fruits 
and vegetables to appeal to growing children, while providing them with the nutrition 
they need. 
             -Available in Pear Carrot Apricot & Pumpkin Cranberry Apple For Toddlers: 
  Sesame Street Fruit Yogurt Smoothies: Nutritious snack made from organic fruit and real 
organic yogurt without potentially harmful hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Each 
serving provides 1 full serving of fruit 
-  Available in: Strawberry Banana, Apple Blueberry, Peach Banana, Pear Mango, 
Mixed Berry  

GIVEAWAY - sampler pack!!! - Just leave a comment letting me know you are interested!! :)

I just posted a pic on instagram the other day of C eating two pouches at once!! He LOVES his fruit, smoothie and veggie pouches! He was sucking on an Earth's Best pumpkin cranberry & apple in this pic!  Cullen LOVES any and all of these flavors!! He is not picky at all!  As soon as he picks one out he runs to his highchair and goes mmmmmm... pulls out his high chair, grabs a bib and is ready to suck down his yummy pouch of food!! :)  


Cameron and Rachel said...

My daughter is obsessed with these pouches. And I love how easy and convient they are!

Caitlynne and Jared said...

We love these pouches! They are the only thing that can keep P quiet in a grocery cart.

HickChickBritt said...

Hayes definitely needs to try those pouches.

Vivian S. said...

Definitely interested! My daughter is only 2 months old right now but I want to try Earths Best pouches because they are organic!

Vivian S. said...
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Ashley said...

We would love to try these out!!!!! The only place around here that sells earths best is Walmart and they hardly carry any. Not a good variety at all. Love to try these for Konnor though :)

Stacy said...

I love the pouches, leaves more room in my cupboards and the baby loves them!!

Brittany said...

We would love to try these! My poor 1 year old has to hide and eat these, so his big sister does not steal them :)

Ashley said...

I am very interested in this giveaway! My little guy is a couple months but I was hoping to try these with him when he is old enough. We are on the road a lot so these would be PERFECT!

Mrs.W said...

I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to try these. He is only two months now, but I am very interested in trying Earth's Best.

Joanna said...

this is the only thing my Sienna ever wants to eat!! I am very interested in this give away :)

Jamie said...

I love all Earth's best products, especially these convenient pouches. Connor loves the cranberry pumpkin apple; how could he not?!? So yummy & healthy for him!

Jen + Jeff said...

I love that they have Greek yogurt pouches! My little one needs protein to keep her going.

Holly Marie said...

My 14 month old LOVES their pouches!

Jenny said...

We love love these pouches!

Katie said...

We love pouches too! So convenient!

Jennifer said...

We love pouch food!!!

Our Volunteer Family said...

We love the pouches!

Lindsay said...

We love pouches so much! My 18 month old still eats them occasionally and I know I will use them when my 2 month old is a little bit older!

Ashley said...

We love Earth's Best food in our house :)


Steph said...

Lily's loves these!!!

Beth said...

Love earth's best!!! That is all we feed our daughter!!!

Jenny Rose said...

My daughter loves these!

High School Sweethearts said...

My boys are in love with these things. Can never keep them on their goody shelf.

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