Monday, December 31, 2012

A.B.C. Family through 2012...

It is so hard to believe this was almost a year ago!  
We went from having a baby to a toddler way too quick!!
Cullen was always such a fun, happy, smiling, good & content baby! 

Minnesota winters are so cold we really didn't leave the house all that much.  
We had a late Christmas with my Mom's side of the family at a waterpark and Cullen got to meet a lot of relatives he'd never seen before!


We pretty much did nothing in February, ha!
All I've got is this little 10 month old cutie to share....

Of course our Culley was a little stud muffin on Valentine's Day!

I think B and I both got our new cars in Feb but I have no pics of that. 


Cullen turned 11 months, one month away from the big #1!

In March, Cullen gained another cousin!  Baby Holden was born! 
Holden is Dominic's baby brother.

We all attended our first wedding as a family!

Cullen just being Cullen....
look at all that chub, LOVE!!
It's crazy to me that C was wearing 18-24 months then and he's still wearing some now!  He was so round then we had to dress him in bigger clothes so they weren't too tight ;)

our BIGGEST and BEST month of the year!
Cullen turned ONE!!!!
He started walking shortly after turning 1!

We celebrated Easter!

We also MOVED into our amazing HOME in April!!
click on the 'home' link to see all pics! :) We have done a lot of decorating and rearranging since but those pics show plenty.

OH and we can not forget, Auntie Lexie (my lil bestie!!) turned 21!!
love my brother and sissy pants!!


I really don't have much for May....we were just settling into our house and attempting to enjoy it.  We had Cullen's first birthday bash in May as well so we were planning and prepping for that.  We were also starting to collect goodies for our next venture. Things around the A.B.C. house are always poppin'! ;)

Culley and I did make it to the Zoo for a fun day with auntie though!

We started A.B.C. Garage!
before and afters...
I have no idea how many pieces came in and went out but there were A LOT...

Culley played outside a lot, we love our 3 season porch! 
Can't wait to use it again this coming year!
We couldn't have been more thankful for the community pool we have in our backyard! Cullen was a fish! 
Other random FUN in JUNE....
fabulous weekend with auntie Lexie
memorial day weekend celebration with both sides of the family...

We lost my cowboy Grandpa Styles on June, 15th. He is loved and missed greatly but thought about often. Especially when I hear the song Cowboys and Angels. 


July was a month that literally flew by and we had many ups and downs.
I recall that month being pretty much completely filled with this...
 Swimming at Gma and Bumpa's!!

and this...
This was a VERY hard month on me as a Mom. I was having a hard time juggling being a "stay at home mom" while attempting to "work a full time job" at home, painting was so time consuming. Everything was never ending.  I contemplated getting a sitter every day. I never did and C ended up being my painting buddy, you can see in the pic above he was holding a paint brush. He always carried one with him! It was challenging yet rewarding month.  

I might have turned a year older that month as well ;) The year I start to turn 29, forever!


Billy and I celebrated two years of marriage...

Cullen got his second haircut and decided haircuts are evil! He, screamed, kicked and cried the entire time.  He's now done that for his past 3 haircuts :( It's so sad!!
But he looks so cute after! :)

I kept chugging along at the ABC Garage...
This was the final HUGE piece of the Summer, it was so very large!! & it sold within a week! Everything was gone. Just.Like.That.

and I started making wreaths the next second...
Custom Minnesota Vikings wreath!!



A.B.C. Creations began...
Selling wreaths, ornaments, party decor and small gifts!!

More firsts for us....
We all played at the park, actually climbing and going down slides!

My Grandma Styles came to visit!

Our non-profit organization, Beyond the Pond, had the first annual golf tournament!
&& Cullen discovered juice boxes ;)
I got to over decorate for Halloween! 
Decorating our house has been so much fun for me!!
A friend I hadn't seen in over 2 years came to visit, with her almost 2 year old. 
We loved having visitors! :)
A.B.C. Creations instantly became a hit!
C is as cute as can be, as always!!

B brought something into our home I never thought we'd own, a treadmill!


Playing hockey was a huge hit the month of November! 
Cullen always had a hockey stick (or two) in his hands!
He loves playing hockey with his Daddy!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!
 I got to start decorating for Christmas!

& November was A.B.C. Creations busiest month!


Final orders for A.B.C. Creations went out! 
Thanks to B for being awesome and shipping everything for me!!

Cullen, adorable as ever :)

All our holiday decor was up...
We had a fun outing with auntie Lexie downtown to Santa Land and out for yummy mexi food!

Cullen visited Santa...

 Cards went out...

Then we celebrated Christmas! :)
Christmas Eve with B's family...
Christmas day with my side of the family...
Then it was all over!
Such a fun, amazing year!! Love my little A.B.C. Family and I can't wait to see what 2013 brings us!!

and that's a wrap...


Lauren said...

What a fun year!! Happy New Year, friend!! :)

Katie F said...

What a great year! C is soo cute. And you are so crafty. I'm jealous. I meant to order ornaments from you for my kiddos but we didn't put up our big tree with the hubby being gone.. Next year for sure

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was an amazing year for you and your family!! I wished we lived closer cause I would buy furniture from you!

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