Monday, December 3, 2012

Kellees Embroidering...

Kellees Embroidering is a new shop I came across on Etsy!  Kellee so kindly sent Cullen this adorable little elf-hat shirt! 
As you can tell Cullen is being a little ham today!

Kellee wants to offer a 15% discount for all of you!! 
Just use the code - PICKME15
I know you all love personalized clothes for your little cuties so hurry on over to Kellee's shop and see what she has to offer! Her prices are already awesome so with the extra 15% you are  getting an amazing deal!!

I love the designs for her Valentine's Day shirts!  

She also is starting to add her March designs for St. Patrick's Day! 

I suggest continually checking Kellee's Embroidering for new designs!! :)
Have fun shopping and using the discount code PICKME15  for 15% OFF!!


Angie said...

So so cute!!!

Steph said...

Super cute!!

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

So much cuteness!

Summer Athena said...

olive you.

so cute!

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